The Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Won’t Work
Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Assad

The U.S.-Russian agreement to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons is still ambiguous.

Will the Assad regime surrender all the chemical weapons and comply with the agreement? As the WSJ reported in the Sept 13th online edition, an elite Syrian unit has been scattering their weapons across dozens of sites in the country. Isn’t it right to be skeptical of this deal?

Due to the civil war, about 80 percent of casualties, which is actually the most conservative estimate, have been killed at the hands of conventional weapons, not chemical weapons. While this process continues, Scud missiles, artillery, cruise missiles, etc. kill about 5,000 Syrian people per day.

Furthermore, experts assume that securing and destroying all the arsenals during the civil war will be extremely difficult. Isn’t it reasonable to start to think about removing Assad to end the civil war first?

In order to think about what measures should be taken in case the Assad regime doesn’t comply with the agreement, we’d like introduce a longer excerpt of the spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of President Assad, which the founder and CEO of Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa, publicly recorded.


Summoning the Guardian Spirit of Assad in the Name of Elohim, the God of the Middle East

Ryuho Okawa : Today’s theme is very difficult. It might be beyond the concept of religion. No one can give a correct answer to this problem because this is a “Syria problem.” But, behind this problem there are two great countries. One is, of course, the United States of America and the other is Russia.

So, I just want to research the inner thinking of Mr. Bashar al-Assad of Syria. But this is not so easy. There is a lot of international diplomacy regarding this matter. How can we find the reality or justice? Where is God standing? Is God standing by the Assad regime or anti-Assad regime? Is God standing on the side of the United States or Russia? Is it essential for the world that the United States of America should continue to be the world’s policeman or not?

On the 10th of September, President Obama made a speech. In that speech, Mr. President declared, “On August 21st, Assad used chemical weapons. This fact cannot be denied. This is one problem. The issue is how America and the international society should deal with this problem. If the United States of America doesn’t do anything, the Assad administration will continue to use chemical weapons.”

But now, President Obama is just thinking about using a targeted military attack only. Whether this will be enough or not, no one can say at this time. But, President Obama said he can show by this fact, this targeted military attack, that using chemical weapons is not allowed in the international society. President Obama can promise that, but it does not lead to the conclusion that a targeted attack can destroy Assad’s military authority. So, no one can tell at this point, the situation that will follow this attack and about the future society because the American and French cruisers are already there. A Russian Cruiser is also there because Russia has a military base on the seaside of Syria.

So, it can change into a trigger of a world war. For example, if Assad attacks Israel, at the time, Israel will also, of course, attack Syria. And it will lead to another conflict of the Arabian countries, of course. Half of the Arabian countries agree with Assad, but the other half of the Arabian countries disagree with him. There are the military states of Russia and China on one side and on the other side is the United States, France and the U.K. The U.K. is, at this point, not so assertive to attack the Assad regime, but this might be similar to the situation during the Cold War.

The other point is that this war or, perhaps it is not a war and just a conflict, or it may stop short of a conflict, I cannot say exactly, but this Syria problem will be the test of the next stage of the Iranian problem, the Iran and Israel problem. There is also the China problem and the North Korean problem.

Then I want to say the following: In the last paragraph of his brief speech, President Obama said, “America is not the world’s policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe, and it is beyond our means to right every wrong.” It means that he himself thinks that his targeted military attack might fail and America cannot be the world’s policeman anymore. In this context, we can read it in this way. It sounds very strange and if this is the correct meaning of Mr. Obama, it is the final decision that America is no more a superpower of the world. I think that the American president admitted and agreed to this fact. So, it will, of course, influence the Japanese and Chinese problem or North Korean problem.
Anyway, it is very difficult but we will do our best. We must go beyond the limits of a religion and go as far as we can. We must be the top journalists of the world. No one can interview President Assad in this difficult situation and find out his real point, his consciousness; I mean his hidden consciousness, “under” consciousness and inner consciousness. So, it will be the first experience for President Assad. I will use the super power of remote viewing and the power which can read the mind of another person who is living on the other side of the Earth. These are special psychic powers. I will use both these powers. If possible, we must reach a conclusion on whether President Assad has the Right Mind or not, whether he’s evil or not and whether the attacking of the regime side is correct or the anti-regime side is correct.

