The Resurrection of Your Hopes: Aiming to Make Further Progress in the Future

Why does Happy Science continue recording spiritual messages?:

Master Okawa’s resolve to end the conflict without starting a war between atheist nations and religious nations

What are the two major issues that the world is currently facing right now? Why does Master Ryuho Okawa continue recording the spiritual messages?

In the following lecture “The Resurrection of Your Hopes”, Master Okawa’s intent to record spiritual messages is to dismiss conflicts between atheist nations and religious nations by proving the existence of God and the other world which nobody has ever succeeded in doing that. This is the endeavor that Master Okawa is devoted to. Which side do you think should win?

The following is the excerpt of the lecture “The Resurrection of Your Hopes”. We have already introduced this before right after the lecture was given on December 2012, but given the significance of this lecture, we’d like to introduce the longer version of it.


The Resurrection of Your Hopes: Aiming to Make Further Progress in the Future

(Lecture Given on July 25, 2012)


The World Is Facing Two Major Issues

The world is currently facing two major issues. One issue is the power struggle between atheist nations and religious nations. The other issue is the conflicts between people who believe in God. For the last one to two thousand years, believers of God have continued to fight with each other because they call God by different names. We must put an end to these conflicts.

These are the two major issues. At any rate, there is no doubt that both of these issues involve faith. When it comes to believing in God and the other world, there are only two choices; either you believe or you don’t. In the end, you need to return to your starting point as a human and ponder on the question, “How must one think as a human being?”


Save the World Through a Revolution in Spirituality

A revolution is now underway in Japan. This revolution is being propelled by the numerous books of spiritual messages published by Happy Science. Throughout history, countless people have revealed aspects of the existence of the other world in various ways. Many religions have also done this.

However, what I am doing now through Happy Science is to prove absolutely the existence of the other world. While some people were successful in making others believe in the other world, nobody has ever proven its existence. That is why Happy Science is now working to prove this.

In the last three years I have published over 100 books of spiritual messages. Each spirit who gave spiritual messages has a unique personality and way of thinking. I have published many spiritual messages of great figures in history and also those of the guardian spirits of people living today. Recently, I have recorded messages from evil spirits in Hell as well.

What I have been doing is extremely rare. I am now working to prove completely the existence of the other world. No other religion has ever attempted to do this, yet I have accepted this difficult challenge and work tirelessly to establish proof. This is the revolution in spirituality which is taking place in Japan now.

At the same time, I am aiming to resolve the conflicts between atheist nations and religious nations without starting a single war. There are people and countries that believe in God, high spirits and angels, who watch over us from Heaven. There are also those that do not believe in them at all. Which side is right? The answer to this question will dismiss forever half of the conflicts in the world today.

As you may have seen in our recent movie The Final Judgement, one of the biggest problems we face in Japan today is the hegemony of an atheist nation. A future crisis lies hidden within its actions. Many of you may be afraid of this expanding nation. However, fear can never conquer faith. From now on I will be proving this.


As Children of God, All People Must Be Given Freedom

In summer 2012, a movie depicting the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, The Lady, was released in Japan. This movie is about a woman who fought for the democratization of Myanmar despite being detained under house arrest for nearly twenty years.

In the movie, Aung San Suu Kyi leaves her husband and children in England, returns to her home country Myanmar, and dedicates her life to the pro-democracy movement. Aung San Suu Kyi and her party win the election by a landslide, but the military regime refuses to hand over power and instead puts her under house arrest.

During her house arrest, her husband is diagnosed with cancer. If Aung San Suu Kyi left to visit her husband in England, she would never be able to re-enter Myanmar. Knowing that she would never see her husband again, she chooses to remain in her home country. This movie depicts the story of a woman’s strong determination to fight for her country.

This movie also shows that to a military government a ballot is nothing but a piece of paper; against guns an electoral vote is powerless. It has taken twenty years to resolve this issue in Myanmar and finally the country is heading in a good direction.

The founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, was the one to say that revolution begins at the barrel of a gun. However, this sort of thinking must not continue for long.

Today, after twenty years, Myanmar is finally changing from a military regime to a democracy. On the other hand, there are dictatorial countries with military regimes trying to expand their territories into Asian, African and the Oceanic regions.

I can state the names of these countries. One is, of course, China and the other is North Korea. If we can make these countries understand the Truth, we can avoid a major war in the future. For that reason, Happy Science members are putting up a peaceful fight, using only the words of Truth, in countries such as North Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our members are showing people the right path and taking action with a sincere wish to awaken them to the true world.

Allowing liberty, democracy, the freedom of speech and press, freedom of religion, and moving away from military regimes or single-party dictatorships to establish multiparty systems is the way to bring happiness to the citizens of such countries. We must teach them this fact.

Now is the time. There are Happy Science members among the 20 million people of North Korea. Right now, they are fighting alone, but I will not allow North Korea to continue holding its 20 million people prisoners. I want to give them freedom.

The same goes for China, a country with a population of 1.3 billion. They have been economically successful for quite some time, but have ingrained materialism and atheism in their people, who make up one fifth of the world’s population. They corrupt their own people by teaching them that there is no God and that only material objects exist in this world. God will not allow this situation to continue.

We must awaken the leaders of China and North Korea to the fact that humans are children of God. When they understand this, they must give their people liberty.
The Chinese people are not our enemies, but our friends. They, too, must be given the freedom of religion. They must be given the freedom to have different opinions. If they find that their nation’s policy is wrong, they must be allowed the freedom to criticize it.

Statesmen must listen to the people’s criticisms and if these criticisms are right, statesmen must change their opinions. On the other hand, if the statesmen believe that their policy will bring happiness to the people, despite the criticisms it receives, then the statesmen must persuade the citizens.


Believing in the Will of God or Buddha Can Bring the World Together

In my eyes, China’s true intention is to secure food supplies and other resources from countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania by using their great military power.

However, we have both the right and the obligation to live in a more peaceful and harmonious world. It is possible for all people in this world to be friends with each other. According to a survey in China, 90.8% of people say that the Chinese government should secure sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, even if it means using military force.

However, even in such times, there are many Chinese tourists who come to shop in Ginza or visit the Japanese Imperial Palace, the Meiji Jingu Shrine, Roppongi Hills or Shinjuku. Large department stores often provide information in Chinese because there are so many Chinese shoppers. They have no need to worry about being harmed in Japan. I want the Chinese people to understand that such an open-minded country exists.

We can live as friends, but to bring that into realization, we must come together by believing in something that transcends this world: the Will of God or Buddha. That is what is important.

The Resurrection of Your Hopes: Aiming to Make Further Progress in the Future
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