Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2

Answers to questions on spiritual messages part 2

Below we answer the specific questions of those who know that spiritual messages and mediums exist in any era, but still have queries.

Question 1:

Isn’t he saying what he wants to say using someone else’s name?


These spiritual messages contain factors that only that spirit knows about. For example, Ahmadinejad, the former president of Iran, leaked the secret that Iran will achieve nuclear weapons capability within two years, later the credibility of this spiritual message from his guardian spirit was supported by the disclosure of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, MI6. If we look at the differences in each personality, it isn’t possible to make up and have conversations with over three hundred spirits.

If the guardian spirit of someone who is currently alive is summoned, you can see that they have exactly the same way of speaking and thinking as the actual person. If you look at the information that only the person knows and their talk about their true intentions, then you know they are the real deal.

Because it is a public spirit conversation, there are many witnesses. Since Master Okawa has openly spoken with spirits many times in front of not only people from Happy Science, but also the general public, the number of witnesses is in the tens of thousands, including those watching via satellite.

Question 2:

Doesn’t he have a lot of ghostwriters writing for him?
If not, there is no way he would be able to put out books at the speed he does.


Master Okawa summons spirits in public, using no notes whatsoever. Because there are a large number of witnesses and it is recorded, there is no deception. The spiritual messages, which go for a couple of hours at a time, are turned into a book as is from the recording. Master Okawa publishes 52 books a year and this is recognized as a Guinness world record.

Putting out books at this speed is, in itself, proof of the spirit world as this is only possible because it is actually the spirits speaking.

Question 3:

How is he different to ordinary mediums?


Generally speaking mediums go into a trance where they lose their memory with the spirit possessing them and speak their words. This is because the person’s spirit leaves their body and a spirit that comes down completely enters them.
With Master Okawa, however, he can convey the spirit’s message while remaining completely conscious, so it is like consecutive interpreting. If he has a question about what the spirit is saying, he can ask it himself and can perform a double role in the question and answer session.

This is because Master Okawa’s spiritual standing and spiritual powers are extremely high and there is an obvious difference in power with him controlling the spirit instead of the other way around.

Question 4:

Why do the spirits of people in the past know about present day things?
And is it a different person because they are saying something different from what the person has said while alive?


There are spirits who are interested in this world after they die and return to the other world. There are also spirits who watch what goes on in the current era with an intent to gather information. They do this to guide the person who is currently on earth.

Conversely, there are also spirits whose thinking stops at the time of their death. Isoroku Yamamoto (1884-1943), commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II, has remained in the state he was in when he crashed in Papua New Guinea for nearly 70 years and said he was currently in the jungle when Master Okawa publicly summoned his spirit. Karl Marx (1818-1883) too has remained in a state of unconsciousness for over 120 years after his death. Former prime minister of Japan Shigeru Yoshida (1878-1967) also thinks he is alive at his old residence in Oiso, Japan.

Question 5:

Why do non-Japanese spirits speak in Japanese? Isn’t that strange?


There are cases of spirits who have died relatively recently, like John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) and Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), speaking in English, and the Hindu god Vishnu speaking in an ancient Indic language.

There are also cases where a spirit starts speaking in a foreign language, but then gradually starts to speak in Japanese primarily through the speech center of Master Okawa or a channeler. And then there are also cases of spiritual messages where an “interpreter” spirit comes in and simultaneously interprets into Japanese.
So basically because they are spirits without a physical body, they can communicate by thoughts.

Question 6:

What does it mean that a guardian spirit speaks as if it is the actual person?
What exactly is a guardian spirit?


Guardian spirit is a spirit that accompanies a person living in this world, and helps the actual person when he/she is in trouble.

Because a guardian spirit is a spirit that always accompanies a person living in this world, it is virtually inseparable from the actual person, thinking and behaving in the same way. It can be called the person’s subconscious. That is why they often speak from the perspective of the person.

While they are a guardian spirit, they don’t know it, and are sometimes convinced that they are the person (for example former prime minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, and Chinese president Hu Jintao). In other words, they are virtually integrated with the actual person.

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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2
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