President Obama said that the fact of whether he used chemical weapons or not is the criterion of good or evil, but it is not enough. We are a religious group, so we must think about which side is right from the eyes of God. Or, if plural gods are there and their criteria of righteousness are conflicting now, I must make another decision from the upper side. So, it’s not so easy. But I will try.

Then I’ll call Mr. Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria. I will call Assad’s guardian spirit, not another person. It’s the inner self of President Assad, so please don’t misunderstand it to be a different person. It’s the inner self of President Assad. OK?

OK, then, I’ll summon the spirit. In the name of Elohim, I’ll summon the guardian spirit of President Assad of Syria. I’ll summon the inner self of President Assad. I’m going into the inner world of President Assad. Come over here. Please come across the great ocean and come down to Japan. This is Tokyo, Happy Science General Headquarters. I am Ryuho Okawa. In another name, I was called God Elohim, God Elohim. It is your God of the Middle East. I summon President Assad’s inner consciousness. Come over here.


Does He Intend to Surrender All the Chemical Weapons?: No

–We are very concerned about the problems in Syria. Even though we are a religious organization, Master Okawa is giving a lot of advice about international politics and to the international society. So today…

Assad’s G.S: I’m very, very, very, busy now. Mmm… I’m getting success. Russia has very great power! And President Putin will succeed in protecting us.

–Oh, I see. So you mentioned “success.” What do you mean by “success”? Could you explain it in detail?

Assad’s G.S: Success means that President Obama will be able to do nothing against us. Hahahahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! (does a fist pump) Win! Win! Win! (takes a victory pose) Ohh! Win!

–However, Russia proposed that you surrender your chemical weapons. Yes. To international control. So, are you going to surrender them? Is it true?

Assad’s G.S: Oh, no, no, no. Just hide! Hide the chemical weapons. It’s easy. We just need one or two days. It’s easy.

–Yeah, so you will surrender just one part, right?

Assad’s G.S: After that we can make them again easily.

–I want to confirm: Do you have chemical weapons?

Assad’s G.S: Of course! We are a great power in the Middle East (laughs)!

Did you use chemical weapons?

Assad’s G.S: Of course. Of course! I’m a great president.


The Guardian Spirit of Assad Says, “Bad People Are Those Who Act Against My Will, My Will Is the Same as God”

Assad’s G.S: Bad people must perish from this earth!

–What do you mean by bad people?

Assad’s G.S: Bad people are the people who act against my will!

–Your will? Could you tell us about your will?

Assad’s G.S: My will is the same as God. God’s Will! Because I’m a president. Hmph!

–So, don’t you think that using chemical weapons is a bad thing?

Assad’s G.S: It’s OK. I’m the president. I have the right to use weapons.


He Claims, “Countries Which Have Atomic Bombs Can Say Nothing About Chemical Weapons”

–OK. I have a question about chemical weapons. Did you make the chemical weapons in your country?

Assad’s G.S: Oh, it’s easy.

–Did you import from other countries?

Assad’s G.S: Of course we imported them. But we can make them ourselves, too. We can make them. We have the power.

Which countries did you import from?

Assad’s G.S: Ah, of course, China, North Korea and sometimes Iran and other countries. They all have chemical weapons. America, Russia, China, U.K. and France all have chemical weapons, too.

–But, they don’t use chemical weapons. But you used them.

Assad’s G.S: No, no, no. They use all kinds of weapons. Chemical weapons are just one of them. They have Atomic Bombs, too. Countries which have Atomic Bombs can say nothing about chemical weapons. These countries are bad. They are evil. They should be perished from earth. We only have chemical weapons. We only have Sarin.

–Yes, however, in the CBS interview, you said, “There has been no evidence that I used chemical weapons against my own people.”

