To what extent should abortions be allowed?
The contradiction emanating from Christianity's ban on abortion

A ban on abortion contributes to poverty

In Christian countries such as this, the issue of abortion is fundamentally a religious one.

Abortion is banned also in the Philippines where eighty percent of the population is Catholic, so if a woman there gets pregnant she has to choose between either having the baby or having a dangerous backyard abortion. Mami Machimura, who lives in Antipolo in the south of the Philippines and is the manager of Happy Science’s Antipolo branch, says, “There are many girls who have had babies when they were 13 to 15 years old and many people who live in small houses with seven or eight children. There are also a lot of unmarried mothers.”

According to Machimura, having all their children go to school and lead a stable life is just a dream for many Filipinos. In the Philippines, which has no key industries, many citizens get caught up in the vicious cycle where a ban on abortion leads to having children young and having many of them, which then leads to a lack of education and poverty. There is no denying that Catholic principles contribute to this.

If abortion is completely disallowed, it gives rise to hardship and unhappiness. However, if it is liberated as “a woman’s right”, then it threatens the birth of new life. Is there an answer to this dilemma?

The truth about pregnancy and birth as seen from the perspective of reincarnation

There is one basic assumption to thinking about this issue. As a result of Master Ryuho Okawa’s investigations using his religious psychic powers, Happy Science has revealed a spiritual process in pregnancy and birth. Here are a few quotes from the Master’s works.

The first quote is a section on the process of reincarnation that will form the premise to understanding the truth about human birth from an essay Master Okawa wrote for elementary and junior high school students. Buddhism also has a doctrine on reincarnation but Master Okawa explains the system infinitely more clearly. (beginning of quote)

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To what extent should abortions be allowed?
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