Creating a Free & Prosperous East Asia for the 2020s
-Chief Editor’s Column, March 2012 Issue

The end of Mubarak’s 30 year rule in Egypt, the assassination of Gaddafi “the Mad Dog of the Middle East” in Libya, and the sudden death of Kim Jong Il, the second “Supreme Leader” in North Korea – all these events seem to hint at the workings of an invisible force steering the world in a certain direction.

We cannot yet see the final result of all this, but “the revolution for freedom” wants people in every region of the world to determine the fate of their own countries and societies as free human beings.

China is the worst prison state in history

This great force seems to be heading towards North Korea and China.
The North Korean government stole the lives of thousands by abducting them, hundreds of thousands have been forcefully imprisoned, and escaping from North Korea is considered a major crime.

In China, too, some people are being forcefully imprisoned, and if somebody criticizes the Communist Party in public, they almost always go to jail. The same happened to Nobel Peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo, and world famous artist Ai Weiwei. The Chinese government silently disposes of countless political and religious activists who get dragged away to jail and tortured to death leaving no witnesses or accounts of their fate. Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns burn themselves alive one after another to protest the Chinese government’s rejection of religious freedom.

Over 40 million people are supposed to have died in the prisons of the former Soviet Union, but China surpasses this gruesome number by far, doubtlessly making it the worst prison state in history.

In 2020 China’s military budget will surpass the national defense budget of the U.S. China’s rule over the Korean Peninsula will become stronger, and begin to affect Japan, as well.

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Creating a Free & Prosperous East Asia for the 2020s
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