Assad’s G.S: Of course, of course, of course. I am a politician so, of course.

–Ah, so, it’s not true?

Assad’s G.S: It’s true for America, but it’s not true for Syria, right? I’m not American.


“I Do Not Feel Guilty About Killing More Than 100,000 of My People”

–Additionally, one million or two million of your own people were displaced to Lebanon and other countries.

Assad’s G.S: One million or two million escaped from our country? They should be killed.

–And it was estimated that 100,000 of your people were killed.

Assad’s G.S: 100,000 people were killed? No, no. They were killed by the anti-government forces.

–Yes. Do you feel guilty about that?

Assad’s G.S: No.


Assad’s G.S: No. I’m correct. I’m right. I have righteousness.


President Assad’s Take on Arab Spring

–But your party is the Ba’ath Party, right? And its concepts are “unity, liberty and socialism”. So you don’t support the concept of liberty?

Assad’s G.S: My liberty.

–You once appreciated the movement of the Arab Spring but later, you changed your attitude.

Assad’s G.S: The Arab Spring was bad. And it’s still bad.

–Which point is bad?

Assad’s G.S: Authority is very essential in Arabic countries. That’s because we don’t need any more democratic movement. It only means instability.

–But you studied in London.

Assad’s G.S: I’m a doctor, I’m a doctor.

–You are familiar with democracy. Why are you against democracy so much?

Assad’s G.S: I must fight against great countries like the United States and other European countries, and the countries that declare themselves as democratic countries. But they are quite different from our history. We are just walking our way so they cannot intervene. We can choose and select our way and our future. It’s our liberty, our own liberty. It’s not “Liberty Island’s* liberty.”

President Obama just wants to make our country into a country like Iraq or a politically unstable country like Egypt. It’s not good. I’m good itself. I’m right. I’m completely right.


On the Word “Terrorist” and the Legitimacy of the Shia Sect

–What do you think of the Muslim Brotherhood? For example, in Egypt, the former president was ousted and after that the country went into chaos.

Assad’s G.S: That is something that is quite difficult. Japanese people cannot understand in regard to these groups because they have their own religious concept. So it is very difficult for you to understand. But we must protect Syria and Iran because there are Shiites in these two countries. So the Shia sect is the only orthodox sect. The Shia sect is the only orthodox Muslim. So these two countries must be protected from other countries’ attacks. The Shia sect is the legitimate sect from Muhammad. That is why we must protect our country.

–But your religious group is Alawite and maybe it’s a minority group, right?

Assad’s G.S: But it’s a Shia sect.

–But some say that, because you belong to a minority, Alawites, you are attacking people of the majority.

Assad’s G.S: The majority is Satan-like people.

–And you said you believe in God. So could you tell me…

Assad’s G.S: Oh, I believe in God. God can only be seen through the Shia sect. The Sunni sect is quite different from Shia. Sunni is a man-made religion.


“We Already Have Several Hundred Missiles”

–Is a limited attack effective or not?

Assad’s G.S: Oh, it’s effective in killing 100,000 people.

–But without sending ground troops they cannot overthrow or oust you.

Assad’s G.S: He can make an attack but he cannot change this regime. He cannot change this authority, the Assad authority. He is just playing. I mean it’s a game, a war game. He wants to play a war game as the president of the United States. This is just a game, an air strike show. He just wants to export destructive military weapons to other countries. So, this is just a show and in this show, he wants to kill 100,000 Syrians.

–I see. Last week, a CBS interviewer interviewed you. In it, you expressed concern that U.S. strikes would tip the military balance against your regime. So, you are especially afraid of American strikes.

Assad’s G.S: But Russia will be against their attack.

–However, I do not think Russia will send ground troops or intervene.

Assad’s G.S: America also cannot send military troops, I mean the military cannot occupy our country. It’s difficult for them to send a lot of military soldiers to our country because they need one million soldiers to occupy our country. It’s difficult for them.

–Russia has the one and only naval base in the Mediterranean Sea, so they want to protect that base.

