About our Happy Science membership

Happy Science is an organization of people who aim to cultivate their souls and deepen their love and wisdom through learning and practicing the teachings (the Truth) taught by Master Ryuho Okawa. Members study the teachings through books, lectures, and seminars that impart spiritual knowledge about life and the world. They also practice meditation and self-reflection daily, based on the Truth they have learned. In this way members develop a deeper understanding of life, develop character and leadership qualities, and are empowered to contribute to the development of the world.


How to Join Us as a Happy Science Member?

about-our-happy-science-membership01All Happy Science members have faith in El Cantare – the supreme spirit whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity. The teachings of El Cantare go beyond the differences of all religions, all nations and all races. Therefore Happy Science is a religion that unites and is open to everyone. Happy Science welcomes all people who want to improve themselves through the exploration of the Right Mind and daily practice of The Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress. Through improving ourselves, members are able to bring positive changes to their families, society and the world, in other words – contribute in creating a Utopia on Earth.

To join Happy Science as a member is a precious moment in everyone’s life, so don’t miss this rare opportunity and please contact us by filling out the form to find out further details.


Receiving “The Dharma of the Right Mind” Prayer Book, Student Membership and Devotion to The Three Treasures

about-our-happy-science-membership02Depending on how deeply your soul feels connected to the Truth, you can join Happy Science as a student member or as a devotee to the Three Treasures, which are: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Student members receive a small prayer book “The Dharma of the Right Mind”, which contains the basic Happy Science sutra and two sacred prayers: Prayer to the Lord and Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits. Those who want to pledge devotion to The Three Treasures will receive the full version of “The Dharma of the Right Mind” and two powerful prayer books.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us by filling out the form, and we will let you know your nearest local temple or center.

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