Myanmar Coup Is Xi Jinping’s Preliminary Skirmish:
Detaining 75-Year-Old Aung San Suu Kyi Is a Human Rights Issue

One month has already passed since Myanmar’s armed forces, after suffering a landslide defeat in last November’s general election, seized power from the National League for Democracy (NLD) and detained Myanmar’s 75-year-old State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi among other senior leaders of the NLD.

Myanmar’s military security forces have been increasing crackdowns on their own people, and more than 138 people have been murdered as of March 16, according to the United Nations. There have been several reports of Burmese police officers who have fled to India across the border to avoid having to comply with military orders to shoot Myanmar citizens — chaos and confusion characterize Myanmar’s domestic affairs.

Of particular concern is the Chinese government’s ulterior motives.

China is expanding its hegemony into the Indo-Pacific region, so Myanmar, as a relay point connecting southern China and the Indian Ocean by land, is a key territory they want to win over. Through its framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has been providing Myanmar great financial support.

Particularly, China is closely linked to Myanmar’s armed forces due to their historical background.

Myanmar gained independence from British rule in 1948, but it is a well-known fact that military rule continued thereafter. China continued to support Myanmar’s military forces all while Western countries imposed sanctions on the military junta.

As Suu Kyi led democratization efforts, sanctions by Western countries were lifted, and China’s influence on Myanmar was getting relatively weaker. However, in recent years, persecutions of the Muslim Rohingya people drew greater international criticism of the Myanmar government. These criticisms prompted Western countries to keep a distance from Myanmar, despite initially speaking very highly of Suu Kyi.

The military’s intentional tactic of cutting off Suu Kyi from the West succeeded. China once again approached them to take advantage of this opportunity. The military coup broke out amid China’s increasing influence in Myanmar.

The mastermind behind the coup, Myanmar’s Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services Min Aung Hlaing, met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2019. When Xi visited Myanmar in January 2020, not only did Xi meet with Suu Kyi, he also met with Min Aung Hlaing once again. At the start of the year on Jan. 12, just three weeks before the coup d’état, Min Aung Hlaing met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

If the Chinese government’s ulterior motives are behind the military coup, it could pose a major threat to Asia as a whole.

Given the situation in Myanmar is under a spotlight, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa invited the spirits of Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing, who led the coup, to find out what is happening behind the scenes through his unparalleled psychic abilities.


Chinese President Xi Jinping Envisions Asia’s Domination by Making Myanmar Military His Puppet

Regarding the connection between the military coup and the Chinese government, the guardian spirit of Suu Kyi said, “I think [the Chinese government is] trying to create a puppet administration.”

“I think it was almost predetermined, as if they had it in mind from the start. Last year in January, just as the Covid turmoil was occurring, just as Covid troubles were arising around the world, Xi Jinping visited Myanmar. If you look at that, it is strikingly obvious that his action is strategic and there is a clear desire to take control of Asia while the world is in chaos.”

According to Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit, Myanmar is just the beginning — she claims that Xi is eager to control the entire Indochina Peninsula and close the seas of Asia.

“[China wants] to take maritime hegemony. Thus, they will prevent those who oppose China from passing through the Asian seas…They can also push the U.S. to the east by only allowing oil from the Middle East to pass through seas controlled by China. The same goes for steel and coal from Australia, and China can make it so that Australian exports won’t leave the country unless they pass China-controlled seas.”

“China will probably come in to control all areas in which overseas Chinese are active. You should know this, even Singapore may lose its country…This is true, this is the domino theory. Countries will be hit, one after another. This is why China isn’t dealing with Myanmar anymore, to speak the truth. They’re thinking ahead, and right now, they’re strategizing to take control of India. They’re thinking of attacking India before it grows and takes hegemony.”

Xi is pursuing a global-scale tactic, and Myanmar’s coup is only a preliminary skirmish that alludes to China’s serious attacks and invasion of Asian countries.


Myanmar Coup Happened Immediately After Inauguration of Biden Administration

Furthermore, Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit believes that Xi’s tactic even goes back to the U.S. presidential election. The coup d’état in Myanmar took place on Feb. 1, 10 days after Joe Biden took office on Jan. 20.