Assad’s G.S: America just wants to use their cruise missiles, but if Russia can also use the cruise missiles, it’s even.

–Some news media report that Syria purchased 40 missiles from North Korea. Is this true?

Assad’s G.S: We bought a lot of missiles already.

–From many countries?

Assad’s G.S: Not only North Korea but also, of course, Russia and China.

–Uh huh, I see.

Assad’s G.S: We already have several hundred missiles and they are being moved. They are being moved now, to a lot of places, and are not targeted yet. America cannot attack these missiles because we have a lot of military bases in our country and we have several hundred missiles. They cannot attack all the bases at the same time and destroy all the missiles. It’s very difficult. We can camouflage, so it’s very difficult. We already moved the missiles and are moving them even now.


“Democracy Is Not Efficient in Arabic Countries”

–Maybe last year or two years ago, you made revisions to the constitution which included eliminating the superiority of the Ba’ath Party. Now Syria has a one-party dictatorship. But are you going to change that and allow other parties?

Assad’s G.S: It depends on our religion. I mean, Islam is similar to a one-man governance. It’s very similar. One God, Allah, and all the people. It’s the same regime. One president and the people.

–But, in the United States, there are Christians and they believe in the one and only God but they have a democracy.

Assad’s G.S: Democracy is very complicated and needs time, money and procedures. It takes a long time to get good results through the operations of the government. Democracy is not a good skill, technology or science. It might be useful in some countries, but in our country or other Arabic countries, I think that democracy is not so sufficient and efficient.

–So, after the Arab Spring, for example, in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood or President Morsi…

Assad’s G.S: Egypt is in very bad condition now, you know? So that was a bad thing. The Arab Spring is said to be a good thing but in reality, it brought about a lot of massacres, so the result was bad. The result was bad; the fruits were bad. Then, the Arab Spring was bad initially.

–After that the Muslim Brotherhood took over the regime and as a result they lost liberty. It’s very ironic. What do you think of it?

Assad’s G.S: In the Arabian world, we are suited to such kind of politics. I mean that the “control-under-one-king” style is suitable for the Arabic world, historically, traditionally and in the eyes of God. Democracy is the denial of God. It’s a bad, bad, complicated method.

–So, of course, democracy is not omnipotent and suitable for all countries. But in your opinion, maybe a one-party rule or dictatorship…

Assad’s G.S: I’m a king. King. King.


Assad’s G.S: King or president, president. Yeah.

–And Russia. It’s like they have a king also…

Assad’s G.S: Yeah. King. King also.

–So you have a similar mentality?

Assad’s G.S: King. King is good. King is akin to God. Yeah.

–But I think that God wants to help people and love people.

Assad’s G.S: No, no, no. God wants to punish people.

–Really? Don’t you want to make your people happier? Or like…

Assad’s G.S: No, no, no, no. Punish bad people.

–Bad people?

Assad’s G.S: That is the justice of God.


Don’t the People Need Liberty or Happiness?

–You said that you have righteousness and that you are righteousness itself. But how do you feel about your people?

Assad’s G.S: I, I, I, I am a medical doctor! A medical doctor’s job is not to punish but to do surgery, to cut off the bad portion of the body.

–In this world, people can connect to the Internet. Also, I think you yourself and many young people go abroad to study, right?

Assad’s G.S: Ah…

–So, they know the liberty or the freedom that other people in other countries have.

Assad’s G.S: People who went abroad, I mean, to Western countries brought to our country several diseases, some kind of illness of thinking, thought, bad thinking, virus-like thinking, so it’s very bad indeed. You mentioned the Internet?


Assad’s G.S: We should ban the Internet.

–Yes, I know. You have restricted the freedom to use the Internet.

Assad’s G.S: Yeah, it’s true. Yeah, it’s the right thing to do. Right. God’s right! Yeah!

–God’s right?

Assad’s G.S: Yeah, the authority must judge the information – which is right and which is wrong – by doing so, people cannot inform each other of bad news or create news easily or freely. It’s not good.

