North Korea: The Beginning of the End
Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un Tells the Truth in an Interview

Spiritual Messages
Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder of Happy Science Group
December 22, 2011

What is a spiritual message?

A spiritual message is where Master Ryuho Okawa uses his advanced spiritual powers and summons those from the spirit world, who then enter his body using it as a conduit to speak freely. Master Okawa’s spiritual messages are published in books and sold in bookstores throughout Japan and are frequently advertised in the major newspapers, thus gaining social trust. These spiritual messages are gaining influence even in Japan’s political and industrial circles.

His spiritual messages resemble the phenomenon of psychic mediums that have long existed all over the world but the phenomenon of psychic mediums and the spiritual messages of Master Okawa differ in the following ways.

  • Psychic mediums usually lose their awareness and enter a trance and thus do not remember what the souls said using their own mouths. Master Okawa clearly retains his self-awareness throughout the spiritual messages, objectively understanding the souls’ words.
  • The souls of people who had great spiritual powers do not usually engage with psychic mediums whose spiritual capacity does not match theirs. However, as Master Okawa possesses an extremely great spiritual capacity, he can summon the souls of all people and have them speak.
  • If the soul called has a high level of cognition, it is possible for it to select and speak Japanese from Master Okawa’s speech center even if it is not the soul of a Japanese person.


Spiritual Messages
Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder of Happy Science Group
December 22, 2011

Urgent Report
North Korea: The Beginning of the End, The Shocking Spiritual Facts
Spiritual Messages from Kim Jong Il and the Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un

“I killed my father by an injection.”
Exclusive Scoop – Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un Tells the Truth in an Interview.

Table of Contents
Part I: Sensational scoop!
No. 1: Spiritual Messages from Kim Jong Il: “I didn’t go on any train.”
Concerns About a Surprise Attack by the US and Facts about Nuclear Development in North Korea
No. 2: Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un: “I killed my father by an injection.”
The Truth of How His Father, Kim Jong Il, Died and the Future Strategies of North Korea
Part II: Master Ryuho Okawa
“2012 will be the year of the collapse of North Korea. Panmunjom will collapse following the Berlin Wall. I would like the cold war to end by 2020.”

Part I: Sensational Scoop!

No. 1: Spiritual Messages from Kim Jong Il: “I didn’t go on any train.”


Concerns about a Surprise Attack by the US and Facts about Nuclear Development in North Korea
No. 2: Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un:
“I killed my father by an injection.”
The Truth of How His Father Kim Jong Il Died and the Future Strategies of North Korea

On December 20, 2011, the day after the death of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, spread around the world, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science Group, summoned the spirit of Kim Jong Il who had just died, and the Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un, his third son and the successor, at the Happy Science General Headquarters (in Tokyo). Master Okawa discovered the truth of the death of Kim Jong Il and the real intentions that North Korea has in its plans for the near future.

The spirit of Kim Jong Il expressed concerns that Kim Jong Un’s strong personality might work negatively, which may result in a coup d’etat from within the military, or the US may assassinate him using a tactic similar to that used for the surprise attack against Osama Bin Laden. His spirit also revealed that they have not successfully developed smaller versions of nuclear warheads yet.

The Guardian Spirit of Kim Jong Un revealed that 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, which is “the year the large gate of a powerful nation, will open,” and that he is planning various military operations. The Guardian Spirit also told the shocking truth that Kim Jong Un gave the order to assassinate his father Kim Jong Il.

Listed below are excerpts from the spiritual messages.
(*See Part II for Master Ryuho Okawa’s analysis of the situation in North Korea.)

Recommendation to Watch the Full Version of the Spiritual Messages
This urgent report was written by the discretion of the editorial department of The Liberty. The excerpts below were extracted from the spiritual messages conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa. The full versions of these spiritual messages are available at Happy Science local branches and temples nationwide, starting December 23, 2011. It is strongly recommended that you watch the full versions that include many important things that are not included in this report.


No. 1 Spiritual messages from Kim Jong Il “I didn’t go on any train.”


