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What is The Liberty Web?

The Liberty Web’s mission is to provide a source of enlightenment, spiritual guidance and insight into human relationships, politics, education, philosophical ideas and economic views to help foster well-being and build a better world.

We want to create a world marked by freedom that is based on the idea that people have a right to happiness because we are all children of God. We are trying to spread freedom and democracy to China, North Korea and the Middle East while helping create freedom and peace worldwide.

Human society is made up of people of different abilities, thoughts, skin colour, religion and race. The final aim of politics should be the realization of happiness.

In the political sphere we advocate small government to bring about economic prosperity through methods such as deregulation and tax reduction. Big government not only deprives people of freedom, but also hinders soul training on earth. We also believe government should be grounded upon a religious worldview.

The Liberty Web is committed to spreading peace and happiness thought the world. We try to provide a connection between democratic countries under Truth. With regard to the Islam-Christianity conflict, we seek to find a larger justice that envelops and serves both.
Our ideas all grow out of the teaching of the world religion, Happy Science.

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IRH Press publishes Master Ryuho Okawa’s books as well as periodical magazines. As an author, Master Okawa has had a prolific record-breaking career with more than 800 titles published to date, many of which have been bestsellers for 20 consecutive years in Japan, including The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws and The Laws of Eternity known as “the law series.” Translated versions have been published in as many as 18 languages and the readership overseas is rapidly expanding.
IRH Press has also produced six feature-length films since 1994 with nationwide distribution and has been involved in producing television and radio programs on a regular basis, based on Master Okawa’s teachings.

About The Liberty

Chief Editor: Sohken Kobayashi
Mar.1995 The 1st issue published
Nov.2010 The Liberty web(Japanese) launched
Oct. 2011 The 200th anniversary issue published
Dec. 2011 The Liberty Web, The Online English Edition launched
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About Happy Science Group

Happy Science Group is an international group based on Happy Science, a religious organization, founded by Master Ryuho Okawa in 1986. Master Okawa is also the Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group. The group has more than 12 million members, and there are Happy Science temples and offices over 90 countries around the world.
Through our activities in various areas, such as religion, education, politics and publishing, we aim to create a global utopia on Earth.

Happy Science Group

Happy Science http://www.happy-science.org
 6F 1-6-7 Togoshi, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 142-0041, Japan 
 Emai: tokyo@happy-science.org

Happy Science USA http://happyscience-usa.org
79 Franklin St., New York, NY 10013, USA 

Happy Science Academy http://www.happy-science.ac.jp/english/
Happiness Realization Party http://en.hr-party.jp/
Happy Science Institute of Government and Management

Message from the Chief Editor

At the present time, the world is seeking for true freedom, true liberty.

In the year of 2011, a large number of people have raised a revolutionary wave in the Arab world called as Arab Spring. And in China, a single-party state governed by the Communist Party of China, the remarks of some brave people, who stand up for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, are gaining prominence around the world. It seems these actions to win freedom and to liberate people from suppression will continue to spread all over the world even after the year of 2011.

On the other hand, rather than obtaining liberty, some people in the western world are demanding for equality and well-controlled society since they have been confronting serious economic difficulties. However, the history of 20th century has proved that Marxism income distribution and controlled economy produce nothing but poverty. Not favoring social equality, the fact the western world needs to realize is the thoughts of liberty based on deep wisdom and mercy.

The reason why the Middle East, Western countries, and China are undergoing these drastic changes is because their thoughts based on their fundamental beliefs (such as Islam, Christianity, and Materialism) restrict people of today as a result. Under such circumstances, people’s minds are suppressed and they may feel unfortunate. However, we believe the present age is seeking for a new world spirit (Weltgeist), and around the world, people are trying to attain the teachings of “God of Liberty” in order to discard old values and create a new future.

The Liberty is the media that pursues the true liberty for wishing to bring happiness to every individual, peace and prosperity on every society and nation, and a utopia on earth. We believe the true liberty comes from inside of peoples’ minds knowing unchanging religious truth. Jesus Christ said “The Truth shall make you free” and Buddha said “All of us can be free from sufferings and can obtain spiritual freedom by attaining wisdom.” And at the present time, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science teaches universal religious truth.

From Japan, one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in the world, The Liberty provides articles on news commentaries and opinions in many categories based on the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa. By the power of universal truth, we believe there will be life filled with love and happiness, success in business, prosperity in every nation and society, unification of religions and science, and peace brought by harmonization of different religious beliefs. We hope this site will be helpful to you attaining your liberty and happiness.

Sohken Kobayashi
Chief Editor, The Liberty

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