–But I think the people’s happiness…

Assad’s G.S: Happiness?

–Uh huh.

Assad’s G.S: No! They don’t need happiness.

–No? They don’t need happiness?

Assad’s G.S: They don’t need happiness (laughs)! Happiness belongs to God and it belongs to the king. Happiness is a king’s belonging (laughs). They just need their wants, such as food or money, fulfilled. If the government supplies them with things essential for living, not amenities, it’s enough.


–That’s a slave country! You have made a country where all people are just slaves.

Assad’s G.S: It’s good. It’s Egyptian history. Egypt is a slave country (laughs).

–But the God that you believe in wants people to be happy, right?

Assad’s G.S: It’s a weak god. Weaker god. Weakest god. He cannot be a king.

–God is mercy.

Assad’s G.S: Mercy?


Assad’s G.S: Mercy is a political word.

–No, mercy has a religious meaning!


The Guardian Spirit of Assad Claims, “I’m a Part of Allah”

–So, could you tell us the name of the God you believe in? You said, “God, God, God,” but you didn’t say God’s name.

Assad’s G.S: Ahh, God’s name is hidden. Yes, God’s name has been hidden historically. God’s name now appeared as Bashar al-Assad. It’s another name for God.

–Are you referring to Allah? Do you…

Assad’s G.S: Bashar al-Assad is… Yes. I’m a hand of God.

–Do you believe in Allah?

Assad’s G.S: I am one of God’s hands. Yes.

–I want to confirm: Do you believe in Allah?

Assad’s G.S: Of course, I’m Allah. One of the Allah, so…

–Oh, you are Allah Himself?

Assad’s G.S: I, I, I’m a part of Allah. A president. Hmm. American president and Syrian president are quite different. American president is a talent-like president. They get popularity votes and they run to get the popularity of the nation. But the real God never suffers such humiliation. God is dignity itself.

–I think Allah is a Universal God. And I think He is more broad-minded.

Assad’s G.S: Allah should perish Christian countries. At that time, He’ll be almighty.


Who Is Guiding President Assad?

–I have another question. Who is guiding you spiritually?

Assad’s G.S: Spiritually guiding me?

–Yes. Do you receive some guidance?

Assad’s G.S: My father? My father? My father.

–You receive guidance from your father?

Assad’s G.S: My father, my brother and the ancient kings.


The Relationships Between Syria and Iran, North Korea, China

–I want to ask about your relationship with North Korea.

Assad’s G.S: North Korea? It’s far away, so…

–It’s far away, but you just imported missiles from them. Is there some other contract? Are there some other contracts between North Korea and Syria, such as inviting military advisors?

Assad’s G.S: A little bit. A little. A bit.

–If possible, could you tell us more?

Assad’s G.S: Ah, there is a relationship between Syria, ah, no, Iran and North Korea. And we gain some things from Iran.

–So you have an indirect connection with North Korea. There is a connection between Syria and Iran, and Iran and North Korea.

Assad’s G.S: Indirect connection. Yes.

–How about China?

Assad’s G.S: China?

–Yes. Are you receiving some kind of investment or support, or are you in an agreement?

Assad’s G.S: China has ambition, and they want to have sovereignty over the E.U. So, they are aiming to intrude into the Mediterranean Sea and intrude into the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. For example, Turkey, Syria, Greece, Italy and Spain. That is China’s plan, so I’m using their power. I want to use their power after Russia cooperates with us because they would assist us at the U.N. Permanent members like Russia and China are friends with us, so I can trust them.


Justice Is to Kill Those Who Disobey the Orders of God

–Then, I want to confirm your idea on justice. What is your justice? Do you have the right to kill the people of your country?

Assad’s G.S: Justice. Obedience to the king, obedience to kings and obedience to God. This is justice.

–But, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to kill people. So…

Assad’s G.S: We have the power to kill people.

–Oh, you have the power to kill people?

Assad’s G.S: Oh, of course.

–Who granted you such a power?

Assad’s G.S: In the Middle East, bad people should be killed by the order of God.

