Chinese Premier Li’s ‘Deathbed Will’ Before Stepping Down Next Year: ‘No One Can Stop Xi Jinping’s Rampage Anymore’

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During the recent National People’s Congress (NPC) in China, Chinese President Xi Jinping plotted a tightening of the Communist Party members in order to keep his third-term post as Communist Party general secretary (a de facto tenure) at the Communist Party National Congress set for autumn 2022.

Meanwhile, China’s second ranking leader, Premier Li Keqiang said in a press conference following the NPC that this is his last year as Premier. At the NPC two years ago, Mr. Li exposed China’s inside affairs of poverty by commenting that over 600 million people in China are living on monthly incomes around 1,000 yuan (USD $140 at the time). With the announcement of Mr. Li’s resignation, the momentum to keep Mr. Xi in check has been ceased.

On March 12, one day after the NPC concluded, Mr. Li’s guardian spirit made a one-hour visit to Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa and discussed the whereabouts of the Xi administration and the impact of the Ukraine conflict on the international society. This spiritual recording has been made available in Happy Science temples and shojas around the world. (See the end of the article for contact information.)

Regarding Mr. Li’s guardian spirit, a spiritual reading was also conducted in summer 2012.


‘The Only Way Left Is to Leave a Will for the Future’

Mr. Li’s guardian spirit started off by saying, “No one can stop Xi Jinping’s rampage anymore.

I was fired in one year,” he continued. “Fired, fired for being part of the moderate faction [of the CCP] … [Mr. Xi] is planning on changing [the premier] by firing me. Who knows what will happen after I step down?

Following the NPC’s press conference, many news outlets have been reporting on who the next premier may be, and whether Mr. Li’s Communist Youth League faction will be swept away to strengthen the Xi administration’s dictatorial system.

Mr. Li’s guardian spirit spoke his reason for visiting Master Okawa this time around.

Per information I got, I know I should probably say a word here (Note: “Here” refers to Master Okawa). [Master Okawa] will make a decision, right? On what will ultimately be done,” he said, and continued by keeping in mind the international disorder going forward. “I don’t know much about Happy Science, but the only way left is to leave a will for the future or something.


‘Only Thing We Can’t Read Is What the Space Forces Will Do’

Mr. Li’s guardian spirit predicted that the international society will experience greater instability in the future including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (See the end of the article for “Related Books.”)

Mr. Li’s guardian spirit said that the world will be a mess if countries such as China, Russia and North Korea make military invasions on other countries simultaneously after Mr. Li steps down because he was the one keeping Mr. Xi in check. He showed a pessimistic outlook.

It’s like Xi Jinping is god, and [we can see] what will happen if the First Emperor tries to rule permanently. I mean, I don’t know what will happen to China, but I do think they will cause a great deal of war.

However, we must ascertain whether the words of Mr. Li’s guardian spirit, which outline the worst-case scenario, will materialize into reality.

The only thing we can’t calculate, the only thing we can’t read, is what the space forces that you guys discuss will do. (Note: “You guys” refer to Happy Science.) We can’t read how much power [the space forces] have, so this part is not factored in.

In recent years, Master Okawa has been conducting a number of spiritual investigations and readings which reveal the existence of space beings who protect the God of Earth and planet Earth itself from evil forces at the command of the God of Earth. This is what Mr. Li’s guardian spirit referred to when he commented on “space forces.”

Given that Mr. Li is a premier of the country of China, it is unclear how reliable his outlook on future international affairs are. It is fair to say, however, that honest opinions tend to come out right after being laid off.

The above article covers only a portion of the spiritual message of Li’s guardian spirit. The following points were also covered:

  • Xi Jinping is planning to take ___.
  • Li’s feedback on the U.S. and President Biden
  • Li’s feedback on Ukraine’s President Zelensky
  • What could happen in the future if Europe and the U.S. take hardline actions toward Russia?
  • The price paid when P.M. Kishida sent bulletproof vests to Ukraine
  • Li’s outlook of the Covid-19 bioweapon theory
  • China is a country dominated by ___.
  • Was Japan the brainwashed country?

You can watch the lecture at any Happy Science temple or branch by clicking on the following link: Find your nearest Happy Science temple or branch.

Chinese Premier Li’s ‘Deathbed Will’ Before Stepping Down Next Year: ‘No One Can Stop Xi Jinping’s Rampage Anymore’
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