“[Biden’s inauguration and Myanmar’s coup] are interconnected. For all these events, China is pulling the strings behind the scenes,” said Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit.

Everything is working accordingly to Xi’s plan.


Is Myanmar the Return of Vietnam?

If so, what kind of processes will Myanmar’s Sinicization result in?

In this regard, Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit predicted that something similar to that of Vietnam will happen.

“[Myanmar’s] military is probably just thinking about using China to their advantage. The Chinese once supported the war between the U.S. and Vietnam, defeated the U.S. in the Vietnam War and turned [Vietnam] into a communist country. They have that track record. Certainly, [China] is thinking something similar.”

“If they truly rely on [China’s] support, they will have their country taken over. This is why mainland China itself doesn’t want a democracy. If they allow it, if they allow [Myanmar’s] democratization forces, Hong Kong and Taiwan can also survive. So I think China is trying to create a totalitarian regime at once through our military, come in from both sides and attack all of Taiwan and Hong Kong.”

In other words, the Chinese government’s totalitarian ideology will contaminate neighboring countries and wipe out any freedom in Asia as if white discs in Reversi are being captured and flipped to black. The spirit of totalitarianism, thought to have collapsed through the fall of the Soviet Union, is now plotting to gobble up half of the globe.


‘Japan and India Should Become Permanent Members of the UN’

Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit pointed out that as long as China is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the UN will not be able to make tough decisions due to China’s veto. She said that “Japan and India should become permanent members,” and said the following:

“I would like Japan and India to cooperate more and come to help. I think they’re worried about the safety of Japanese employees in Myanmar’s branches and all they’re thinking about is how to escape back to Japan, but after all, India and Japan should cooperate a little more economically and militarily to protect Asia’s peace. Perhaps, involve the Philippines too. We must think about driving a wedge [between China and neighboring countries] because they could control everything if things continue like this.”

“The UN will no longer function, so we must coordinate something with ASEAN. Australia is also cooperative, so power should be centered around Australia, Japan and India, as we ask for additional support from Western countries. It would be ideal to ask the West for support because Japan will do its best, and for the U.S. and the U.K. to have a stronger alliance in supporting [Myanmar and Asia].”


Japan Should Consider Peace in Asia

Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit went further and expressed her expectations for both the Japanese government and the people of Japan.

“I’d be really happy if Japan thinks about peace in Asia a little more and thinks about the realization of proactive peace. Well, Japan lost in the previous war, but I acknowledge and appreciate that they drove away European rule. To be frank, I appraise them.”

At the same time, she raised doubts about the way in which today’s Japanese people are acting.

“[Today’s Japanese] think that in order to bring back an economic recovery and a boom, there is no choice but to take advantage of China’s economic development and grow together. But, don’t they lack as a leader if they don’t have a moral compass nor carry a sense of justice?”

“That’s why simply making money is not enough. Politics, after all, is not just about making money. Politics is a way of thinking. It is a way to think about things and make sense of them. So, it’s important to rationalize and lead people in the direction they should be heading toward. As a Japanese person, please do that a little more.”

Japan, a major Asian power, uses evasive words and prioritizes economic interests without making a clear value judgment against the Chinese government’s crackdown on human rights and provocations toward neighboring countries. Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit gave a powerful message for Japan.


Complexity of Rohingya Issue, One That Can’t Be Dealt by One Country Alone

Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit also addressed the Rohingya issue that caused a rift with Western countries. She said that the “Islamic issue is already a worldwide issue…It’s not just something that Myanmar alone can solve,” and continued.

“The Rohingya issue is complex. This will become the next civil war, a civil war outside of our military forces. Islamic refugees, wherever they may be, are all having a tough time. I know [the situation in] Europe, so the rest will be difficult. Many [Muslims] don’t try to think differently, they don’t change the way they think at all.”

“Muslims must increase their tolerance level in order for Islamic countries to gain international recognition…Their so-called fundamentalist reasoning is overpowering,” the spirit said. She also added that the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in her home country Pakistan for just attending school.

As mentioned earlier, the Rohingya massacre itself was an intentional military ploy, not intended by Suu Kyi, but like Europe, Myanmar is also facing complex Islamic issues. To simply assert that Suu Kyi couldn’t stop the military forces and contributed to ethnic cleansing is lacking consideration for a deep-rooted religious conflict.


