Putin’s Guardian Spirit Reveals His True Thoughts: ‘We Will Launch a Full-Scale Attack Depending on How NATO Forces and Zelensky Come Out’
It’s time for Japan to say farewell to its blind diplomacy of following the U.S. and European countries

Caption: At a 2014 ceremony, President Putin made the sign of the cross after seeing a video of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (Image from YouTube).


Not a day goes by without seeing the Russia-Ukraine issue on news channels or in newspapers. The reports are filled with sad news, but it’s important to know that much of it is reported from the Ukrainian point of view, or Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s announcements, or from the perspective of the U.S. and European countries that see Russia as their enemy.

Amid these reports by the mass media, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s guardian spirit came to Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO of the Happy Science Group, and spoke his true thoughts. which is not something that can be understood from mass media alone.

The spiritual messages (*), titled, “The Resolve of Russia — messages from the guardian spirit of President Putin,” were made available in Happy Science temples and Shojas around the world from April 17.

(*) Spiritual messages are words spoken by a spiritual consciousness through a living person. This ability is limited to people with a high level of enlightenment, and is different than Shamanic mediumship where the medium is in an unconscious trance-like state during the message. With spirits from foreign countries, the spirit accesses the medium’s brain to choose words in the language of the medium to communicate. Spiritual messages are very valuable because they enable us to understand what a person is really thinking, which is often not apparent from reports in the mass media.


‘I Don’t Hate Japan. The Only Problem Is the Prime Minister’

In response to the situation in Ukraine, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is blindly following in the footsteps of the U.S. and European countries as if Japan has given up its own value judgement. He has been sending bulletproof vests and helmets from Japan’s Self-Defense Forces to Ukraine with JSDF aircraft.

These actions are seen as acts of an “unfriendly country” and a “country in conflict” in the eyes of Russia. Whether P.M. Kishida is aware of it or not, Japan has already entered this battle.

In his spiritual messages, Putin’s guardian spirit gave off an air of warning about Japan’s low sense of national defense, but he said, “I don’t hate Japan that much, as of yet. I think the only problem is the Prime Minister [Kishida].” He revealed that he will ultimately help Japan.

This might be hard to believe for those who hate Russia.

But you may recall Mr. Putin’s behavior at a ceremony in France in June 2014 commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings, which marked the victory of the Allies during World War II. During this ceremony, a video of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima was displayed on a screen, and while U.S. President Barack Obama clapped his hands and chewed gum, Mr. Putin made the sign of the cross in front of his chest to mourn the dead (Pictured at the top).


‘We Will Launch a Full-Scale Attack Depending on How NATO Forces and Zelensky Come Out’

Further, Putin’s guardian spirit commented that the Russian army has not yet gone all out and displayed his determination. He warned against the propaganda, or political campaigns, of western countries and the mass media that claim Russia is outmatched or losing ground.

We will launch a full-scale attack depending on how NATO forces and Zelensky come out, so it’s a problem if people think this is it,” he said.

Based on these comments, we can tell that Russia is playing the game of a “yokozuna sumo”. Yokozuna, the highest rank of a sumo wrestler, is said to take the opponent’s attack head-on and win by returning it without a flinch, showing clear differences in power. Thus, the more western countries continue to provide military assistance such as weapons to Ukraine, the more serious Russia will become, the longer the battle will be and the greater the damage to the Ukrainian people will be.


‘Democracy Is Not God’

Democracy is not god. Don’t get that wrong,” Putin’s guardian spirit said at the end. “The British Prime Minister, U.S. President and the others all feel like they are colleagues with the Ukrainian President. Those [Zelensky’s] acting skills are dangerous.

Today’s democracy is largely influenced by the reporting of the mass media, but who will take responsibility if those media outlets led people in the wrong direction?

Another spiritual reading of Putin’s guardian spirit was recorded in late February, right before Russia’s military operations on Ukraine. Master Okawa in his preliminary commentary said, “What is terrifying is for Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and one part of Europe, some country there, to form ties and divide the world into two. This confrontational approach will become a big problem indeed.

Right now, we must lend our ears with sincerity to the voice of the “unknown” in order to not let the Ukraine issue develop into a war that splits the world into two.

The above article covers only a portion of the spiritual message of Putin’s guardian spirit. The following points were also covered:

  • Putin weeps for our international society that cannot see Biden’s true nature
  • What it means for Ukraine to join the EU and NATO
  • Where’s the location that President Putin considers “necessary, at the very minimum,” in terms of Russia’s operational objective?
  • What Biden wants to conceal by making an enemy out of Russia
  • Putin’s guardian spirit speaks about his “determination if need be”
  • What will China start to say soon?
  • What was Putin’s guardian spirit happy about?

You can watch the lecture at any Happy Science temple or branch by clicking on the following link: Find your nearest Happy Science temple or branch.


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Putin’s Guardian Spirit Reveals His True Thoughts: ‘We Will Launch a Full-Scale Attack Depending on How NATO Forces and Zelensky Come Out’
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