The True Dictatorship of Facebook and Twitter
The Revival of Totalitarianism Through AI Must Not Be Tolerated

Social media giants are monopolizing the market with billions of global users. The development of information technology has created a cross-border dictatorship, a new authoritative power that is rapidly continuing to expand its sphere of influence.

Content of the article:

  • Why Facebook and Twitter are committed to censoring conservative posts — the working atmosphere resembles that of student activists on college campuses
  • What are CCP’s undercover operations that greatly influence both Facebook and Twitter?
  • The world of George Orwell is approaching due to Big Tech’s “AI dictatorship”
  • A GAFA encirclement is forming in the U.S. as there’s a rising sense of danger that monopolization could lead to dictatorship


This the number of instances where former President Donald Trump and his campaign have been censored by Twitter between May 2018 to December 2020, compared to the number of times President Joe Biden and his campaign have been censored during the same timeframe, according to analysis by media watchdog NewsBusters. The ratio seems extremely one-sided as is, but this trend accelerated even more after the ballots were counted.

Last December, even tweets of news pieces that mentioned Mr. Trump’s speech without going into details were flagged as “claims of election fraud.” And on Jan. 6 when Mr. Trump heard that his supporters rushed into the U.S. Capitol, he posted a video and told protesters to go home — he urged people to keep “law and order,” but this post was also deleted.

Finally, on Jan. 8, Twitter announced that they have permanently suspended Mr. Trump’s account.

Once his personal account was banned, Mr. Trump used the @POTUS account, the official Twitter account of the President of the U.S., to share his thoughts.

“Twitter has gone further and further in banning speech…Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me — and YOU, the 75,000,000 great patriots who voted for me,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Twitter deleted his post almost immediately and expressed their clear stance for disallowing Mr. Trump from any form of self-expression or speech. Facebook also suspended Mr. Trump’s account indefinitely on Jan. 7.

Global leaders have criticized these social media giants for depriving the former president his freedom of speech.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief spokesman made an official statement that private companies should not set any limitations to freedom of speech, calling it “problematic” that Mr. Trump’s accounts have been permanently suspended. Australia’s acting prime minister also condemned the permanent suspension, denouncing it as censorship of political speech.

What is behind all of the censorship that is happening left and right? (Only of the “right,” actually.) The Liberty takes a deep dive into the inner works of social media giants.


Why the Blatant Censorship?

Flexible, free, open-minded and unbiased — you might use these words to describe Facebook and Twitter, two leading tech companies in Silicon Valley. The term “dictatorship” may feel out of place for many people.

Don’t be fooled. One step in, and the working atmosphere at these companies resemble that of student activists on college campuses, according to whistleblowers who have shared what they’ve experienced firsthand from working there (according to “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.“)


Fired an Executive Who Was a Trump Supporter

In September 2016, amid the previous presidential election, a Facebook executive was found to be in favor of Trump. It became shocking news that shook the entire company.

Facebook’s management, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urged the executive to “convert” and announce that they would vote for a libertarian candidate. According to a leaked email, there was even a draft made for the executive to make an apology addressed to the public. After making the executive swear that they will not vote for Mr. Trump, Facebook fired them — this is essentially the definition of a witch hunt.


Anti-Trump Propaganda All Over the Wall

The atmosphere inside the company became ever increasingly different once Mr. Trump won the presidential election in November 2016.

Facebook held a company-wide meeting that was filled with “a lot of crestfallen faces, stunned and shocked silence” to discuss lessons learned from the election result. All employees joined forces to share their thoughts in order for this so-called “tragedy” to never happen again.

This left-wing atmosphere escalated beyond management’s control. Social media companies were accused by the Left for spreading “fake news” on their feeds and boosting votes for Mr. Trump.

Mr. Zuckerberg denied these claims, but he received great pushback from his employees. According to BuzzFeed, a group of Facebook employees set up a group to combat “fake news” in defiance of Mr. Zuckerberg. These employees attacked top executives who, at the time, were cautious of cracking down on the news.

