Master Okawa Says ‘Spiritual Revolution Ahead of Covid Crisis,’ Gave Guiding Principles for 2021

On Jan. 7, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture titled “‘The Laws of Secret’ Seminar” in Tokyo Shoshinkan, a Happy Science facility located in Tokyo. With his latest Law Series book, “The Laws of Secret,” as guidance, Master Okawa spoke on the appropriate attitude needed to survive through times of hardship.


Following the Presidential Election — Spiritual Revolution Lies Ahead of ‘Deadlock’

During the opening of the lecture, Master Okawa addressed the disorderly state of the U.S. presidential election.

The Trump administration has been fighting and protesting electoral fraud in court since the end of last year. As the Liberty has been reporting, there is a high likelihood that a large-scale voter fraud was actually committed, and further investigation is necessary moving forward.

Meanwhile, a joint session of Congress to finalize the 2020 election was interrupted by Trump supporters, resulting in injuries and deaths.

Regarding the uproar over the results of the recent presidential election, Master Okawa said, “It is easy to become radical, so let’s be a little careful,” and then added, Democracy falters in many ways. If people realize that the votes are wrong, there will be different votes next time…Things don’t turn out the way you’d expect in this world. Such an allowance, or rather a threshold level exists, and when things swing to the extreme, it will swing back like a pendulum. You have to accept these things.”

With that said, Master Okawa summed up that President Trump will leave behind a legacy, especially for future generations, despite only serving one term.

We predict that Mr. Biden’s presidency will cause some confusion within international affairs and the global economy among other areas. It is inevitable that humankind will continue to scramble back and forth, not only due to the Covid disaster, but also other coming catastrophes.

“We can’t cause a spiritual revolution unless the current system hits a deadlock and everyone begins to think, ‘we can’t stay like this,'” Master Okawa said. Amid the turmoil, today’s people will have no choice but to humbly accept the limits of our civilization.


Are Remote Work and Vaccines Effective? ‘Medical Worship’ Crumbles With Covid

One reason for a “deadlock” is the faltering “medical worship” that surrounds the global coronavirus pandemic.

Japan declared another state of emergency on Jan. 7. The declaration is premised on a foundational medical theory that infections can be reduced by avoiding face-to-face interactions. The question is, can infections really be prevented by putting remote work at the center of society? Master Okawa raised concerns from a spiritual perspective.

Master Okawa spoke on the limitations of vaccines that are treated as a golden key to the Covid pandemic. He said that it takes “several years to verify the side effects [of vaccines]”. 〝The incidence of corona in the U.S. is higher, and the virus may be quite strong.

Master Okawa pointed out that smallpox is the only virus in history in which humankind devised a way to completely cure it by medicine. Medicine is more powerless against plagues than we think.


Religious Workers Play Important Role in Confronting Death and Natural Disasters

The mission of religion is heavily burdened in today’s era where humankind shutters before the limitations of science and its civilization.

Master Okawa introduced the mighty power of historical religious figures who settled various natural disasters such as plagues and locust damages.

He also noted that countless corpses were carried to churches when the Black Death swept through Europe, emphasizing the role of religious workers in confronting death.

Even if Covid doesn’t kill us, we will eventually face death. Master Okawa pointed out that medicine will 100 percent lose in a battle against death and declared that it is “religion’s role to save lives after death.”

How will we save lives? By spreading religious truths.

Despite having the titles or brains of a “prominent” person, your way of life determines your whereabouts after death — a wrong way of life will lead straight to hell.

One’s way of life isn’t determined by criminal activities alone. You could be living a normal life at first glance, but if your thoughts or ideologies are wrong, if you get around by lying, you will be adrift upon your return to the spiritual world. Not only will you be adrift, but you also will be oblivious to this fact and not realize what you are doing.

We are living in an age that forces us to acknowledge the limitations of today’s science and civilization, making us rethink the essence of life and death. Therefore, it can be thought of as an opportunity to think about such a mystic world — a “secret world.”

“[The Covid disaster] isn’t all that bad. Various bad things happen when human beings lose their faith in God, so I’d like to think that it is a time for us to regain and establish a new faith,” Master Okawa said, as he closed out the lecture by giving guiding principles for living out the year of 2021.

Master Okawa additionally covered the following key points in his lecture:

  • What Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit came to talk to Master Okawa about
  • Precautions when making political claims
  • On the relationship between exorcists and psychiatrists
  • The spiritual nature of viruses
  • Foods that relieve Covid-19 symptoms if you’re infected (anther countermeasure against Covid-19, along with vaccines)
  • What we can find out from depictions of plagues in literary works
  • Anecdotes about plagues and religion throughout the Renaissance, Luther’s Reformation, Era of Buddha, as well as the Nara and Heian periods
  • On the ‘serious consequence’ caused by postponement of Prime Minister Suga’s Ise Jingu visit
  • Current realities of Hell


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Master Okawa Says ‘Spiritual Revolution Ahead of Covid Crisis,’ Gave Guiding Principles for 2021
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