Mastermind Behind Coup Reveals, the Next Targets Are Thailand, Indonesia, India and Nepal

Following the spiritual reading of Suu Kyi, Master Okawa invited the spirit of Min Aung Hlaing who led the coup d’état.

His guardian spirit revealed they caused the coup “because military personnel also have a mandatory retirement age” and that “caused a coup because if they create a military government, there will be jobs” for military personnel. Min Aung Hlaing’s guardian spirit revealed that there is no future vision for Myanmar. He then talked about his ties to the Chinese government.

“China has the most power right now. Well, it feels like China covers half of the world, so I thought that our country will be able to survive.”

Further, the guardian spirit revealed that the following topic was covered in a discussion between Min Aung Hlaing and Xi.

“30 million people in the U.S. are now infected with the coronavirus. This is one in 10 people, isn’t it? The U.S. can’t do anything during this period, so we thought it was a good time to start a coup.”

“[Xi] said that if they can capture Myanmar, they would be able to take over Thailand. It’s all adjoining land, and he said that they are planning to create a Greater China by taking over everything. He also said that Chinese will become the official language.”

“[China has] plans to invade India, Nepal and Bhutan. They have plans to invade from the north…Bhutan will be taken over anytime soon.”

As for Indonesia and other Islamic countries, while Europe and the U.S. are trying to withdraw from oil and coal by decarbonizing, Xi told Min Aung Hlaing that “the time has come for China to take them all at once.”

In other words, as Suu Kyi’s guardian spirit predicted, Xi’s tactic goes back to the U.S. election. He plans to take over Islamic countries and Europe, along with Asia, and Min Aung Hlaing knowingly chose the path of becoming China’s “pawn.”

“Democracy isn’t suited [for Myanmar]. It doesn’t go well with Buddhist beliefs either. I think the military should just capture Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and all of these areas,” said the spirit of Min Aung Hlaing as he demonstrated his one-sided view of Buddhism and his devotion to a totalitarian regime.


‘We Have to Make Suu Kyi Pass Away’

What kind of future awaits Myanmar if the coup succeeded as Xi intended? The guardian spirit of Min Aung Hlaing described this scenario.

“Cambodia is a good role model. If all the people returning from abroad are hunted down, or purged, if intellectuals are purged, a country becomes peaceful,” he said.

“This is why Suu Kyi should be the first person killed, but she is still under house arrest because they are under a spotlight from foreign countries.”

“We’re only keeping Suu Kyi alive because Western countries are noisy. They will make a big fuss if we kill her, so I mean, we have to make her pass away peacefully.”

It is highly likely that the Biden administration will not take any action about this coup beyond sanctions so as not to intervene with domestic affairs. However, the fact that the military forces are continuing to detain 75-year-old Suu Kyi is clearly a human rights issue.

In fact, the NLD officials who have been detained by the military have been dying one after another. We are in a race against time. Free nations must not remain bystanders of the weakening of Suu Kyi.

The spiritual reading concluded with a spiritual message from Shakyamuni Buddha. He said that democracy and Buddhism each have an affinity with the other.

“The teachings of Mahayana Buddhism that still remains today is based on the idea that each person has a Buddha-nature. These teachings align with the Western concept of democracy.”


Totalitarian China Aims for World Empire

Various research and reports by whistleblowers have shown that the Chinese government is the source of the coronavirus, and that they even developed the virus to target specific ethnic groups. Nonetheless, the Chinese government is announcing that they have overcome the virus and the economy is doing well.

Do not be fooled by their façade, which is being used to rule the world.

The Yuan dynasty, an empire that once ruled China, is said to have enslaved neighboring people of Asia, invaded Europe and ruled 25% of the earth. Similarly Xi is advancing his pawns with even greater ambitions.

Now is the time for the free world to unite and protect Asian nations that are being won over by China. At this rate, the spirit of religious freedom and democracy that has been set up on earth by humankind at great cost may be destroyed by the totalitarian state of China.

The thoughts of human beings dictate their action. The direction we are heading in depends on these thoughts and their subsequent actions.

Myanmar Coup Is Xi Jinping’s Preliminary Skirmish:
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