To what extent should abortions be allowed?
The contradiction emanating from Christianity's ban on abortion

Humans are not born by chance, nor do parents simply decide to have a baby.

The truth is that humans are souls that are invisible and essentially exist in the Heavenly realm.

The people that live in Heaven are reborn in this world once every few decades or every few hundred years and live as humans.

For example, one soul may think, “Long ago I was born in the Edo Period(a division of Japanese history from 1603 to 1868) and wore my hair in a topknot but now is a very different time. If I were born in the modern era, I could have a different experience to before” and thus want to be reborn on Earth.

If they thought that it seemed like an interesting time, then many other souls would also want to be reborn.

Not many would want to be born in a period where they would be chased by dinosaurs but that number would increase if it were an era of convenience.

Because now seems to be one such era where they could have new experiences, they would want to be reborn.

Thus there is no such thing as “my parents simply gave birth to me” or “I happened to be born”. In fact, the truth is that a soul pleads desperately to their parents to please have them and then they are born. (end of quote)

In other words, often a promise is made in the spirit world whereby the soul of a woman, who is born first in this world, and the soul of her child, who asked her to bear him/her, become mother and child in the future. This is the process where the woman is born into this world and grows up. Then when she eventually falls pregnant, the soul she has a promise with becomes her child. Here is another quote.

From what I have researched, a soul becomes a fetus after about nine weeks. If we look at the shape of the fetus, its body becomes some kind of animal-like looking at about the four-week mark. It may, to some extent, have arms, legs, a head and eyes, but it looks still not obviously a human fetus. From about week eight it is clearly istinguishable from an animal, with eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears. At about week nine the soul actually enters the fetus. It was the same with the children in my family. Until then, the soul has not yet entered. However the fetus is still alive even though it has no soul.

I think perhaps until about week eight the material of the astral body where the life force of the sperm and ovum unites with that of the mother and overlaps with the physical form. Basically, it seems that some sort of consciousness, that merely operates the physical function system, is at work during this period. In other words, something that forms the basis for the future astral body, something that forms the basis of the spiritual body parts that manages the internal organs and other body parts are at work during this time and the soul itself enters when the human form is complete. This seems to be the reality. (end of quote)

The above explanation is supported by the fact that around the nine-week mark of pregnancy most expectant mothers have dreams about the child they will give birth to. This is the mother meeting the spirit of the child in the subconscious world.

In other words, pregnancy is a promise between the souls of humans. It is not, as construed by Christianity, something unilaterally decided by the will of God. Furthermore, because the human soul has not entered the embryo or fetus prior to the eighth week of pregnancy, an abortion at that stage of pregnancy does not necessarily equate to murder.

In light of this spiritual reality, Catholicism banning contraception and abortions under its principles for being in violation of God’s will is extreme. Catholics might need to look again their thinking to allow contraception and abortions in unavoidable circumstances such as financial problems, danger to the mother and pregnancy resulting from crime.

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To what extent should abortions be allowed?
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