Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2


How does the Master’s spiritual power compare to that of other mediums?


Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual power is a major event in the history of humankind.


We have seen prophets and religious leaders throughout hitory. Even though the expressions used, whether it be “revelation” or “prophecy, ” may change, spiritual messages have historically always drawn people’s attention and we know that someone who can hear the voice of God has been called “Buddha” or a “savior. ”

Now, how are the spiritual messages of Ryuho Okawa, President of Happy Science, that appeared in the late 20th century regarded? Let’s examine this from several angles.

What styles of spiritual message are there?

Mediums and shamans lose consciousness and go into a trance or a spirit “takes over” their consciousness and speaks. Edgar Cayce, who was called the “sleeping prophet,” also entered into a state of hypnosis and spirits spoke through him.
Now, what about Master Okawa? Spirits enter him so easily that a newspaper reporter who saw footage was surprised that a spirit had already entered him. Moreover, Master Okawa remains totally conscious and is able to channel spiritual messages by “wearing” two people with his consciousness speaking on and off.
In conventional wisdom, it is impossible for any other medium to conduct spiritual messages of this style and ones that span a couple of hours on a daily basis.

Who are the “senders” of spiritual messages?

With most prophets and religious leaders, the name of the sender of the spiritual message is not actually clear. They are described as “holy spirit,” or “the Heavenly Father” in the case of Jesus. Muhammad is called “Allah,” meaning “God.” Allah himself uses “we” in places so we know that there are messages from several spirits.
In the case of Gautama Buddha, there appeared Brahma and demons in Buddhist scriptures, but most of the time it is not known who sent the message.
The clients of the renowned medium of the modern era, Edgar Cayce, have been identified, but there are few instances of messages from great figures of the past.
How does Master Okawa compare? At the start of a spiritual message, he states a name with “I now call upon …” and once he makes contact, the spirit immediately appears.
There is no spirit that the Master cannot summon, then it does not currently exist on earth. He can call anyone from higher spirits such as Jesus Christ, Confucius, Socrates and Muhammad to the guardian spirits of great historical figures and people alive today.
This is actually a major event in the history of humankind and never before has there been a medium with the ability to summon anybody by calling them by their name in this way.

The Master’s power to get demons to speak

The demon Beelzebub who is said to have tempted Jesus for 40 days in the wilderness. The demon Mara who tried to seduce Gautama Buddha and sabotage his enlightenment. Lucifer, the so-called King of Hell. Or Kakuban, said to be the restorer of the Shingon sect, was also said to have gone to hell, and there he became a demon.
These demons actually exist and possess the influential people and religious leaders of this world and deceive the ordinary people, confusing them. It is a demon’s nature to hide without revealing their name and work behind the scenes because their power weakens if their identity becomes known to the people of this world.
It is not easy for any medium or religious leaders to recognize a demon’s identity and getting spiritual massages from demons has not been common occurrence found in hitory.
Master Okawa, however, calls the number 1 demon Lucifer and the number 2 demon Beelzebub by name and gets them to speak (see Introduction to Exorcism and Gendai no Honan [Modern Religious Persecution]) and get them to open up.
In this regard, Master Okawa is above Gautama Buddha and Jesus with his ability to expose the identities of demons, and can thus be called the most powerful exorcist.

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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 2
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