Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak

5) Responsibility of the invasion during World War II lies in South Korea as well

Kurokawa: In Japan, the left wing is controlling especially education and mass media.

GS of LMB: In the first place, Korea and Japan didn’t fight in World War II. But many young Japanese people think that we fought as enemies. That’s not true. At the time, we were the same citizens, “Japanese.” We invaded the southern area together, so the responsibility of the invasion lies in both of us.

At the time of the Mongol invasion of Japan in the 13th century, too, many Koreans were conscripted to form the Mongols forces and attacked Japan with a fleet of large vessels. So, it was in fact Korean soldiers who made attacks to Japan and killed many Japanese people, although you may believe it was Chinese people. There are many such misunderstandings.

Ayaori: Historical misunderstanding is a big problem in Japan-Korean relationship. Is there a good way of solving it, which serves for the benefit of both of us?

GS of LMB: People in South Korea blame Japan for the comfort women. Maybe it’s incongruous that I say this, but logically speaking, the blame is on our government. It’s our government that should make a compensation for it. For example, even though it was America that dropped atomic bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese people seek compensation not to America, but to their own government. That’s the common way of a country. In a sense, Japanese people are laudable on this point but, on the other hand, their ridiculous side is that they are always blaming their own country.

6) Japan is an ideal communist country

Ayaori: Korean economy is now boosting and I think it’s the positive effect of your liberalization policy. On the other hand, Japan experienced a massive earthquake and the Japanese government is now trying to impose higher tax. What do you think about the Japanese economic policy?

GS of LMB: Japan is an advanced country and managing a large country must be a difficult task. So I cannot say what the best way is. From the perspective of Japan, managing South Korea is probably the equivalent of the governor of Tokyo managing Tokyo. But the least I can say is that Japan has lost its target. You only have a negative target, such as decreasing the debt, or avoiding the Greece situation.

In a sense, Japan has become too matured as a country. I may appear like a president with a strong leadership in South Korea, but that is because we are in fact lacking in talented people. Japan has succeeded in creating a large number of leaders who have attained a certain level. In that sense, you have succeeded in creating an ideal communist nation. Good for you.

Ayaori: If you could see where we should improve or make changes, please let us know your thoughts.

GS of LMB: When we think of our history, we Koreans feel a sense of inferiority if the Japanese influence becomes stronger. So if Japan is not so active, we can live peacefully. To put it another way, your depression means our glee. So if you want to expiate your sins, just give us 100 trillion yen, saying, “This is an expense for the Korean unification.”
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Spiritual Messages from South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak
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