Are You Fooled by a Populist?
Questioning the Responsibility of Voters for Electing “An Apostle to Ruin Their Country”

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Zelensky is in the spotlight as a hero of Ukraine. He appears in a T-shirt to his speeches, and his propaganda, which cleverly leverages video clips and social media, astonishes even experts in the field.


Zelensky Becomes Presidential Nominee Through an Explicit TV Series

Television footage of Mr. Zelensky as a comedian, commuting to work naked riding a bicycle.

Mr. Zelensky had a career as a successful TV personality. He established great fame in his popular TV show, “Vecherniy Kvartal (English: Evening Quarter),” that included comedy, singing and dancing that was similar to the Japanese comedy show, “Hachijidayo, Zeninshugo! (English: It’s 8 O’ Clock! Everybody Gather ‘Round).” This show included scenes of playing piano with male genitals and a naked guitar performance, marking high viewing ratings with content that was not suitable for children.

Mr. Zelensky was not only a TV personality, but also the founder of a production company. He was well-known in the television industry. In 2019, when Mr. Zelensky won the presidential election, he was criticized for continuously streaming television programs in support of his election, but he convinced himself that he could not continue working in entertainment if he didn’t sign with a conglomerate.


With No Plan, Zelensky’s Approval Rate Dips to 20 Percent

Mr. Zelensky’s election is a textbook example of “This is what happens when a former comedian becomes president…” In Japan, it goes without saying that celebrities who were elected by taking advantage of their popularity quickly proved their incompetence, and democracy’s problem with populism has been a controversial issue.

In some ways, democracy in Ukraine lags behind democracy in Japan. In reaction to widespread corruption in the country, amateurs with no political background are favored in elections (*1). A former boxing world champion became mayor of Kyiv, and the vocalist of a nationally known band gained high ratings as a presidential candidate.

This was how President Zelensky was elected. Mr. Zelensky is a comedian at heart, and he can’t deliver a single speech without a memo prepared by his staff, and his economic policies continued to fail — his approval rating before the military operation dipped to the 20-percent range. It is ironic that such a man is now regarded as a hero.

Mr. Zelensky is not a model of democracy, as the media would have us believe, but a man whose “limitations” have been exposed. He doesn’t deserve blind praise.


Ukraine Should Neutralize to End War

Mr. Zelensky’s biggest miscalculation was that NATO forces wouldn’t come to his aid.

If it’s to protect Ukraine, I don’t care whether Germany goes down, France goes down, or the U.K. goes down. America can just help them,” Mr. Zelensky’s guardian spirit said, exposing his self-centeredness and willingness for a world war (*2). His guardian spirit also said, “We must drop a hail of nuclear weapons on Russia” (*3).

His selfishness and disregard for reality were “demonstrated” in his diplomacy.

Despite the fact that other countries are cooperating with anti-Russia sanctions at the expense of their own economies, Mr. Zelensky acted as if it were expected of those countries to cooperate, and he criticized countries that didn’t impose sufficient sanctions on Russia. Mr. Zelensky called for Japan to provide Ukraine with anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles among other items, but he ended up exposing his own ignorance — that Japan’s constitutional restrictions prevent the Japanese from doing so.

Countries that feel pity for Ukraine are becoming fed up with Mr. Zelensky stirring up the world, although they don’t verbalize it for mature handling.

Certainly, the world’s sympathy gathers at the feet of Ukrainian citizens who were caught up in the crossfire of war. However, we must solemnly accept that the Ukrainian people, who were influenced by a television series to elect their own president, have responsibility for their votes.

It is no easy feat to choose a leader of a country. The citizens of a democratic nation must consider the severity of losing their country if they make the wrong decision.

Did [Zelensky] think that Britain, Germany and France will fight for them, knowing that they’ll be shot with an ICBM? A celebrity who knows nothing about real politics should step away as soon as possible,” Master Okawa said (*4). He advised Ukraine to “neutralize” and elect a president who can establish good relations with Russia.

Now that the possibility of NATO participation in the war is gone, Ukraine’s only strategic, rational choice left is to neutralize.

(*1) Ukraine has long been denied membership in the E.U. due to its faulty democracy and serious corruption.
(*2) “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Zelensky” (Recorded: March 10, 2022)
(*3) “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Zelensky” (Recorded: April 18, 2022)
(*4) “The Truth Behind Kim Jong Un’s Series of Missile Launching”


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