Dark Space Is The Origin of Communism and Totalitarianism: Grand Ancient History Protects Earth From ‘Evil God of Space’

China is violating Hong Kong’s freedom and arresting pro-democracy activists one after another for political purposes. The Liberty has written of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) oppressing various pro-democracy activists and minority groups; we have also covered China’s ambition for world domination by spreading the coronavirus, developed as a biological weapon. Many may be feeling a sense of abnormality.

Through the various spiritual readings that Happy Science CEO and founder Ryuho Okawa has conducted, The Liberty has become aware of the god of darkness (demon) from space, known as Ahriman, plotting to overtake Earth through Chinese imperialism.

Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism, was born around 8 B.C. in ancient Iran and preached the dualities of good and evil. He taught of faith towards Ahura Mazda, the god of light, the difference between good and evil and found the evil god Ahriman, as myth shows.

Master Okawa summoned Zoroaster for this occasion to ask about various problems that Earth is facing and the ways in which space’s dark force is connected. The spiritual reading is titled “Zoroaster: How to Fight Against the God of Darkness From Space,” and is available at Happy Science temples, shojas and branches.


Invasion of Evil Space People in Ancient Mesopotamia

The spirit of Zoroaster reflected back on ancient Mesopotamia. It was an era where various space beings actively visited Earth. “A god of darkness, you could say, came from space, but the gods of light also came to save Earth,” he said, referring to the times of Mesopotamian god Metatron and the sky god Anu.

He pointed out the issues people faced back then: there wasn’t much distinction between the space people and the god of Earth, and those with advanced technology basically became gods if they claimed to be one. In fact, some space people were planting new and abnormal ideas inside the minds of human beings to control them.

He also shared that because it is difficult for alien bodies to adapt to Earth, there was an effort to create hybrid children by genetic mating with Earthlings and “transitioning” into those hybrid bodies. Even today, there are frequent reports that aliens are abducting earthlings into spaceships and conducting experiments to create hybrid children. These abductions seem to have taken place in ancient times as well.

Amid this situation, Zoroaster prayed to Ahura Mazda, a god of light. Ahura Mazda led the people by teaching about the heights of spirituality, how to distinguish good and bad and mental concentration. These teachings of Ahura Mazda acted as strong forces to defend against evil space people.


‘Dark’ Space People Walking In on Xi Jinping

After Mr. Biden’s inauguration was confirmed, China’s dictatorship has escalated with their decision to arrest and imprison countless Hong Kong activists. In the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, three million Uighurs have been put into concentration camps and the Uighur women are forced to have sterilization surgeries. This is reminiscent of the racial hierarchy that wiped out Jews and disabled people who were viewed as an inferior race.

As China’s actions become increasingly apparent, there are greater doubts as to whether Xi Jinping is truly a human being.

Regarding the cause, Zoroaster said, “There’s no doubt that Xi Jinping’s personality shifted when he became president of China. Xi Jinping is possessed [by evil space people].” He also pointed out, “[Xi Jinping’s daughter] Xi Mingze might be inhabited by an even stronger one.” He revealed that Persia, which grew powerful 2,500 years ago, and the French Revolution era both received influence from the universe’s god of darkness.

Furthermore, Hitler who committed the genocide of over six million people, and the Soviet Union’s Stalin who killed over seven million Ukrainians with famine, were similarly invaded by dark space people from a certain point.


Possessive Desire and Totalitarian Rule Attract Dark Space People

Why are totalitarian dictators invaded or “walked into”? Desire for control is the underlying factor. Zoroaster pointed out, “All totalitarian thoughts have the same tendency. In the end, they only think about controlling [the people] with a faceless army, and they are satisfied as long as their commands are obeyed.”

When politicians lose spirituality and stop viewing their citizens as children of God, they begin to yearn for world domination. Dark space people “walk in” on their desire for control.

In addition, democracy can be categorized into two types—one that values freedom and aims for equality of opportunity as children of God and the other that aims for equality of results—the latter leads to totalitarianism.

Zoroaster pointed out that in the latter case, there could only be “equality as fools.” He also warned that if democracy turns into “elitism,” it could be replaced by communism where a certain group of rulers dominate the people.


CCP’s Regime Is ‘Coming to an End’

Zoroaster revealed, “we’re think of ending it soon,” as CCP is approaching its 100th anniversary.

More specifically, he foresees the CCP’s destruction through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) that China created to rule Africa and Europe. “The Europeans will feel as though they are still in the Middle Ages.” He claimed, “they will start wanting to cut ties since they do not want the coronavirus brought to them”, and in the end reach the conclusion that “China shouldn’t take control.”

The Liberty has advocated that Japan aim for decoupling from China, but this is also an important strategy to prevent China and space’s evil god from dominating Earth.


Bring Down Totalitarian Ideology Itself

Evil space people possess authority figures by their desire to dominate but getting rid of these individuals does not solve the root of the problem.

If totalitarian ideology itself is not destroyed, a different person will rise to power as a new dictator.

Now is the time when the god of light and evil clash. If this power balance tilts, Earth may be hijacked by an evil god from space. This is why righteous ideologies become necessary.

This article is full of occult-like content, but the spiritual reading clearly shows why faith for God is necessary to stand up against totalitarianism as well as the importance of maintaining free democracy that is different from totalitarian democracy. We highly recommend you listen to this spiritual reading that explains the background of the U.S. presidential election chaos that can be glimpsed from the perspective of space.

This spiritual reading additionally covered the following key points:

  • How a devil was born during the times of the Mesopotamian god of sky, Anu
  • The origin of Nietzsche’s superhuman theory
  • The totalitarian system portrayed in Star Wars movies
  • What was contagious disease of SARS?
  • The countless historical figures who were possessed by space beings
  • Some high-authority figures that were possessed are still alive
  • What direction is China, materialistic and money-worshipping, headed?
  • Who is Ahura Mazda?
  • The present-day media is already controlled by an evil god from space


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Dark Space Is The Origin of Communism and Totalitarianism: Grand Ancient History Protects Earth From ‘Evil God of Space’
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