Shugaku Tsuiki, Party Leader of the Happiness Realization Party
Eiichi Satomura, Happy Science Group Public Relations Division Director

Master Ryuho Okawa:

It is difficult to understand and predict the current and future situations in North Korea and the Korean Peninsula because it is impossible for the western mass media to gather that information. Therefore, this is the only way possible for anyone to find out, since I have the ability to interview him directly, spiritually. I’d like to try to analyze and predict how situations will move forward, and what will or will not happen on the Korean Peninsula in 2012, by trying to draw out their lines of thought.

(Summons the spirit of Kim Jong Il)

1) Do I have a high fever? My body feels so hot.

Spirit of Kim Jong Il (“Kim Jong Il”): [Coughing] Well, [out of breath] it’s hot. I feel like I’m burning up. Do I have a high fever? My body feels so hot.

Tsuiki: According to the announcement, you died of a heart attack on a train at 8:30 Saturday morning. Do you remember that? It was reported that you had the heart attack on your way to going to an on-the-field guidance. Is it correct?

Kim Jong Il: That can’t be true. How can I take a train when I am ill? I have been in bad condition for some time. I am in a hospital.

MC: A hospital? When did your body start to get hot?

Kim Jong Il: When? Well, I don’t know. My body started to get hot so suddenly. Do I have a fever? But then I have a feeling this is not a fever. Anyway, I didn’t go on any train.

MC: Under normal circumstances, nobody will make you take a train in such a bad condition, I’m sure.

Kim Jong Il: Well, they must have thought that it’s important that I had worked for the people up to the very end. Wait, you should not treat me as if I’m dead.

MC: But, you’re dead.

2) It will be difficult if the number of opposition factions increase.

MC: What do you think is the most risky part?

Kim Jong Il: I think that a coup d’etat in the military would be the most disastrous.

MC: The military is dangerous. In this case, who is the key person of the military?

Kim Jong Il: Well, people he (Kim Jong Un) tries to dismiss, maybe. This is because there are factions. So, I think those who could serve me but cannot serve him would be the key persons.

MC: Who is most troublesome?

Kim Jong Il: We never know what they are talking about behind us. That’s why I exiled my oldest son. I was aware of a disturbing behavior he had. I don’t know if he was bribed from a western country. But, I’m afraid that people may raise a revolution in an attempt to use him as a puppet. I’m worried about a democratization movement occurring in the military. I just don’t want the demonstrations and revolutions happening in Africa and the Middle East to spread to us. I wouldn’t want that to happen.

Tsuiki: Are there signs of such a movement? I mean, in North Korea?

Kim Jong Il: A few electronic devices are available in North Korea, too. So, people are no strangers to a variety of information that is unofficially available. When these movements occur and become a trend, various radio waves penetrate from abroad as if they are aiming during these timings. People here working underground erect their own antenna to receive that information. These underground activities may burst out in the future.

MC: Your son, Kim Jong Un, tends to thoroughly purge these people, right?

Kim Jong Il: I think he will use oppression, but problems may arise when the number of these movements increase and it becomes difficult for him to suppress them.

3) We must keep on the alert against air attacks.

Kim Jong Il: You know, those guys, like Obama, have many dirty tricks. For example, they could make attacks from an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. Or send a secret airborne troop or something like that at midnight, assassination groups, ninjas…

Satomura: Two years ago, you underestimated President Obama, saying, “He is too soft .”

Kim Jong Il: Well, yes. But he thought of a cowardly idea, using ninjas for assassination.

Satomura: This year he killed Osama Bin Laden as well as Gaddafi.

Kim Jong Il: That’s right. He seems to be more confident in his ability recently. If he sends those men, say, about 20 of them, at midnight or at dawn? If they attack at 3:00 or 4:00 am, while the target is sleeping, and land on the rooftop and sneak into his room, they can do a lot of damage. He (Kim Jong Un) must be on the alert against them, but he probably hasn’t realized that yet. He is still young, and he may only be thinking about risks of ground attacks.

4) Nuclear warheads still need to be tested.

MC: Is Kim Jong Un so confident because he already has a large number of nuclear warheads?

Kim Jong Il: Well, they still need field tests.

