Zelensky Is No Hero: World War Has Already Begun

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Now that three months have passed since Russia began its military operations on Ukraine, the world is heading in the worst direction possible.
The public opinion in western countries over the situation in Ukraine is filled with comments such as “Poor Ukraine” and “Don’t let Russia get away with the invasion.” The mainstream media paints the picture of a weak Ukraine fighting against the great power of Russia, and President Putin of Russia has been made into a devil.

There’s a danger with having only a shallow understanding of a good-evil dualism that is no different from a Hollywood movie, however — especially with the recent war reporting, a lack of understanding of big picture international politics and historical context will only lead one to be misguided and swayed by political propaganda.


The Media’s Bad Tendency to Support the Weak People

Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group commented on the sore spot of the media during a lecture he gave in March.

“[The media tends to] decide that the weak is correct and just, whenever they can’t determine good and evil… In terms of television, they keep a watch on which side is being taped, and make sure that the ones being taped becomes justice itself. Newspapers are similar, and they acknowledge the minority, or the inferior side, as justice” (*1).

The general tendency of the media is to observe power balances and support the weaker side, or the side that they’re interviewing. Unless consumers are mindful of the nature of the media, they will be easily brainwashed and become “worshippers of the media” (See column below).


‘Contra-Cuban Missile Crisis’ for Russia

There are two main reasons why Russia conducted military operations against Ukraine, based on the aggregate of Master Okawa’s spiritual readings and research.

Firstly, Ukraine’s entry into NATO would mean that American nuclear missiles would be brought over to Ukraine. If that were to happen, Russia’s national existence is at stake — Moscow, capital of Russia, could be destroyed by American missiles in the span of five to 10 minutes.

As NATO’s first leader once said, NATO is a military alliance to look upon Russia as its enemy. For many years, Mr. Putin criticized NATO’s eastward expansion. He has long warned that Russia will take appropriate countermeasures if Ukraine, a vital strategic interest and necessity for the Russians, joined NATO.


Ignoring Mr. Putin’s warning, NATO conducted joint military exercises with Ukraine’s armed forces and provided them military support, virtually pushing for Ukraine’s addition to NATO. President Zelensky became set on joining the military alliance, so Russia took the lead with forcible measures. One historical example of this was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. When the former Soviet Union tried to construct nuclear missile sites in Cuba, the U.S. prevented the Soviets. They were even prepared for a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Thus, Russia’s counterargument that “there’s nothing wrong with preventing a ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ against Russia” makes sense (*2).

Moreover, it is openly known that the U.S. supported the overthrow of the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine and the modernization of Ukraine’s armed forces — the Americans continued to provoke Russia. Russia has been effectively pulled into the escalation of conflict in the region, and it is historically false that this is a one-sided war with Russia as the sole perpetrator.


Protecting Russians Living in Ukraine

Secondly, Russia began military operations because Ukraine’s two eastern provinces, where many Russians reside, had asked Russia for help. Russia went in to protect them.

The people of eastern Ukraine have historically spoken Russian and practiced Russian Orthodoxy. Ever since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, war between pro-Russian forces and pro-European armed forces of Ukraine has continued in the east with over 13,000 victims, of which over 5,600 are Russians.

At the same time, the Ukrainian government has diminished the rights of its Russian residents by restricting the use of the Russian language and committing numerous human rights violations and massacres of serious degree.

The guardian spirit of Mr. Zelensky insisted that the “Ukrainian army intended on taking control [of the eastern region]” (*3), and even went on to say that “[Russian residents] should return to Russia” (*4). Although this is an issue that could be resolved through talks, Mr. Zelensky is adamant on resolving the issue by force.

In fact, the shelling in eastern Ukraine by Ukrainian armed forces intensified in February, and a signed order of the commander of Ukraine’s National Guard, indicating that the Ukrainians were preparing an offensive operation scheduled for March, was made public.

Russia had to choose between providing military help for eastern Ukraine and creating an international conflict, or standing by as Russians in the region were killed. Therefore, knowing that he would receive heavy criticism, President Putin recognized the independence of the two regions in eastern Ukraine and sent Russian troops there in the name of peacekeeping duties. Immediately afterward, he launched the military operation.

It is a shallow argument to say that the independence of the two eastern regions was “rigged,” taking lightly the serious situation in those regions.


China and Russia Are Not Similar Systems

The West is also accelerating its attack on Russia due in part to the fact that China and Russia seem to overlap.

As mentioned earlier, however, Russia urged for independence of the two regions and subsequently went in to protect the Russians that were being discriminated against by the Ukrainian government. It is different from China’s invasion against different ethnic groups.

Furthermore, some have likened Mr. Putin to President Xi Jinping of China, but Mr. Putin is a devout Russian Orthodox Christian — incompatible with communists. China and Russia have different regimes, and the impression of similarity between the two countries is largely manipulated.


