Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 1


How are they different from ordinary mediums?


There are different levels of mediums!


Master Ryuho Okawa

The “True Buddha,” which is the main consciousness of Buddha, or the “Eternal Buddha.” The being that embodies this true Buddha on earth is Ryuho Okawa, master of Happy Science. Rather than an earthly spiritual being that cannot evoke, his superior psychic powers can evoke even the consciousness of extraterrestrials.


Buddha is at the level where “I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth” and even in heaven there is no higher being, rather gods requested Buddha to preach his teachings on earth. Included among the various preachings said to be as many as “84,000 teachings” are the numerous spiritual messages of the gods in heaven that still teach mankind today.

Founders of the world’s religions

This is the level where teachings sophisticated enough to become world religions such as Islam and Christianity can come down from the gods in heaven. Revelations and messages from the Supreme God in particular are recorded as mankind’s treasure.

  • Moses (Judaism)

  • Socrates

  • Jesus (Christianity)

  • Muhammad (Islam)

High-level mediums and prophets

This is the level where they hear the voice of God daily, write what he says in books and psalms and conduct readings and the like.

    Prophets from the Old Testament (including Elijah, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah and the Second Isaiah)

  • Swedenborg (1668-1772)

  • Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) Anthroposophy

  • Jeane Dixon (1904-1997)

  • Nostradamus (1503-1566)

  • Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891) Theosophy

  • Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Religious reformers, founders of ethnic religion

・In Christianity, groups of mediums from, for example, Gnosticism and Catharism tried to initiate religious reforms, but faced persecution and were annihilated.
・Founders of new Japanese Shinto religions, etc. They are borrowed by a god, do automatic writing and act as an agent and deliver his words.

Ordinary mediums

Street mediums, Okinawa’s yuta, Aomori’s itako, etc. They go into a trance and then a spirit enters them and speaks. The spirits that enter are not of a dimension as high as that of ancestors and guardian spirits and what they speak is often of an everyday level.


A personality different to their own, such as “multiple personality” or the so-called “kitsunetsuki” (possession by a fox), appearing and speaking in tongues is possession by an evil spirit and is the most dangerous level of spiritual phenomenon.

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Answers to Questions on Spiritual Messages Part 1
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