MC: Do you mean tests have not been conducted yet?

Kim Jong Il: We have conducted many missile tests. But we haven’t done accuracy tests with nuclear warheads yet. So we need to see if they will really explode by actually using it in practice.

MC: Do you already have, say, 20 nuclear warheads?

Kim Jong Il: Of course.

MC: More than 20? About 20?

Kim Jong Il: It’s easy, I’m telling you. The Hiroshima or Nagasaki type atomic were quite huge, but it’s easy to drop nuclear warheads from a flying passenger plane. Though it’s easy, we must first successfully create smaller-sized nuclear warheads to load them onto a passenger plane. We must successfully make them smaller, make sure that they fly properly, and actually explode. If they fail to explode after hitting the target, it’ll be useless.

MC: So you haven’t made the smaller versions?

Kim Jong Il: They’re much smaller now, but we need field tests. Tests are necessary for nuclear weapons.

No. 2 Spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of Kim Jong Un “I killed my father by an injection.”


(Summons the guardian spirit of Kim Jong Un)

1) It would be interesting to see what would happen if we fire 2 or 3 missiles at Japan’s nuclear plants

Tsuiki: I heard that you are running a campaign for “opening the gate of a powerful nation” for the next year. What sort of plans have you come up with for the next year?

Kim Jong Un: You mentioned the 100th anniversary (of the birth of Kim Il Sung) earlier. So we need to have a “fireworks event.” It must be held at the most effective place. Look at the current situation in Japan. The country has been distressed and weakened enough after the disaster in the Tohoku region. We might not need to fire any nuclear missiles at Japan and it would be interesting to see what would happen if we launch 2 or 3 short-range missiles at nuclear power plants.

2) I had ordered to kill him.

MC: You didn’t imagine that your father would die so early, right?

Kim Jong Un: Yes,yes! It was within my expectations. There would be no place to exhibit my skills if he lives long.

Satomura: Did you do anything to hasten your father’s death, by any chance?

Kim Jong Un: Of course, I did. I needed him to die soon. He was senile.

MC: He (Kim Jong Il) said it was very hot. Why was he hot? Did you burn him?

Kim Jong Un: Wasn’t it an injection? I think he had a fever. In any case, I had ordered them to kill him. You know, people can die by injection. It is nothing special. We have a history of assassinations.

MC: But, the person who administered the injection knows the fact, right?

Kim Jong Un: All people who know the fact will be killed. Of course! It’s easy to kill them (laughs). It’s easy. Information will never leak out.

MC: Did the people kill your father knowing that they would be killed?

Kim Jong Un: No, I don’t think so. They may have thought they would receive some kind of medal.

3) I want to break of the relationship among Japan, the US and South Korea

MC: In terms of your relationship with China, who do you hope to join hands with?

Kim Jong Un: China…that’s tough. Leaders in China are older than I am, and they also have a solid base. It’s apparent that I’m not in a position to choose one. But I know that the next party chief, Xi Jinping, has a great ambition for expansion, so I may be able to go along with him.

MC: So you want to go along with him?

Kim Jong Un: Yes. I think I can. I know that he has some ambitions. He wants to have the US troops withdraw from Asia so that China can gain control over Asia. When the Yuan dynasty ruled over Europe and Asia and attacked Japan, Korea joined them. So, in the same way, I hope that we can create a system where we can cooperate with each other. But right now, I don’t know what’s really on his mind.

MC: If you can create such a system, what kind of position do you hope North Korea to gain?

Kim Jong Un: Well, of course I will unify South Korea and North Korea. Yes, of course. So, China will gain control over Asia, expel the US forces from Asia. It will then expand a great Asian Chinese empire, and rule over Asia and Africa. Finally when China takes over Japan, I believe that we will gain control over South Korea for sure.

MC: Based on your analysis of the international situation, when do you estimate that will happen?

Kim Jong Un: Well, Japan is in a critical condition right now. The Japanese politics is facing its end. That’s why there was such a big fuss in Okinawa, and they kept changing prime ministers within a year. This situation seems to us that revolutions are always taking place in Japan. I think that Japan may surrender while the Democratic Party of Japan is in power. I have been preparing for it, and have sent a number of agents to Japan, too. It’s not only North Korea. China has also sent its agents to Japan to expel the US troops from Japan, so we have been able to cooperate with each other in this matter.

