The U.S. Should Take Military Intervention in Syria
The Guardian Spirit of Assad: He Used Chemical Weapons and Will Hide Them

After receiving Russia’s proposal to take custody of Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons in Syria, President Obama is considering the possibility of averting military strikes against Syria. However, many concerns still remain. Will pursuing the diplomatic path stop the killing? Will President Assad be punished as President Obama has repeatedly stated? Amid the diplomatic fiasco, the founder and CEO of Happy Science recorded the spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of Bashar al-Assad and explored whether the Assad regime has any legitimacy as viewed from the standpoint of God and spirits of heavenly realms. Master Okawa has been revealing the true intentions of the well-known global figures such as Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and even President Obama while also exploring ideas that support a belief in God’s justice on Earth.

An exclusive report on this public “spiritual messages“, follows:


The Guardian Spirit of President Assad Clarified the Assad Regime Used the Chemical Weapons

President Obama remarked when answering the interview of the media that he is willing to consider a deal to avoid U.S. military strikes in Syria, if President Assad surrenders chemical weapons. Given the fact that Syria welcomed Russia’s proposal to place his chemical weapons under international control, President Obama may have thought that he will be able to avert military interventions. But is this feasible? With regard to whether Syria possesses them or not, guardian spirit of President Assad said, “Of course. Syria has a lot of chemical weapons.” As to the question of whether or not he used chemical weapons, he answered, “Of course!, I’m a great president.” However, President Assad has denied giving orders to his subordinates on the use of them, and he also asserted that chemical weapons have been being used by his military without any direct orders from him.


Does he intend to surrender all the chemical weapons to the international control? : No

He actually shared no thoughts on abandoning chemical weapons. President Assad’s guardian spirit actually declared the opposite, “Just hide them! It’s easy to hide chemical weapons. We just need only one or two days.”


Does Syria have the ability to produce Chemical Weapons? Does it possess any ties to import chemical weapons?

Assad’s spirit divulged the answer, “We can produce and import from China, North Korea, and Iran.” Therefore, from this revealed fact, it’s wrong for Obama to seek a diplomatic solution and to believe that Putin’s initiative has the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force. To the contrary, he should have rejected the proposal from Russia as an unrealistic plan by assuming that the Assad regime will break its promise.


When asked whether President Assad needs to build a democratic government in Syria, he answered, “My country and other Arabic nations don’t need democracy.”

Because the Islamic political system matches well with dictatorship, he noted, if democracy were introduced, the result wouldn’t bear fruit. The guardian spirit of President Assad even observed, “(His people) do not need happiness. Happiness belongs to God, the King of the Nation (namely President Assad).”


On top of that, the god, which President Assad believes he is part of, authorizes killing his own people and views it favorably

He showed no hesitation to slaughter his people, and even referred to it as a ‘Punishment from God’, saying, “People who act against my will must be perished from this earth”. It is as if killing and taking away the rights of his own people are his presidential privileges.

Due to Assad’s dictatorship, the Assad regime has already claimed as many as 100,000 civilian casualties with fighter jets, artillery, bombers, Scud missiles and chemical weapons such as sarin gas. Although President Obama stated in his speech on September 10th, “America is not the world’s policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe, and it’s beyond our means to right every wrong,” should America and the rest of the world stay on the sidelines and allow Syrians to bleed?

After the recording, Master Okawa concluded with remarks that he directed toward the subject of how democracy takes root in the Muslim world, as well as the need to remove President Assad from power.


Why do the democratic governments tend to fail and dictatorships appear in the Muslim world as happened in Egypt?

Master Okawa said, “Islam is surprisingly compatible with the communist system. Islam thinks stronger of equality rather than prosperity. When equality is at the center of politics, a communist system matches up extremely well with a dictator and an elite few. This might be a continuation of the Cold War.” Master Okawa noted that reformation of the Islam and its cultural traditions are prerequisites for a transfer to a democratic system. They must understand the dignity of human rights and refrain from killing people who disobey God’s teachings or break the law.

How long will President Assad hold on? According to Master Okawa’s judgment, “President Assad won’t live long. He’ll be removed.” He also stated, “This regime should come to an end”.

Master Okawa noted, “President Assad’s thinking was that of a dictator. After hearing the spiritual messages, more of western society won’t forgive him. They might think that President Assad is almost the same as the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein” and he declared, “President Putin should let go of this matter at an appropriate time.”

Lastly Master Okawa gave a message to President Obama:
President Obama Must Take the Initiative in Removing Assad

“I know Mr. Obama might not want to take military intervention in Syria since he won the Nobel Peace Prize, but if this kind of thing goes unpunished, terrorist nations and similar autocratic states will start misbehaving again. He should stand firm. We must stop the world from becoming like a city without police that is filled with violence. If the United States cannot do it, then no other country will mediate even in the event of violence from North Korea, China, or Iran. My best judgment is telling me that the United States should have intervened much earlier. I think Mr. Obama took too much time to step in, and it unfortunately translated as he was too weak to act politically.”

President Assad Is Standing by Satan: Protect Innocent People!

In the preface of this book, which will be published in October, Master Okawa writes, “This Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Assad indicates that he is standing by Satan.” “Any god who cannot understand ‘Love’ is not real. ‘Punishment’ is not the main task of God. Without love, everything is in vain. Without mercy, all the people of the world have abandoned their religions,” he states. Through series upon series of spiritual messages, Master Okawa has revealed justice throughout world history by discovering where great past figures are now, and what they have been doing since their deaths. Justice must be done. The U.N. and World Powers fulfill their mission to “protect innocent people.”

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The U.S. Should Take Military Intervention in Syria
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