Facebook was filled with anti-Trump sentiment. Posters and large paintings showing progressive culture covered the walls, resembling the vibe of student activists on college campuses. It is no longer a fair, neutral company — Facebook became an anti-Trump political organization.

One internal source expressed Facebook’s liberal bias as a “left-wing version of China’s reeducation camps.” Mr. Zuckerberg must have acted to demonstrate his rational stance as a businessman, showcasing his cautiousness for censorship.

One day, there was a phrase “All Lives Matter,” a slogan used by conservatives, on a wall at Facebook’s headquarters where employees are encouraged to express random thoughts. This slogan was pitched to counter the increasingly radical Black Lives Matter movement that resulted in deaths of white people; “All Lives Matter” called for all lives to be respected regardless of race. Mr. Zuckerberg scolded his employees after seeing the phrase and told them that the company would investigate the incident. Mr. Zuckerberg then encouraged all employees to attend a seminar about Black Lives Matter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also expressed support for Black Lives Matter by sending huge donations. Mr. Dorsey is not one to hide his partisanship. Last October, a former Twitter executive also said in an interview with CNN that “it’s time for social media platforms to mute Trump.”

Express a conservative ideology, and you face an inquisition. It’s almost as if employees who don’t align with liberal values are underground Christians — forced to hide their values as they live on.

In fact, an anonymous Google employee shared that some managers have openly admitted to keeping blacklists of employees in question and preventing them from working in other companies. Once an employee is classified as ideologically nonconformant, they can lose their careers, not only with their current employer but with the tech industry as a whole.


Comparing Big Tech to Nazi Germany

Big Tech contributes to a surveillance state, similar to that of Nazi Germany — this is what we at The Liberty have been cautioning. It turns out that inside these companies already exist such a state.

Ironically, many of these employees have shed tears of atonement for their lack of censorship that led to the Trump administration in 2016. They have vehemently worked to correct their mistakes within the past four years. As a result of their undying passion, theatrical censorship was performed, preventing Mr. Trump from being re-elected.

Now, a Democratic administration has risen. There are no obstacles in the way for left-wing ideologies. Perhaps, the Left are too burned up in their ideals to stop here.





Other Toxic Censorship Methods

Shadowbanning — Censoring Tweets Without Their Knowledge

Outright account freezes will receive backlash, so Twitter often resorts to features that “shadowban” users. Problematic individuals deemed by Twitter have their tweets hidden from searches or placed engagement limitations, so political statements made on Twitter may not be seen by the public. The user, unaware that their engagement was limited, wonders why there are no responses.


Hate Agents — Blacklisting Users On and Off the Platform

There are reports that Facebook created a feature to label “problematic” individuals as potential “hate agents” and take measures such as freezing their accounts. Perhaps even more troubling is that any “hate speech” taking place outside of their platform also flags you as a hate agent. Individuals that associate themselves with someone who has been banned by Facebook are also flagged as a hate agent. Twitter also took steps to ban celebrities’ accounts for making certain statements outside of their platform.


Leveraging Reports From the Left in the Name of ‘Respecting Other Users’

A survey found that Democratic women were more than twice as likely as the average American to block someone on social media due to political disagreement. This further suggests that left-wing activists frequently report social media posts as hate speech or fake content. Social media companies often use these complaints to legitimize the deletion of posts and user accounts, but it has been pointed out that this behavioral tendency is used to target conservative posts.



Funds, Executives and Undercover Agents From China

In July 2020, the chief editor of the Global Times, China’s state-backed media, expressed on Twitter that Uighurs’ concentration camps are job training centers to steer people away from terrorism.

This statement implies discrimination against an ethnic minority and even promotes the violation of human rights. Twitter did nothing to censor this tweet. But they weren’t merely a bystander either. According to The Intercept, an independent nonprofit news outlet, the tweet was promoted to appear in users’ timelines, “regardless of whether they followed the Global Times account.” Basically, Twitter received money from the Global Times to spread the tweet.

The Intercept article revealed that Twitter promoted more than 50 similar tweets from the Global Times within two months from the previously mentioned tweet.

