Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2


Are spirits scientifically proven?


Psychology also investigated the spirit world!


Carl G. Jung

Many intellectuals tend to laugh off various phenomena based on influence from the spirit world, spiritual messages.
There are, however, also people in the respected world of academia who take the existence of such mysterious phenomena seriously and try to analyze it in earnest.

Carl G. Jung, Taking spiritual phenomena seriously

For example, the founder of analytical psychology, Carl G. Jung (1875-1961). He devised many original theories, but they were always aware of the existence of spiritual phenomena and so were constructed so as to be able to explain them.

The main feature of Jung was that he not only acknowledged the existence of the “unconscious” as Freud did, but he also acknowledged the existence of a “collective unconscious” that links many other people at an even deeper level than individual unconscious. This means there is the influence of various “beings” from the vast world of which surface consciousness cannot be aware.

However, the story is complicated in his case because he explains the actual existence of the spirit world psychologically with carefully reserved judgment.
For example, he described split personality, which, in the past, was called “demonic possession” and was thought to be a spiritual phenomenon, and said it was a phenomenon where suppressed feelings that automatically build up go out of control and surface as another personality.

There are also good phenomena. For example, he introduces a case where the innate whole (self) including up to the collective unconscious appears in the consciousness as an image of, for instance, a “sage” and guides that person’s life.
Jung collected patterns of the way the mind works in the collective unconscious, apart from “sage,”,and called them “archetypes.”

Further, he studied phenomena that cannot be understood by the law of cause and effect, including accurate prophetic dreams, as “synchronicity” (a meaningful coincidence), but the self, where this also includes the unconscious, seems to understand that a meaningful event is occurring for the person.

The “unconscious” is the spirit world

However, these can be explained even more simply in view of Happy Science’s Truths.

Split personality is a typical phenomenon of evil spirit possession. If another personality starts speaking, it is clearly a spiritual message. A “sage” shows that a guiding spirit of the higher spirit world, such as God, Buddha or an angel, appeared. Other “archetypes” indicate various beings that exert influence from the spirit world.

Whether it is a good spirit or an evil one, they are different each time, but synchronicity too is also basically contact from the spirit world.

If Jung had spoken directly of the spirit world and the existence of spirits, he would not have had to construct such a complex theory. Nevertheless, trying to analyze that academically without disregarding mysterious phenomena is Jung’s great contribution. If we consider depth psychology together with the many reports of spiritual phenomena, we can certainly get rewarding knowledge.

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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2
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