Trump Knew! Covid Bioweapon Theory and Truth Within the Administration

The spread of the Omicron variant is creating turbulence around the world. Two years have passed since the first outbreak of Covid-19. Now is the time to act upon the premise that China is behind the scenes of this tumult, rather than to treat the Covid-19 issue defensively as a natural disaster.

Last December during Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, former President Donald Trump estimated the global damage caused by China to be in the area of $60 trillion.

“China doesn’t have $60 trillion,” Mr. Trump said. “But they have to do something to make up for what they’ve done.”

In the same month, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading that disclosed, “The final condemnation has not been placed, but subconsciously, everyone knows that China caused people all over the world to suffer.” The reading also revealed that the global society acknowledges that China is the culprit of Covid-19. (*1)

In fact, 76% of U.S. citizens think that Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Likewise in Japan, 51% of adults share the same view. (*2)

Surrounding Covid-19 protocols, Mr. Trump took the lead in limiting entry into the U.S. from China and took a hard-lined stance against China by calling out Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus.” At the time, mainstream media criticized Mr. Trump for his divisionism. Given that other countries later implemented travel restrictions, it seems that Mr. Trump’s decision was correct.


Who Was the First Whistleblower in the White House?

To begin with, what was the background behind Mr. Trump’s decision to ban travel from China and recognize that China is responsible for Covid-19?

We interviewed Wei Jingsheng, the leader of the Beijing Spring, who induced the Trump administration to act. While the world was oblivious to the spread of Covid-19 in Wuhan, Mr. Wei immediately communicated to the White House the truth behind the virus and backed Mr. Trump’s decision.

In 1978, prior to the Tiananmen Incident, Mr. Wei was imprisoned for criticizing Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader at the time (Beijing Spring). He became a leading figure of China’s pro-democracy movement, and he continues to be seen as a democratic symbol. The Liberty obtained an inside story on the Trump administration, accompanied by an interview with Mr. Wei who is currently living in exile in the U.S.:


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――You first became aware of the possibility of an unknown pathogen being prevalent in Wuhan in October 2019, at a time when the world did not know the truth about the coronavirus, and subsequently shared it with an old friend (related to the CIA). Would you share with us how you first became aware of the fact that the virus was prevalent?

Mr. Wei: Before the Wuhan Military Games in 2019, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organized a large-scale “exercise to prevent virus invasion” in Wuhan.

No government, especially the Chinese government, will organize such a large-scale exercise without reason. I immediately learned through private channels [that] some Chinese officials related to biological warfare suggested to organize this exercise to prevent the spread of a new virus.

Based on what I know about the CCP, the virus may come from some biological weapons developed by the CCP itself. It would be necessary to prevent proliferation in advance, so social experiments had to be carried out; or they already had found a leak, so it needed to prevent proliferation in the name of the exercise. So I immediately warned the White House through high-level friends.


The Possibility That Xi Jinping Spread the Virus

――On January 2, 2020, when the outbreak was spreading in Wuhan, you again brought up the issue of the coronavirus to an old friend and said it was possible that Xi Jinping had intentionally spread the virus. Your friend, astonished, tried to arrange for you to get in touch with Deputy National Security Advisor, Matthew Pottinger. Why and how did you come to have such an idea?

Mr. Wei: This is one of two possibilities for the virus to spread to the outside world. The CCP’s concealment has increased my suspicion of the CCP actively spreading the virus.

Some Western scholars are bought by the CCP, and their governments are afraid of offending the rogue CCP government. So even [if] they know the truth of this matter, they dare not to criticize the CCP.

――You shared the coronavirus issue with Mr. Pottinger at a Chinese New Year party you attended on January 25. Mr. Pottinger was one of the first people in the Trump administration to advise the President to impose travel restrictions on China. Would you share with us about the conversation on the 25th that motivated him? What was Mr. Pottinger’s reaction to that?

Mr. Wei: These people usually conceal their true attitude, so he did not express his belief at the time but kept asking reverse questions. This is also a verification process. He may have also consulted with intelligence agencies, and only after increased persuasiveness would he persuade President Trump to take measures.


Wei Jingsheng / Leader of Democracy Wall in China in 1978 (REUTERS/Jason Reed)
Wei Jingsheng was born in Beijing in 1950. He was the leading figure of the Democracy Wall Movement in 1978. He has been imprisoned twice, spending a total of 18 years in prison. Jingsheng was still in prison at the time of his Sakharov Prize award. He is known as a democratic fighter along with Wang Dan and others, as they have become symbols of China’s pro-democracy movement. After being exiled to the U.S., he has continued to engage in China’s democracy movement at home and abroad.


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According to “What Really Happened in Japan,” a book that investigates the origins of Covid-19 and features Mr. Wei, Mr. Pottinger was shocked by Mr. Wei’s story and felt the urge to warn the president. Mr. Pottinger says he will not forget that party.


Six Days Later, Trump Decides

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and others strongly opposed travel restrictions as ineffective and treated Mr. Pottinger as “crazy.” (*3) Despite the opposition, Mr. Pottinger finally got an opportunity to persuade the president on Jan. 29; he did this along with National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien. When Mr. O’Brien said that China could cause an event similar to the Chernobyl disaster, Mr. Trump said it was a bold statement and lent his ear. When asked by Mr. Trump what they thought about travel restrictions, the two of them said “yes”.

But Mr. Trump didn’t make a decision on the spot. Placing travel restrictions was unprecedented, and there could’ve been various reasons, one being that negotiations concerning a trade agreement with China had been reached on Jan. 15.

Later, highly accurate information, such as a possibility of a pandemic, was brought into the White House. On Jan. 31, Mr. Trump made a decision to ban travel from China. It was six days after Mr. Wei approached Mr. Pottinger.


Western Countries Are Careful Not to Offend the CCP

Mr. Trump was able to enforce travel restrictions for the first time in the world because of Mr. Wei’s warning. This incident should be recorded in history, and it is unknown how many lives were saved by this whistleblower.


◆   ◆   ◆


――Many politicians and health authorities were slow to combat Covid-19, spreading the damage. I would like to hear your views on why they repeatedly made decisions that ultimately benefited China and were slow to take action.

Mr. Wei: There have been many reports on scholars who have been bought, or due to their own interests to make false statements. American politics are manipulated by Wall Street, known as the Washington Swamp, to bow to the CCP for commercial interests. Therefore, they dare not offend the CCP, which already had many reports in the public.

Whether it is deliberately experimenting or unintentionally leaking, it shows that the CCP has been developing biological weapons for a long time and has received assistance from Western scholars and Western government funds.

This kind of unethical behavior in the scientific community contributes to the risk of human extinction. The popularity of this kind of crazy theory that for the academic, without care about politics, science or safety, is one of the reasons for human self-destruction. And politics for the sake of commercial interests, ignoring basic human values, in order to cooperate and appease authoritarian governments, are conditions lending to human self-destruction.

The last time when Adolf Hitler was appeased, it almost led to the destruction of mankind. This time the danger is even greater.


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(*1) See “Nostradamus Speaks on the Path to the 22nd Century.
(*2) Reference to a December 2021 survey from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute and an August 2021 survey conducted by Morning Consult.
(*3) Dr. Fauci has been accused of multiple false testimonies to Congress out of fear for being accountable for the birth of Covid-19 by diverting U.S. tax dollars and technology to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


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Trump Knew! Covid Bioweapon Theory and Truth Within the Administration
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