Twitter’s favoritism of China doesn’t stop there. While Twitter accounts of The Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty Television that criticize China for human rights violations have been restricted, a fake image posted by a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs showing an Australian soldier pointing a knife to a child was left uncensored.


Hired Foreigners From China, a Major Censorship State

There’s an example of explicit evidence that would make one laugh.

Last May, Twitter welcomed Dr. Fei-Fei Li, a Chinese AI expert, to its board of directors. We introduced Dr. Li as “an agent who helped bridge the gap between Google and China” in our February issue of The Liberty Magazine. It is said that Twitter hired Dr. Li to bring China’s “advanced” AI technology, as Twitter’s AI technology for censorship isn’t as advanced as they would like it to be.

After Dr. Li joined the board, anti-China Twitter accounts began to disappear one after another.

Tweets suspecting China for intentionally spreading Covid-19 were increasingly deleted as well. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a virus researcher at the University of Hong Kong who fled to the U.S. in exile, claimed that Covid-19 was artificially created and spread by China. Dr. Yan’s account was temporarily suspended in September.


Chinese Elites Oversee Hate Speech

It’s not just Twitter — it may be too late for Facebook as well.

A Facebook insider has confessed that the company has a team that uses AI technology to filter posts: the hate speech project. This team is supposedly made up of at least six experts from China. These Chinese experts are the typical elites, graduating from top academies such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Among one of its initiatives to limit hate speech, the team has banned, with no reasons given, a Facebook account of a human rights organization that posted about the suppression of Uighurs.

In addition, Facebook outsources user posts’ fact checking process to external companies. One of those companies raised operating funds through a partnership with ByteDance, a Chinese company that manages TikTok.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-China stance is well-known. There’s a famous rumor that Mr. Zuckerberg asked Xi Jinping to be his children’s godfather. Whether it be a tactic to break into the Chinese market or not, it is highly likely for Facebook to be censoring posts that Chinese authorities are not appreciative of.


Effective Advertising Tools for China

It is rather unfathomable for China to not be sending their agents to the biggest tech companies — entities with the power to influence global opinions. These are entities that despise the anti-China Republican Party. Top management of Big Tech are lost in monetary greed when faced with the Chinese market; the employees of these tech companies are easy to win over, allowing China’s agents to directly impact company policies.

There’s a high chance that the filter used by Twitter and Facebook to “purify” their social media platforms are covered in red — the air itself will be red before we know it.



No Longer Sci-Fi: an Awakening of the AI Dictatorship

Look back to a year ago.

Would you have anticipated a society in which certain speech is eliminated from the Internet and social media on a daily basis? This suppression of free speech has escalated to the point where the U.S. president was permanently banned from his personal account. Who would’ve thought that our society would tolerate this level of censorship?

In just one year, the suppression of free speech has slipped into everyday life. This is just the beginning. Censorship technology, a core tool of the suppression, is just beginning to develop.

We can’t keep AI out of the picture when discussing censorship technology. AI technology is already used for censorship, but it’s currently only providing limited support for human workers. Even if a social media user uploads content that should be subject to hate speech, it will not be detected by AI unless the post contains explicit phrases. And if the post escapes the eyes of human inspectors, it will not be deleted.

Such a situation won’t last for many years.

AI censorship is a monster that can purge social media content from around the world — all at once. The brain of this AI technology is still in its infancy, however, and it is learning from scratch the rule of “which posts to allow or eliminate.”

You may be wondering who’s teaching this rule. It is the work of the aforementioned, biased censorship policy; it is the work of malicious censorship instructions from company headquarters; it is the work of several tens of thousands of inspectors with biased opinions to censor certain posts. These one-sided datasets are currently being loaded into AI, a monster that is wired to be prejudiced. It is trained to hunt conservatives around the world without leaving any room for error.


Eradicating ‘Heresy’ Is Like Infection Control

The methods of censorship are also becoming increasingly sophisticated.

According to whistleblowers from social media companies, these companies are researching methods to prevent “harmful” speech from spreading, as if they are trying to prevent virus infections.