MC: Are there many agents in Okinawa?

Kim Jong Un: Yes, many. There are many agents from China, but also from North Korea. Wherever they are, they are executing operations to expel the US troops from Japan. Their aim is to worsen the relationship between Japan and the US.

MC: Do they speak Japanese?

Kim Jong Un: Yes, they do. There are many agents in Japan who are loyal to their home countries. And I am thankful that a number of generous politicians in Japan are trying to grant the right to vote to these people. So, I am thinking of cooperating with these people, but anyway, I want to deteriorate Japan’s relations with the US, and also with South Korea. Luckily, South Korea is now bringing up the issue of the comfort women for the Japanese military during the World War2again. So, the president of South Korea is also facing the end. Yeah. He is helping the situation by trying to worsen their relationship with Japan as well as with China. I want to break up the relationship among all these countries.

MC: As to the timing…, you will probably need to strengthen your military forces. Do you think that will happen in a year or a couple of years from now?

Kim Jong Un: Well, I think the turning point will be when they elect a new president in South Korea.

Part II: Master Ryuho Okawa’s Analysis

“North Korea will collapse in the year 2012. Like the Berlin Wall, Panmunjom will be taken down. I hope that this cold war will be ended by the year 2020.”

On December 20, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science Group, conducted spiritual messages with Kim Jong Il and the guardian spirit of Kim Jong Un. After his analysis of the situations in North Korea, Master Okawa gave a direction for the future from a perspective of a world’s spiritual teacher. He indicated that the horrifying future that Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un have been trying to create will not come, and instead North Korea will collapse in the year 2012, and the collapse of North Korea will promote liberalization of China. He projected the ideal scenario for the future of East Asia by predicting that the cold war between communism and capitalism will end by the year 2020.

Below is an excerpt of his analysis:

1) Predicting the collapse of North Korea in the year 2012

Master Ryuho Okawa: Unlike the view of Kim Jong Un, I believe that South Korea and North Korea have come a step closer to their reunification. In the 1960s, President Kennedy said the Berlin Wall should be taken down, and the wall collapsed about 25 years later in 1989. The wall was dismantled a few years after President Reagan cited the words of President Kennedy’s Berlin speech and suggested Gorbachev to take down the wall. So, I predict that North Korea will collapse next year. If they are to collapse, I think it will happen next year.


Tsuiki: If we miss this opportunity, North Korea will be unified with China, and Japan would face a greater threat.

Master Okawa:

If North Korea collapses next year, and if Japan, the US and South Korea join hands and also get China and Russia involved, dismantle and take away their nuclear weapons next year, we can liberate North Korea. We need to confiscate their nuclear weapons. We must use military pressure to have them disarmed. This is something we must do. And the reunification of North Korea and South Korea would be necessary.

So, I think it’s safe to assume that the door at Panmunjom will open soon. The Berlin Wall collapsed, but without the collapse of Panmunjom, this cold war will not end. After achieving this, we hope to liberalize China, too. So, I assume that the next year, 2012, will be the beginning year for liberalization of these two countries, and I hope to accomplish this by 2020. That is my hope. I would like to fully liberalize China by 2020. Anyway, it will become a battle of intelligence.

MC: So, in a sense, this transition of power to Kim Jong Un could become a change for the better.

Master Okawa:

Well, I think their regime will end in the third generation. It will probably end. We must end their regime.

Tsuiki: So Japan needs to come up with strategies to convince the US to take actions to apply pressure…

Master Okawa:

I think the US is now planning their strategies. So, it depends on whether the Japanese government can establish an administration that can agree with the US strategies. I’m afraid Prime Minister Noda will be unable to do this while he is in office. It also depends on whether the Republican Party can regain its power. Well, I think Hillary Clinton is currently taking a hard-line attitude because she wants to demonstrate that the Democratic Party is competent. But both parties…Well, the US gets involved in more wars when the Democratic Party is the governing party. So, we don’t know. They may do more than what we expect. Kennedy was also a Democrat. They can be aggressive.

