Doctor’s Encouragement Heals Patients’ Illnesses
World Teacher’s Message No.308

The Question:

I am a medical doctor. As I’ve seen in many patients, mistakes in their minds and unhealthy lifestyles are the main causes of their illnesses. I advise my patients according to the Truth. In a nutshell, I think that the most important thing is to have faith. Please advise me on a way of discipline to purify and to strengthen my faith in God, and to build an unbeatable faith even when I’m getting kicked or stomped.

Excerpt from the lecture titled “The Morning Dawn Always Follows a Night of Darkness” given at Yokohama Chuo Shibu Shoja of Happy Science on January 26, 2008.


Master Ryuho Okawa

It would be something if you could maintain faith even after getting stomped and kicked. It is possible though if you become nothing but a spiritual entity. However, there are certain limits if you are a physical entity. The physical body doesn’t move freely at your will as if you’re riding a bike since the body moves according to its own logic. You need to remind yourself every single day that your soul is the owner and the operator of your body. I am certain that hardly anyone is aware of this. Almost everybody recognizes the body as oneself.

Of course, I do not say that all doctors have evil thoughts.

It is the same as teachers who scold their students when they get bad grades. If teachers were to say to the students, “It’s okay if you make mistakes. I’ll give you a A+ anyway”, then that would be a problem. Students need to fix their mistakes. Doctors sometimes need to scold their patients, too.

I am sure there are both curable and incurable illnesses. Doctors are not always wrong, and not all of them are going to hell. Not at all. Happy Science is one of the rare religious organizations that respects doctors. We have many members who are doctors.

We recognize that scientific thinking, medicine and treatments actually work. However, it would cause a huge problem if such scientific thinking only promoted materialistic thinking in the world, because people would then be lost after they died as a result.


Illnesses Can Be Cured When Patients Find Hope in Medical Personnel’s Encouragement

We have experienced many cases in which illnesses are cured in unorthodox ways in the medical field. However, we can’t always rely on that to happen. In this way I say, “If you can get cured in a hospital, please do so”. Illnesses I’m talking about here are common and ordinary ones that are in the medical textbooks and easily cured in hospitals. Even at such times, please say something positive to your patients if possible. Even if it is not possible, please send encouraging thoughts to your patients. That should be adequate.

For doctors, it is natural to say things like, “You are very ill. You only have a few months to live” after seeing data for example, or to say, ”This is an old person’s body” while looking at an x-ray. And for a pharmacist to come into a room and say something like, “You need to take this medicine for the rest of your life.” They always say these things automatically. it becomes their habit.

However, a nurse who has faith in God can say encouraging words to her patients. When a nurse tells her patient that she will not let him or her die, all of a sudden, this patient feels better. When a person finds hope, an illness gets better. This is true.

On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by people who tell you repeatedly, “You are going to die”, you feel that you shouldn’t be alive. I am not saying that your illness always gets cured if you think you can get better, but I hope you don’t forget it is possible.



Your Helpful Acts Offered to Other People and the World Will Be Considered in the Other World

(To the questioner) I am sorry. I interrupted your business. My apology. There are good doctors; of course, there are good doctors among atheists – no, if anything, they are better. Atheist doctors are often times more skillful than religious doctors. Atheist doctors need to study the Truth a lot when they return to the other world. However, if they have helped a great deal of people in this world, their good work will be considered accordingly, only if they were skillful. Being skillful is a good thing.

For example, Mr. Soichiro Honda who was the founder of Honda Motor Co., Ltd was not a religious person. He was an engineer who dealt with machinery components. The job of building cars is materialistic, isn’t it? But he returned to heaven properly.

Although people who don’t believe in God while alive in this world must be scolded somewhere in the other world, those who are extremely helpful in this world will be considered quite well.

In conclusion, even among the atheist doctors, not all of them are demons. God will save them in God’s own way while educating them on religion.

Please strive hard so you don’t get laid off.

Doctor’s Encouragement Heals Patients’ Illnesses
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