Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak

3) Rather than strengthening its national defense, I want Japan to support us with money and food

Kurokawa: If North Korea was dismantled and integrated into South Korea, the economic disparity between South and North is said to become more than 40 times, which is far more gap than East and West Germany. Do you think you can manage to integrate South Korea and make a unified nation?

GS of LMB: I already indicated a plan to make North Korean annual income into 3,000 dollars. However, much of the Chinese army is now gathering right across Amnok River, and if that army moves towards south all at once, we could be taken over by China. Then it may cause another Korean War.

Are you asking me what I think Japan will do? I think Japanese won’t do anything but just be watching us still, until the entire Korean peninsula will be conquered by China.

Kurokawa: How do you think about military reinforcement of Japan?

GS of LMB: I think that’s difficult for us to accept it emotionally. If Japan gets stronger, you might come to take over us again. We don’t trust you so much. What you could do is to support us financially and give us food aid after the unification. If you could help us build roads, bridges, and many other infrastructures, it would be very much helpful.

4) The issues of comfort women and Takeshima islands are Japan’s weak points

Ayaori: In South Korea, there will be general election in April and a presidential election in December. At this point, left-wing candidate of the opposition party seems to be advantageous. How do you think about that?

GS of LMB: Left-wing mentality is based on the victim conscious but I want to change this country into a powerful one. I cannot just blame on Japan; South Korea is also irresponsible. People in South Korea are always claiming for damage to other countries and basically they are forever seeking to put the blame on someone else.

Ayaori: In the Japan-Korea related history, we have a comfort women issue.

GS of LMB: Ah, that’s a weak point of Japan. We blame on that because if we do, we know that Japan won’t say anything about holding nuclear weapons or reinforcing its military. As long as we keep blaming you for the issues of comfort women and how you describe it in history textbook, Japan cannot help but remain meek.

Ayaori: So are you taking the same strategy with regard to the Takeshima issue?

GS of LMB: The issue of Takeshima (Dokdo) islands is another weak point of Japan. Japanese people do not have a correct understanding of the national defense and the sovereign nation. That’s your weak point. It is a matter of Japanese Constitution and law. Actually, you have been submitting yourself to a wrong Constitution for a long time. Bluntly speaking, it’s crazy to obey the Constitution that says “We will give up on defending our country by ourselves,” with the war having ended for nearly 70 years.
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Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak
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