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Japan Invites a Three-Front Strategy by Supporting Ukraine

Japan’s Kishida administration is following western countries, partially to appeal to the public at home and abroad. While some have praised their efforts, the Japanese administration fails to grasp the big picture, unable to grasp the severity of turning Russia into its enemy. A former Self-Defense Force official commented, “Japan will be forced to confront a three-front operation against China, Russia and North Korea if it supports Ukraine. This is a path toward stateless Japan. It’s a fatal diplomatic failure.” The former JSDF official continued.

“The Russians now owe a debt to China because China has not imposed any sanctions against them. For instance, when China invades Okinawa or Taiwan, Russia may return the favor by attacking Hokkaido as a diversionary tactic to split up the JSDF forces. If North Korea joined that operation, China could then help North Korea invade South Korea, and just like that, the three of them could leverage each other. It seems that the Biden administration doesn’t have the guts to stand up to these threats and go against China, Russia and North Korea, all of which possess nuclear powers. Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are hanging on by a thread.”

Setting emotionally-charged arguments aside, Russia is more strategically important than Ukraine for the future of Japan. P.M. Kishida’s populistic approach to gain popularity and votes by demonstrating his sympathy for Ukraine is at its limits.


Number of nuclear warheads from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.


This Is World War IV!

Of course, U.S. President Biden is largely responsible for provoking such a crisis. He got NATO involved and escalated military support for Ukraine. Mr. Putin has indicated that he will fight back with nuclear weapons if NATO and the U.S. provide military weapons to Ukraine and put the Russian military at a great disadvantage. Taisuke Abiru, an expert on Russian diplomacy and security, also asserted that “Putin does not make false promises and threats” (*5).

In response, the guardian spirit of Mr. Biden made an irresponsible remark of grave concern. He said, that by thoroughly cornering the Russians and forcing them to use nuclear weapons against the European Union, he could get the E.U. to retaliate with American nuclear weapons. Then, the U.S. could take out Mr. Putin like it took out Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, all without sacrificing the blood of the Americans (*6).

Already, Master Okawa has pointed out that “World War IV is already ongoing at the same time” as World War III of Covid-19, and that the war in Ukraine has developed on a global scale. Master Okawa criticized Mr. Biden, who frames it a battle of democracy versus autocracy.

When you fight like that, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, all these places become linked,” Master Okawa said. “This happens because something like the Axis powers is formed. It’s the same as World War II, and [Biden] himself is forming the layout for a world war… That’s how it turns into a battle which crushes half the world” (*7).

Mr. Biden and the media are sympathizing with Ukraine, and they are convinced that they are doing the right thing by implementing policies that push Russia into a corner. Their “blindness,” at a macro perspective, will create casualties in the billions. They better be prepared.

(*1,7) Master Okawa’s lecture, “The Way to Live for Altruism,” Recorded March 25, 2022
(*2) In 1997, George Kennan, a top diplomat and the highest authority on Russian policy, wrote in the NY Times in response to the Clinton administration’s plan to expand NATO to the east. He wrote that “expanding NATO [eastward] would be the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-Cold War era.” A bipartisan group of cabinet members, members of both the House and Senate, as well as 50 ambassador-level officials signed the letter and opposed President Clinton.
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Western Coverage of Ukraine Is Considerably Sketchy


Among the many reports on Ukraine, a considerable spotlight was put on news of countless atrocities against civilians, allegedly discovered after Russian troops withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv in late March. Subsequent reports seemed to have drowned out the news, but the town of Bucha in the suburbs of Kyiv became a symbol of atrocities.

However, on April 3, 2022, the NY Times indicated that they were “not able to independently verify that figure [that Ukraine’s prosecutor general announced].” The U.S. Department of Defense also announced that the occurrence of the incident could not be confirmed, according to the Reuters on April 5. Those familiar with the nature of historical war reporting took a clearly different stance.

In addition, a draft of the U.N. General Assembly to suspend Russia’s membership from the Human Rights Council sparked concerns that an investigation into the facts should come first, and that the resolution is premature. 93 countries voted in favor of suspension, but the combined number of countries that abstained from the vote, voted against, or cast a no-vote to suspend Russia reached 100, exceeding those in favor of suspending Russia. The “anomaly” of the U.S. and European countries stood out, according to Kyodo News on April 8.

Many videos were circulated online, including ones of Ukrainian troops (National Corps) fighting Russian troops by using its residents as shields against bullets (violation of international law), and Ukrainian troops (National Corps) executing and abusing Russian residents who are uncooperative.

It must be noted that the exact phenomena of the “10 principles of war propaganda” that were pointed out by Arthur Ponsonby in his book, “Falsehood in War-time,” is taking place in Ukraine.


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