Zelensky’s Guardian Spirit Reveals His True Thoughts: President’s Decision May Lead To the Loss of His Country

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Amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the first meeting between Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers took place with Turkey as the mediator. No progress was made on a ceasefire.

On March 10, the European Union held a summit at the Palace of Versailles in France to discuss Ukraine’s bid for fast-track membership of the E.U. Due to opposition from countries like the Netherlands and France, the request for urgent membership has been denied. This means that Ukraine will need to go through the normal membership process which often takes years.

At 2 am on March 10, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa received a visit from the guardian spiritof Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A spiritual message from Mr. Zelensky’s guardian spirit (*) was recorded and has been made available in Happy Science temples and Shojas around the world.

(*)Spiritual messages are words spoken by a spiritual consciousness through a living person. This ability is limited to people with a high level of enlightenment, and is different than Shamanic mediumship where the medium is in an unconscious trance-like state during the message. With spirits from foreign countries, the spirit accesses the medium’s brain to choose words in the language of the medium to communicate. See what spiritual messages are >>


Zelensky Has No Awareness of Putin’s Intentions

In the beginning of the spiritual message, Zelensky’s guardian spirit was asked how he felt in that moment. He answered that his state of mind was “very much right in the center of hell,” and went on to make repeated appeals for Ukraine to join the E.U.

“In the past, Hitler came out of Germany, but now we have one out of Russia,” Zelensky’s guardian spirit said. “So Europe and the E.U. must come together as one and fight against Russia’s Hitler. If you leave us to die, other countries will be taken one after another.”

The guardian spirit of Zelensky pointed out that he has faith in the values held by the E.U. and America rather than the Russian dictatorship. He complained that “[the E.U. is] trying to abandon Ukraine” given that the E.U. is not accepting Ukraine’s bid for fast-track membership.

On March 8, Zelensky made a virtual speech to the British Parliament, quoting Winston Churchill who fought against Nazi Germany. In his speech, Zelensky said that they will fight to the end, whatever the cost, and demonstrated a “never surrender” spirit. His approval rating has surged among Ukrainian citizens – after Russia’s invasion it has surpassed 90%.

Zelensky is now seen as a hero by the West, but as the spiritual message went on, it became clear that he doesn’t understand Ukraine’s geographic placement between Russia and Europe. He lacked knowledge of geopolitics and was not aware that Ukraine has played a critical role in Russia’s national security. Further, he didn’t realize that if the E.U. joins with Ukraine in fighting the Russian military, the situation will develop into a world war.


Zelensky’s Mentality Is That It’s Fine to Involve the World In a War

Zelensky’s guardian spirit said that it was fine to involve countries around the world in a war if that’s what it took to protect Ukraine. He made several comments like this that showed questionable judgment for a president.

“Whether Germany collapses, France collapses, or Britain collapses, it’s none of my business. America can come help,” he said.

Zelensky’s guardian spirit left a concluding message: “Look, I don’t know global affairs. For now, I just want help.”


Ukraine Needs a President Who Can Get Along With Putin

After the spiritual message, Master Okawa shared his own thoughts on Zelensky.

“[Zelensky] is trying to crush Russia by getting NATO and even Japan involved, making them fight a war, but this, I must say, is overstepping his authority. I think it is excessive,” Master Okawa said.

Further, he said that Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is going too far. According to Master Okawa, sending bulletproof vests symbolized military cooperation with Ukraine by Japan. He said, “It is conceivable that there is a greater benefit for Japan to continue friendly relations with Russia.”

“It is my opinion that [Ukraine] should become neutral. They might be called a puppet, but Ukraine should have a president who can get along with Russia. [Zelensky] should lose his position. I think so,” said Master Okawa, pointing to the right path for Ukraine to take in order to fix their mistake.

The casualties caused by Russia’s invasion are truly tragic, and it is cruel that the Ukrainian people have been made to evacuate in the extreme cold. However, to gain back peace, we must consider what “world justice” is.

Currently, the international society is imposing economic sanctions on Russia and taking the view that Russia is the sole evil and Ukraine is a victim of Russia. This is consistent with the claims made by Zelensky’s guardian spirit that Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine shows that Putin is “Russia’s Hitler”.

However, it is clear that Ukraine’s rapid approach toward the West meant that Russia needed to adopt countermeasures for the sake of protecting its own security. From an objective viewpoint, we can’t ignore the fact that Zelensky’s continued forceful appeals to join the E.U. ended up cornering Russia and that was the catalyst for Putin starting the war.

As history has shown, a country can be wiped out if its leader makes a wrong decision. It may sound harsh, but it is possible that the Ukrainian people share responsibility for selecting Zelensky as president, a man who gained popularity in TV shows but has little knowledge or experience in international political affairs. If a president had been elected who understood the importance of Ukraine to Russia’s national security, this terrible situation may never have happened.

This spiritual message provided a glimpse into the future of Ukraine, which is not possible to understand from the Western media alone. This is must-see content to learn how world events will play out from now and into the future.

The above article covers only a portion of the spiritual message of Zelensky’s guardian spirit. The following points were also covered:

  • How does Zelensky see the E.U.?
  • Contrasting relationship dynamics between “Russia-Ukraine” and “China-Taiwan”
  • The problem with the Western media’s “Putin bashing”
  • Who is more frightening, China or Russia?
  • Zelensky’s condition for Russia to annex Ukraine
  • What does Zelensky want from Japan’s P.M. Kishida and the Japan Self-Defense Forces?
  • How does Zelensky see President Biden?
  • The reason why Zelensky doesn’t flee into exile

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Zelensky’s Guardian Spirit Reveals His True Thoughts: President’s Decision May Lead To the Loss of His Country
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