What Are Spiritual Messages?

Q and A

Q1: I don’t believe in spiritual messages.

A1: All of the world’s religions started from spiritual messages.
Modern society is not familiar with spiritual messages, but if we unravel the thread of history, we learn that religious leaders and mediums have actually been conducting them for a very long time….

Q2: How are they different from ordinary mediums?

A2: There are different levels of mediums.
Master Ryuho OkawaBuddhaFounders of the world’s religionsHigh-level mediums and prophetsReligious reformers, founders of ethnic religionOrdinary mediumsPossession

Q3: How does the Master’s spiritual power compare to that of other mediums?

A3: Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual power is a major event in the history of humankind.
We have seen prophets and religious leaders throughout hitory. Even though the expressions used, whether it be “revelation” or “prophecy, ” may change, spiritual messages have historically always drawn people’s attention…

Q4: What styles of spiritual message are there?

A4: Moreover, Master Okawa remains totally conscious and is able to channel spiritual messages.

Q5: Who are the “senders” of spiritual messages?

A5: With most prophets and religious leaders, the name of the sender of the spiritual message is not actually clear. How does Master Okawa compare? At the start of a spiritual message, he states a name with “I now call upon …” and once he makes contact, the spirit immediately appears.

Q6: Isn’t he saying what he wants to say using someone else’s name?

A6: These spiritual messages contain factors that only that spirit knows about. For example, Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, leaked the secret…

Q7: Doesn’t he have a lot of ghostwriters writing for him? If not, there is no way he would be able to put out books at the speed he does.

A7: Master Okawa summons spirits in public, using no notes whatsoever. Because there are a large number of witnesses and it is recorded, there is no deception….

Q8: How is he different to ordinary mediums?

A8: Master Okawa can convey the spirit’s message while remaining completely conscious, so it is like consecutive interpreting….

Q9: Why do the spirits of people in the past know about present day things?
And is it a different person because they are saying something different from what the person has said while alive?

A9: There are spirits who are interested in this world after they die and return to the other world. There are also spirits who watch what goes on in the current era…

Q10: Why do non-Japanese spirits speak in Japanese? Isn’t that strange?

A10: Basically because they are spirits without a physical body, they can communicate by thoughts….

Q11: What does it mean that a guardian spirit speaks as if it is the actual person?
What exactly is a guardian spirit?

A11: Because a guardian spirit is a spirit that always accompanies a person living in this world, it is virtually inseparable from the actual person, thinking and behaving in the same way….

Q12: Are spirits scientifically proven?

A12: Psychology also investigated the spirit world!
For example, Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) devised many original theories, but they were always aware of the existence of spiritual phenomena and…

Q13: Will spiritual messages continue? How far will they go?

A13: Spiritual messages will continue to evolve.
Spiritual messages by Master Ryuho Okawa actually started before the founding of Happy Science. Communication with the spirit world started on March 23, 1981 when the Master was only 24, after the phrase “good news” was sent by automatic writing….

Q14: What are extraterrestrial readings?

A14: The Master has taken on the challenge in the completely new domain of “extraterrestrial readings” since 2010. This is the superior spiritual power of summoning the consciousness

Q15: Why does Happy Science continue recording spiritual messages?

A15: Master Okawa’s resolve to end the conflict without starting a war between atheist nations and religious nations

Q16: Why Are We Publishing the Spiritual Messages Series? (Part 1)

A16: Faith is the ticket to the Next World

Q17: Why Are We Publishing the Spiritual Messages Series? (Part 2)

A17: We Are Concretely Revealing the Reality of Spiritual Phenomena

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