Xi Jinping Plots Putin’s Downfall

In March, The Liberty alerted of a possible three-nation alliance between Japan, China, and Russia, made possible if the Chinese government continues to promote a U.S.-Japan divide while taking in Russia concurrently.

Now, a month later, China schemes of an even more drastic plan.


Chinese Government May Be Behind Anti-Putin Demonstrations

Happy Science founder and CEO, Ryuho Okawa, conducted the guardian spirit of President Xi Jinping’s spiritual reading on Feb. 5 (*1).

Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit boasted that he did not need Russia’s help now that former President Trump “has been knocked down.” He revealed that his next plan in his goal “to become a world emperor” was “Putin’s downfall,” which plans are already in progress.

Furthermore, the “Black Lives Matter” movement (*2) that plummeted the Trump administration’s approval rating was a “success” for Mr. Xi, and he confidently declared, “I was able to take down Trump so why not Putin.” He talked of his plan to covertly reach out to internal, anti-government movements in Russia and take it down so that the mastermind stays hidden throughout.

Russian anti-government demonstrations everywhere in the nation have severely escalated since entering January of this year, as if to support the spiritual reading. The number of participants has reached hundreds of thousands, and there are already over 10,000 people detained (as at 20th of February). The demonstrations are said to be instigated by the arrest of the dissident leader Alexei Navalny and the investigation video released by Mr. Navalny-led anti-government organization on Mr. Putin’s palace. However, there are is no evidence that the palace belongs to Mr. Putin; as can be inferred by the fact that someone else has claimed ownership of the location, it is possible that China has used its power to stimulate Russia nationwide.

The world must realize that Mr. Xi’s ambition to become a world emperor is moving forward right now.

(*1) Titled “Xi Jinping’s Current Thoughts,” available in Happy Science temples and shojas.
(*2) A number of media outlets as well as our magazine have reported that members affiliated to the Chinese Communist Party was behind the intensification of this anti-racism movement.


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Xi Jinping Plots Putin’s Downfall
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