Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2


Will spiritual messages continue? How far will they go?


Spiritual messages will continue to evolve.


Spiritual messages by Master Ryuho Okawa actually started before the founding of Happy Science.

Communication with the spirit world started on March 23, 1981 when the Master was only 24, after the phrase “good news” was sent by automatic writing. Following that, there was a succession of spiritual messages from oversouls such as Jesus Christ, Buddha and Moses with the Master’s father, honorary advisor Saburo Yoshikawa as the interviewer. These were collated in a book and became the initial collection of spiritual messages.

Starting with Spiritual Messages from Nichiren Shonin (issued in 1985), works including Spiritual Messages from Christ, Spiritual Messages from Edison, Lincoln and Gandhi, Spiritual Messages from Beethoven, Shakespeare, Dante were published one after the other, creating a spiritual message boom (spiritual messages from this period were distributed within the group as The Complete Works of Spiritual Messages by Ryuho Okawa volume 50 and supplementary volume5).

Then because Happy Science established the Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels system in 1994, with teachings set primarily in Buddhist awareness, there was a period where there was no publishing of spiritual messages collections.

The second spiritual message boom

And then 2009. With the Happiness Realization Party being formed from a view that the Democratic Party of Japan administration had come into power and Japan would witness a national crisis, and spirits from Heaven starting to become very active, a period of spiritual messages arrived once again.

Economists of Adam Smith, Shumpeter, Hayek, and Keynes; gods of management such as Drucker and Konosuke Matsushita; Sun Wen, a Chinese revolutionary regarded as “the Father of the nation,” and respected by both people of China and Taiwan; Kissinger the great master of foreign diplomacy, the past controversial figure such as Karl Marx, Hitler, even active politician such as the president Xi Jinping considered to be the next president of China; President Putin of Russia; and the list goes on.

A feature of the second spiritual message boom is that they are conducted in front of large audiences as “spiritual messages open to public.” They are filmed each time and released at Happy Science temples and branches.

The start of a new challenge

Extraterrestrial readings

Spiritual messages that continue to evolve from now on. The Master has taken on the challenge in the completely new domain of “extraterrestrial readings” since 2010. This is the superior spiritual power of summoning the consciousness of when a person was an extraterrestrial, which sleeps deep in the subconscious of that person who is currently living as an earthling. Scores of this extraterrestrial series have also already been published in Japan.

How far will Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual powers extend? Perhaps they will penetrate all of space, reaching the spiritual cosmos deep in space.

The world of spiritual messages that has not yet been seen by humankind. We cannot talk about the coming era without reading or seeing this. Why not get a copy of spiritual messages from the bookstore and watch some real footage? Then a new future for you will begin.

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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2
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