–Then which God ordered you?

Assad’s G.S: Every god!

–Every god!

Assad’s G.S: Every god of every country can kill people who disobey gods’ orders. Even the princess must be killed.

–I think that’s Satan, not a god.

Assad’s G.S: Oh really?

–Yes. God will not order you to kill people.
By the way, I want to ask you about the United Nations. So the United Nations cannot show you…

Assad’s G.S: Very, very new countries with only the talent and thinking power of a three-year-old. They should follow us. We have more than 3,000 years of history. We are superior to them. They cannot judge us! They don’t have enough history, enough God, enough religion!

–The U.N. cannot show you effective solutions.

Assad’s G.S: The U.N. is a very bad league of countries. The U.N. was bad and is bad. Because the U.N. is killing you Japanese people! They are a bad, bad, organization! Don’t use money for them! Stop sending money to the U.N.! This money should be transferred to Syria!


The Guardian Spirit of Assad Persistently Denies Killing His Own People

–Lastly, do you have any messages towards the international society?

Assad’s G.S: Death to Obama! That’s all.

–Anyway, stop killing your own people.

Assad’s G.S: I never kill people. My soldiers killed them.


After Interviewing the Guardian Spirit of President Assad

Ryuho Okawa : Hmm. He is a very “crime of conscience” type of person. This is very shocking (sighs).

Well, he is definitely a dictator if you call him so. Maybe being a president for over ten years makes one a dictator. He studied democracy in the West, but after returning to his own country, maybe he found out through experience that only tyranny works in Arabic countries.

This is where the difficulty lies. I think that, without reforming the entire Islam religion, Syria cannot become democratic. I believe there is a connection here politically.

Islam is in fact compatible with Communism. Their thinking is quite similar to it. Islam values equality more than prosperity. When equality is at the center of politics, Communism is more compatible, of course. Communism matches up very well with the dictator and the elite few. There are connections, so the Cold War might be continuing.

Unfortunately, I don’t think he will live too long.

I think he will be removed. He is a little old-fashioned. I guess just being an optometrist was not enough to change his thinking through his studies, even after studying abroad in the U.K. He only took back with him the thought of removing what is bad, although there might be such parts in politics, too.

In addition to that, compared to the Western society, people in the Islamic society very easily kill those who commit crimes. People very easily kill others in the Islamic society. Not just Syria, but other countries as well. They immediately come to kill you if you disobey God’s teachings or break the law. This is a civil rights issue now that must be solved but it will not be so easy because both religion and politics need to be reformed. There is cultural tradition, too, so it’s difficult.

I’m guessing that, in conclusion, Assad will be removed. So Mr. Putin should let go of this matter at an appropriate time. I know it might be hard for him to let go of this matter because Russia has a military port in Syria, but sadly, I think he should retreat.

President Assad’s thinking was that of a dictator. The Western society’s voice on not forgiving him will get bigger after hearing this spiritual message. They would think, “He is almost the same as the bad old Saddam Hussein.” Everyone hesitates to take action because there is no evidence that Syria used chemical weapons, but (the guardian spirit of) President Assad clearly admitted to using them. There was no reluctance on this point. As for the question of whether or not he gave direct orders to kill people, he made an excuse saying, “It was the military that killed them, not me.” I think it’s just that he does not want to be hanged in case he gets caught.

It’s very sad. At any rate, my verdict is that this regime will come to an end.
I know Mr. Obama might not want to take action since he won the Nobel Peace Prize, but if he overlooks these kinds of things, terrorist nations and similar autocratic states, one after another, will start misbehaving again. So he should stand firm. We must stop the world from becoming like a city without police that is filled with violence. If the United States cannot stop this, then there would be nothing that any country could do even if there were to be any accidental firing in North Korea, China or Iran. My thought is that they should have intervened much earlier. I think that the fact that Mr. Obama allowed this issue to come this far unfortunately shows his political weakness. This just an opinion, but I hope it can be used in some way.

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The Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Won’t Work
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