The first step is to analyze social media networks. Next, the account that caused the hoax (origin of the infection) or influential accounts (transmitters) are identified and banned. Finally, followers who were impacted by the account (close contacts) will be hit with limited engagements on their political posts (quarantine).

These steps are undertaken to eradicate “heretical” speech before they become viral or influential.


‘Re-education’ Curriculum for the Right

Facebook has also been accused of developing a plan to correct right-wing ideologies, according to an insider of Facebook.

Essentially, they collect large data on the behavior of its users to shape their political opinions. Facebook has thousands of people on their platform who have gone from far right to the center, so they can build a model and try to make everyone else on the right follow the same path by recommending data-backed video clips, articles or books.

This scheme, known as depolarization, is the idea that by re-educating people on the far right, there won’t be a divided society. It sounds decent, but it’s really just a large-scale brainwashing scheme.

Moore’s Law, an empirical rule deeming that the number of transistors and resistors on a semiconductor chip doubles every 18 months, expresses the great evolutionary speed of advanced technology. The evolutionary rate of AI is said to be several tens of times greater.

If AI truly begins to manipulate public opinions, our society will soon be one in which we can only hear the Left’s voices. Even criticisms of Big Tech’s censorship being a suppression of free speech will be erased. The tolerance threshold will keep rising, and society will begin to allow further crackdowns on free speech. At that point, the suppression of free speech will escalate with no ceiling.

The society that George Orwell imagined in “1984” is much closer than we imagined. It’s no longer just sci-fi.

“1984” by George Orwell

The protagonist works in the Ministry of the Truth, which is responsible for national censorship and propaganda. He sits at his desk, erasing and rewriting past newspaper articles as instructed. His work closely resembles what Hartwig testified in an interview with The Liberty. In 1984, a device called a telescreen is placed in every room, both indoors and outdoors, to monitor people from holding problematic thoughts. At the same time, this telescreen spreads propaganda to brainwash its citizens. Today’s version of the telescreen may be smartphones, placed in every room — readily available in the palms of every single person. The book was made into a movie in 1984.



Tech Giants Encirclement on the Rise, Monopoly Leads to Dictatorship

Federal authorities in the U.S. have already given a warning to the dictatorship of tech giants.

In our January magazine, we reported that the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google for violating antitrust laws. Facebook is also getting hit. Last December, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a bipartisan body of attorneys general in 46 states, Washington D.C. and Guam each sued Facebook. Federal authorities claimed that Facebook violated fair competition by acquiring potential competitors such as photo-sharing app Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp; they demanded Facebook to sell both businesses.


One Article That Led to Tech Giants Proceedings

Until 2018, many argued that antitrust laws shouldn’t dictate large tech companies.

It was clear that these companies were monopolizing the market, but there was no evidence that the monopoly was causing problems for consumers — thus, the cases weren’t brought to court.

Amid the deadlock, one article became a catalyst.

In January 2019, an article titled “The Antitrust Case Against Facebook” was published in UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Business Law Journal. The article was written by a woman named Dina Srinivasan. Ms. Srinivasan received a Ph.D. from Yale and worked as digital advertising executive, but she foresaw a future where Facebook and Google dominated the industry. She resigned in 2017 and began research to prove Facebook’s antitrust violations.

Upon Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook announced that it would track user behavior across the Internet to optimize advertisement. Normally, users would disapprove and switch to another platform. According to Ms. Srinivasan, however, the disappearance of competition from the market has allowed Facebook to do whatever it desires.

An economic monopoly threatens one’s basic freedom. In other words, a monopoly could potentially lead to a political dictatorship.

As Ms. Srinivasan’s argument became widespread, federal and state authorities began judicial proceedings at once.

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa pointed out in one spiritual reading (recorded in “Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction”) that if the trend continues, there will be a new world before 2050, a world in which AI replaces God. In the near future, Tech Giants’ algorithms may rule over humanity.

A global-level intellectual warfare has begun to prevent tech companies from becoming dictatorial schemes.

Note: This article was written with reference to various articles and writings such as “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.


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