A ‘Comedian’ President Stirs Up the World
Ukraine’s Democracy Had No Substance

Countries around the world are one-sidedly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Western countries and Japan have shown support for Ukraine by imposing strict sanctions against Russia and providing Ukraine with weapons to fight against Russia.

Putin Had to Protect Russia From America’s Nuclear Power

Perhaps there was a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine. On February 24, Happy Science Group CEO Master Okawa conducted a spiritual reading with Putin’s guardian spirit. His guardian spirit had a strong sense that there was a looming crisis for Russia, which was brought about by Ukraine seeking membership of NATO (See more details here).
They’ll have us by the throat if American-made nuclear weapons and missiles are placed there. Moscow will be destroyed in 10 minutes or so,” the guardian spirit of Putin said.
Putin, who is responsible for an entire country, made the decision to take forward-looking military action from a national security standpoint. He did so in order to prevent Ukraine from siding with NATO, which would have facilitated NATO’s eastward expansion and created a national security crisis for Russia.

Zelensky’s Level of Insight Is That of Comedian ‘Ken Shimura’

On March 10, Master Okawa conducted a spiritual message with Mr. Zelensky’s guardian spirit titled “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Zelensky.” His guardian spirit kept repeating his desire to join the E.U., but it was found that he lacked understanding of the geopolitical implications stemming from the fact that Ukraine is located between Russia and the E.U. countries. In the spiritual reading, Zelensky’s guardian spirit displayed no insight into the position that his strong desire to join the E.U. was putting Putin in. He was not aware that that he was backing Putin into a corner.
“It would be fine if [the U.S.] sent 200,000 or 300,000 U.S. troops somewhere into NATO and the fight against Russia,” Mr. Zelensky’s guardian spirit said. He failed to realize that if western countries were to engage in direct military cooperation with Ukraine against Russia, the situation would quickly develop into a world war.
Further, the guardian spirit of the ex-comedian admitted that his level of insight is the same as that of Japanese comedian Ken Shimura(*). Master Okawa made strict comments about this in the preface of the spiritual message book:
If a comedian plays a role as president and gains popularity, he can win a landslide victory in a presidential election by referendum. As such, what happens when democracy is exposed to populism and becomes mob rule? There is no better ‘political science textbook’ than this one. It turns out that Ukraine’s democracy had no substance.

(*)Ken Shimura (1950 – 2020) was a Japanese comedian and a member of comedy group “The Drifters.”


Ukraine Should Neutralize Under a Pro-Russian Administration

Following the spiritual message, Master Okawa made the following concluding remarks: “Calling Mr. Biden over and following a strategy to get Russia and America to fight is a ‘strategy that is going overboard’ for President Zelensky, I believe.
Further, he said that Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is “going too far” and that “sending bulletproof vests symbolized military cooperation.” Master Okawa pointed out that it is more beneficial for Japan to continue friendly relations with Russia.
Master Okawa further said that Ukraine should “neutralize” instead of joining the E.U., and he pointed out the way forward for Ukraine.
[Ukraine] should stop firing shots of resistance that lead to war and, rather, talk to Russia, get a pro-Russia president and find a way to survive in a neutral relationship with Russia and the E.U.
We live in an age where we aren’t getting the “Truth” from either the old media or the new media. While the citizens of each country are heavily influenced by television, we also need to recognize that they are responsible for the consequences that flow from the leaders they vote into power. As we are now seeing, the wrong decision may lead to the loss of one’s country. The time has come for us to recognize that “Massmedia-Democracy is ephemeral, just like a mirage.

A ‘Comedian’ President Stirs Up the World
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