To what extent should abortions be allowed?
The contradiction emanating from Christianity's ban on abortion

An abortion upsets the life plan of the child to be born

Of course, abortions of convenience should not be allowed. Here is again a quote from Master Okawa explaining this.

The problem of abortion (artificial abortion) ultimately stems from the fact that most people do not understand the reincarnation mechanism of souls.

Heaven is, currently, in a state of extreme chaos because of such abortions. The souls in Heaven are troubled. A person with important missions may be aborted if they try to come down to Earth.

Even though they are souls in Heaven, they cannot force people on Earth what to do, because mortals do not act in accordance with what the souls think.

This is because people have got their independence from God.

For example, in “A spiritual message from Murasaki Shikibu” from “Ryuho Okawa’s Compilation of Spiritual Messages Vol. 14″, Murasaki Shikibu (1) in Heaven says, “Even though I planned to be reborn in the modern era, I was aborted and could not appear.”

In Murasaki Shikibu’s case, there was conflict between the free will of her parents on Earth and her own free will, and ultimately the will of those on Earth was stronger.

The spirit world is currently in great chaos because of abortions.

In Japan, the number of reported aborted fetus’ alone is close to 300,000 a year, with the number said to be about one million when those not reported are included. This disrupts reincarnation plans.

Moreover, the souls are scarred when they are aborted while in their mother’s womb, despite going to the effort of creating a life plan to live as a human for several decades and being set to come to the earthly realm. So the next time they try to come down to Earth, they are frightened the same thing may happen again.

Further, when they die right after being born or when they are aborted after growing in the womb up to the point they have a human will, they cannot immediately revert back to their original form upon returning to the other world, so they have to grow as a child’s soul.

It takes about 20 Earth years to develop an adult consciousness. Souls that have a bond with that person come, and have to look after that spirit child until he/she grows up in order to gain former consciousness. This is a huge hindrance to a soul’s evolution. Thus it is much better to avoid abortions where possible.

However, there may be times when it is absolutely necessary due to financial or physical reasons. For example, if the mother’s body is weak and she may die giving birth, then, in the interests of protecting her, I do not think an abortion can be avoided. An abortion in such circumstances is not unforgivable.

In this instance, it is important that the parents pray enough so the soul, that wanted to appear but was unable to, can mature in the other world without any problems and so its heart is not scarred. I think that is the least a human should do.

As a rule, it is better to not have an abortion, but in cases where it is absolutely necessary, we should not forget to wish for the well-being of the soul that could not appear. However, having said that it is also important not to be caught by the fact and guilt. (end of quote)

(1) Murasaki Shikibu (978 – about 1014) is the leading female literary figure of the Heian Period. The renowned “Tale of Genji” appeared as the world’s oldest novel. “A spiritual message from Murasaki Shikibu” was recorded in 1986.
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To what extent should abortions be allowed?
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