Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak

On March 22nd, at Happy Science Headquarters in Tokyo, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of the Happy Science Group, received spiritual messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, in front of a live audience. The guardian spirit of President Lee Myung-bak talked candidly about how to cope with the impending crisis against North Korea and his hopes for America and Japan.

Here is part of his message…


  • Hakuun Kurokawa (Policy Chief of the Happiness Realization Party)
  • Jiro Ayaori (Chief Editor of The Liberty)

Master Okawa:

Prior to President Lee Myung-bak, South Korea was lead by the left-wing cabinet for 10 years. I felt the then presidents Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Dae-jung were very soft and weak. So, when Mr. Lee Myung-bak won the election in December 2007, I thought that South Korea would be back to normal. His term will be over within a year, but I think it was lucky for South Korea to have him during this social unrest in connection with North Korea.

It would be most appreciated if we could ask him what he thinks about the future of America, Japan, North Korea, and China, as well as his opinion on how he wants to lead South Korea.

1) Many South Koreans believe that Japan caused Korea to split into North and South

(Calling upon the guardian spirit of President Lee Myung-bak)

Kurokawa: The current situation is very tense due to the announcement of North Korea’s missile launch.

Guardian spirit of Lee Myung-bak (GS of LMB): That is what our successive presidents have been troubled about for decades. Many percentiles of South Koreans believe that it was Japan’s fault that Korea was split into North and South at the 38th parallel. It’s always Japan who does the bad things. Japan once took over Korea as a suzerain, but then threw away the throne and didn’t take responsibilities after that. In the meantime, the war started to wage, resulting in the separation of the South and North. The war was suspended and we are now in the armistice. So, strictly speaking, the war is not yet over.

Kurokawa: We, the Happiness Realization Party, have a strong wish to solve this issue through diplomatic efforts.

GS of LMB: Look at what happened in Okinawa! Your anti-U.S. military base movement puts us in danger, because if the U.S. base withdrew to Guam, we could be defeated by the North within 10 minutes. They could put Seoul into a sea of flames if they launched the preemptive strike. Can’t you control even one prefecture, though you are a unified nation?

2) If the war occurs, 30 to 100 thousand people will die in South Korea

Ayaori: How are you going to cope with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un regime? Please tell us your honest thoughts.

GS of LMB: Well, his aim is to make North Korea into a strong and prosperous nation, so he will certainly try to show off his ability as the third-generation hereditary leader. In April he will launch a missile, ostensibly launching a “domestically manufactured satellite,” but I don’t think that’s the end of the story. There was a bombardment of Yeonpyeong, the Cheonan sinking, as well as the missile launch on the day of his father’s death. From what he has done so far, we can presume that he is the type of person who feels joy and satisfaction in seeing others bewildered by some unexpected incident.

So I want to show him that we can attack them as well. By creating the long-range missiles, we will teach him a lesson; we won’t just remain silent by being attacked like that.

Ayaori: You are already planning the military exercises with the United States. Are you also thinking of taking actual action in line with the United States?

GS of LMB: I know that America won’t be defeated even if they fight on their own. But if their attack wasn’t sufficient, North Korea would start an intensive volley of fire. And if their tank corps would invade us over the 38th parallel and attack Seoul, our estimated victims would amount to the minimum of 30,000 to roughly 100,000 people. The question is whether or not we would take that risk. There is also a possibility that China or other countries will be involved as well, so we must have a larger-scale national strategy.
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Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak
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