‘Mass Media Totalitarianism’ Overtakes the World

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Why are the world’s major media outlets and leaders so eager to bash Russia, lacking in objectivity and rationality? The reason lies in their de facto complicity.


Biden Is Busy Covering Up Allegations

Mr. Biden was particularly fearful that the blame for Covid-19 would go to China, where the virus originated, and that the China scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden, would be revisited (*1).

Therefore, by antagonizing Vladimir Putin, who was in a sense a “close ally” of former President Trump, he could turn the focus of its allegations toward Russia, while simultaneously aiming to turn the domestic frustrations caused by Covid-19 against Russia, the American enemy. This was clearly indicated in the “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Biden” that was recorded in late April (*2). In this sense, Mr. Biden mixed his personal affairs with public matters, which is almost the same that he admitted that all of it was in preparation for the midterm elections.

The “Ukraine scandal” which preceded Mr. Hunter Biden’s China scandal was called into question by even liberal media for the fact that the individual who carried out the transaction had met with Vice President Biden (at the time) at the White House.

In the China scandal, the NY Times and other sources reported that an email was sent out from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and this email suspected that a person believed to be Mr. Biden received stocks from a Chinese state-sponsored company. This laptop was proven to be real (*3). Mr. Biden’s “panic” would be understandable.


A Shared Interest to Stop the Resurgence of Trump

Furthermore, Mr. Biden and the mainstream media both share the same interest: prevent Trump’s resurgence by attacking Russia.

It was the mainstream media that cooperated the fabrication of the “Russia Scandal” (which has been judicially proven to be untrue) in order to prevent Mr. Trump from being elected.

These moves echoed Mr. Zelensky’s unabashed desire to drag the world into war, creating an abnormal platform of exchanging and consuming news and opinions.


‘Mass media-Democracy Was Ephemeral, Like a Mirage’

Ukraine’s “TV-series-democracy” has plunged its nation and the world into crisis by electing Mr. Zelensky as president. In the United States, the president chosen by “mass media-democracy” has recorded the second lowest approval rating in history, along with the Vice President, after only one year in office. The President is hanging on by a thread before the midterm elections this fall.

In his recent book, Master Okawa raised the issue of “mass media totalitarianism” as the cause of this situation. It could ruin a country, according to Master Okawa. He said, “If we do exactly as the majority of mass media says, a situation contrary to justice will occur. Then, a national crisis will come. I want to do something to prevent this country from drifting away under irresponsible ‘mass media totalitarianism.’”

In other words, there is no guarantee that majority claims are right. We must recognize that the truth often lies in the minority side, especially during a period of transitional period.

This ‘Truth’ is not found in old media or new media, making it difficult to open the way to the future,” Master Okawa pointed out. He also denounced mass media, saying, “‘Mass media-Democracy’ was ephemeral, just like a mirage” (*4).

If things continue as they are, the world will be divided like the last world war. The international order without a great leader will begin to stumble into great chaos. It is precisely for this reason, for we live in such a turbulent era, that we need a messiah (savior) who can see through the truth and enlighten this world — without being misled by the banality of mass media.

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‘Mass Media Totalitarianism’ Overtakes the World
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