The US is becoming like a bully. So, they may eventually become unable to contain themselves. Now that President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, he might start a war, thinking he already has what he wanted. President Obama seems unexpectedly strong at war, and has been clearing things in order. He intends to make another war now that the war with Iraq is over. It seems he is completing his tasks one by one. He wasn’t sure if he should prioritize Iran or North Korea, but this time, I think he is more likely to focus on North Korea. He sees this as an opportunity.

This is a good opportunity to collapse North Korea. They can probably take down North Korea without spending much money. Or, they may attack their nuclear facilities all at once. I think the US is considering which action to take. I believe that the CIA is now confirming, based on their internal sources, as to whether Pyongyang can still launch nuclear missiles if Kim Jong Un is assassinated. They are checking whether the military has the power to launch them on their own.

2) We need to stop Xi Jinping from launching his strategies

Master Okawa:

If they assassinate Kim Jong Un and Pyongyang cannot launch nuclear missiles on its own, then the US will assassinate him. If Pyongyang can still launch missiles, then the US is checking who they need to assassinate to prevent North Korea from launching missiles. I bet the CIA is doing a thorough research on this now. I think they will come to a conclusion within one month, and I predict that a landslide will begin next year. The US will probably eliminate nuclear weapons in North Korea. North Korea says they own 100 nuclear weapons, but I suspect that it is a big lie. They may own 1 or 2 at the least, or 20 at most. So, it is possible for the US to eliminate them. The Chinese economy is crashing now, so the US may make a barter agreement with China to take away North Korea’s nuclear weapons in exchange of helping the Chinese economy. If the US is to take an action, it will happen next year.

MC: Will the US take an action before the top leadership of China changes?

Master Okawa:

Well, we have to see what will happen. They will not be able to eliminate the threat unless they remove all nuclear weapons. I think that is probably what they will try to do. President Obama was debating whether to deal with Iran or North Korea first. But because he can’t secure budget to handle both countries simultaneously, I think it’s safe to assume that he has decided to prioritize North Korea.

MC: Yes, I agree. Since the son is so daring, I bet the priority has been raised.

Master Okawa:

Considering the fact that Kim Jong Un launched missiles right after the death of his father, and again two days later, on the day of announcement of his father’s death, and judging from his character, I think he will try to spread propaganda. He may soon attack and sink a fish boat, a patrol boat, or attack with artillery, again. So the US may attempt to make a settlement using such opportunities, together with South Korea and Japan. The US does not trust the United Nations at all, and so I think they will make decisions on its own and take actions. The US also needs an emergency situation to stop opposition movements and protests for the US military bases in Okinawa and other regions in Japan.

MC: They will not be able to waste budgets.

Master Okawa:

If they consume weapons and ammunitions, the manufacturing industry will be revitalized, and they can pull the economy out of its slump. They did so during the Korean War and also during World War II after the Great Depression. It is about time they need a war. If a war occurs, the US economy will recover, and its collapse can be prevented. They need to start war now, so I think that they are now figuring out how they can expand the US economy, produce most profits, and attract global praise while keeping the damage to minimum.

MC: In a way, the US will be issuing a warning to China, too, right?

Master Okawa:

That’s right. They need to stop Xi Jinping from fully launching his strategy to take over the world. This will be a good opportunity for them next year. The Democratic Party’s approval ratings will probably increase as well. So, I think they are now searching for a way to make an accusation. The situations may change drastically next year. The Japanese Democratic government will probably be all in a fluster, unable to make decisions though. For example, they will find that they need the military budget they had cut before. They had cut the budget for Patriot missiles, but they may find that they need it after all. They will be thrown into confusion again.

MC: North Korea may attack and sink the ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Master Okawa:

That’s possible. If that happens, North Korea certainly knows what they have done, but they would say to other countries that there is no evidence to prove that North Korea did it. It may be just a matter of launching unmarked torpedoes or missiles. Anyway I predict that these situations will change in 2012.

North Korea: The Beginning of the End
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