To what extent should abortions be allowed?
The contradiction emanating from Christianity's ban on abortion

Both a total ban and liberalization are extreme

Knowing these spiritual facts, if we think about the soul of the child that will be born, we realize that we must not take pregnancy and abortions lightly.

What we need to be careful of is, like the protest mentioned in the beginning, behind the promotion of a liberalization of abortions is a growing leftist women’s rights movement. Because leftist ideas are based on materialism, which does not recognize the existence of souls, they tend to have little regard for life. It would be very scary if the sense of guilt from depriving a fetus of life were to be weakened in the name of “women’s rights”.

A total ban on abortions by religion and liberalization based on materialistic thinking are both extreme. Working out a way of thinking that conforms to modern society armed with the spiritual facts, will lead to the happiness of all women, particularly those in Catholic countries.

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To what extent should abortions be allowed?
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