Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 1


I don’t believe in spiritual messages.


All of the world’s religions started from spiritual messages.


Modern society is not familiar with spiritual messages, but if we unravel the thread of history, we learn that religious leaders and mediums have actually been conducting them for a very long time.
In fact the world religions of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam started from spiritual messages.

Jesus who delivered the words of the Heavenly Father

In one account of the Bible Jesus, the founder of Christianity, said, “The word that you hear is not mine but the Father’s who sent me” (Gospel of John, 14.24). In this way, Jesus spoke the words of the Heavenly Father.

Muhammad who received Allah’s spiritual messages and wrote the Koran

What about Muhammad, the founder of Islam? When he was training in a cave on Mount Hira at the age of 40, the angel Gabriel appeared, ordered the illiterate Muhammad to read and then delivered (the god) Allah’s messages. This revelation continued for 25 years until Muhammad departed this world, with those words becoming the Koran.

Gautama Buddha from whom the gods came to request teachings

Brahma invitation

And so what about Buddhism? There are a variety of sects in Buddhism. However, they are called “scripture religions” because these were established as having teachings that were the “real intention of Gautama Buddha” based on scriptures in which Gautama Buddha’s teachings were conveyed by the founders.
However, if we trace the root of these scripture religions, they all stem from Gautama Buddha. Buddhist literature tells that when Gautama Buddha was enlightened at the age of 30, there was the “Brahma invitation” spiritual phenomenon. This is the story where the Indian god Brahma came to ask the enlightened Gautama Buddha to teach how to achieve enlightenment to save all the people. In addition, conversations with gods and evil spirits are also recorded in Buddhist literature.

Mediums who put thoughts of the spirit world into Christianity


Moses, the founder of Judaism, imparted the famous Ten Commandments from the god Yahweh, making them the guiding principles for mankind. Following that, was the appearance of a steady stream of mediums conveying the words of gods including a prophet Elijah, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah and the Second Isaiah.
Mediums have also successively emerged in more recent years. In Christianity a mystic sect called Gnosis appeared, conveying the words of gods, but it faced persecution from the Inquisition and was annihilated.

However, many mediums subsequently appeared in order to supply reincarnation and thoughts of the spirit world missing in Christianity. These included Swedenborg, who conveyed the conditions of the spirit world, the “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce and Madame Blavatsky, creator of the Theosophical Society. In addition, there has been a flow of spiritualism, which has prospered mainly in America and England, since 1857.

Japanese Shintoism also has spirit repositories

Spiritual messages are also at the heart of Japanese Shintoism. The primary Japanese gods Amenominakanushi and Amaterasu were always communicating with gods and practiced theocracy, which attempted to reflect God’s will in politics. Kojiki (the Record of Ancient Matters), which is about the form of gods, also says that Ono Yasumaro wrote that Hieda no Are “learnt by memorization” (reading aloud). In other words, it can be said that Hieda no Are’s role was to deliver the words of gods by spiritual message.


Thus mediums that deliver the words of gods have always existed in all ages and civilizations. However, their levels have differed. There is the street medium level, which includes itako (blind, female shamans) and yuta (shamans), and mediums that preach teachings that can launch a sect. In addition, there are also people of the mega mediums that start world religions and savior level. If we look at history, we can see how much spiritual messages have become the principles people live by.

Mediums have created religions

13th century B.C.

9th-6th century B.C.
Prophets of the Old Testament
(Elijah, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc.)

6th century B.C.
Gautama Buddha

5th century B.C.

1st century A. D.
Jesus Christ

2nd-3rd century

7th century

10-11th century
16th century
17-18th century
18-19th century
Kurozumi Munetada (Kurozumikyo)
Nakayama Miki (Tenrikyo)
Konko Daijin (Konkokyo)
Deguchi Nao (Omotokyo)
*1848 = the start of spiritualism(Marx and Engels’ The Communist Manifesto was published this year) The Hydesville events, etc.
19th century
Madame Blavatsky (Theosophy)
Rudolf Steiner (anthroposophy)
*Late 19th century-early 20th century “First phase” = proof of the spirit world by physical spiritual phenomenon Crookes, Miss Cook, Miss Katy, Conan Doyle, etc.
*Beginning of the 20th century “Second phase” = spread of the spirit world ideology by communication with the spirit world, Allan Kardec’s The Spirits’ Book
*20th century “Third phase” = curing of illnesses by spiritual healing.
Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon
Masaharu Taniguchi (Seicho-no-ie), etc.
Birth of Master Ryuho Okawa = beginning of the spiritual century
(the Age of Aquarius)
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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 1
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