To what extent should abortions be allowed?
The contradiction emanating from Christianity's ban on abortion

At the end of September 2011, in the Central American country of El Salvador, thirteen women’s rights organizations held a protest calling on the president to legalize abortions.

Catholicism is the state religion of El Salvador. Because Catholicism considers being blessed with a child to be a divine favor, it bans contraception and sterilization, and does not allow abortions except for cases that pregnancy endangers the mother or that it resulted from a criminal act. The amount of leeway differs somewhat depending on the country but El Salvador is particularly strict and abortions are banned regardless of the reason. This protest was held as part of a joint movement by feminist groups worldwide.

Meanwhile in Mississippi, USA, a state law stipulating “a person exists from the moment of conception” was put to a referendum and voted down by 55 percent in November 2011. Christianity-based conservative ideas are strong in Mississippi and its protestant ministers had said, “The Bible describes very clearly that we are people within the womb. To declare otherwise is to ignore what the Scripture points out.”

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To what extent should abortions be allowed?
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