“Aiming Towards the Collapse of the Great Chinese Empire by the End of This Year”: Goddess of Dongting Lake Declares the Future of China

Caption: Flooding of the Yangtze River. Photo credits: humphery / Shutterstock.com

Ever since China passed the national security law in Hong Kong on June 30, the flood damage around the Yangtze River has become severe. Particularly in southern China, there have been continuous disasters, such as the invasion of crop-eating locusts, following the spread of the coronavirus.

It was revealed that the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are struggling with these circumstances.

In mid-July, the guardian spirits of Deng Xiaoping and Chinese President Xi Jinping came to Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa to voice their concerns. The goddess of traditional folk religion, Dongting Lake Niangnian, was also invited to speak; the spirit revealed that they are battling the dictatorial regime of the CCP, and spoke about future plans.

These spiritual readings are available at Happy Science temples (worldwide) as 「大中華帝国崩壊への序曲-トウ小平/習近平守護霊/洞庭湖娘娘の霊言〔1〕〔2〕-」(in Japanese) starting from July 21.

Dongting Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in China and is located in the Yangtze River basin. Currently, the flooding has caused the waters to rise higher than alert levels, and there is danger of additional large-scale flooding. Dongting Lake Niangniang seems to be a spiritual being that is associated with this Lake.

This article introduces a portion of the spiritual readings to serve as a reference for forecasting the future of China.


The Spirit of Deng Xiaoping Who Claims to Be the “Grim Reaper” and Dongting Lake Niangniang Who Suggests Upheaval

On the 13th of July, the spirit of Deng Xiaoping came forth and called himself the “Grim Reaper,” claiming that he is here to curse the Chinese people. His state of being seemed to be weak, however, and it seemed like he had received a heavy blow.

Master Okawa subsequently invited Dongting Lake Niangniang, who proclaimed herself to be a “hero of justice”, and warned that the “flood damage, locust damage and the coronavirus will continue to grow and spread until Hong Kong’s national security law is withdrawn.” She revealed her intent to disintegrate the Great Chinese Empire this year by making the people of China build faith.

She also raised a point that even though the Chinese government is making false statements about their economic figures to make it seem like China is succeeding, its citizens are beginning to doubt these statements. “Not just in Hong Kong, there are sprouts of rebellion growing in various areas internally,” Dongting Lake Niangniang said. She also predicted, “Sooner or later, there will be upheaval in various places… I think foreign aid will come.”

China refused to accept global investigations despite spreading the coronavirus infections. Moreover, given the virus is spreading rapidly in the U.S., China’s state-run media has pointed out that the coronavirus is a “U.S. virus.” The Liberty has been reporting that the coronavirus was developed as China’s biological weapon.

Dongting Lake Niangniang said that the U.S. will not stay silent after reporting 3.8 million coronavirus infections in the country. She also suggested the possibility of a military intervention. “China is in for a show if they think they can get away from the anger of the U.S. after being infected by the coronavirus… The military will act.”


Flooding in Yangtze Is a Rampaging Giant Dragon

On the 16th of July, Mr. Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit came to Master Okawa and spoke curse words toward the spirit of Deng Xiaoping. Mr. Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit demanded 11-figure funds from Japan because his country is suffering heavy damage from recent incidents such as the flooding and locust infestation. The interaction revealed the difficult situation that the CCP is in.

Later on, despite the disapproval of Mr. Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit, the spirit of Dongting Lake Niangniang was invited to speak again. She said that the people of China are sensing God’s will, and that people believe the floods affecting 40 million people to be God’s punishment.

In regard to Mr. Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit feebly coming forth to Master Okawa, Dongting Lake Niangniang stated, “It cannot be helped because we are bullying Mr. Xi Jinping.” They are using an “encircle and annihilate” tactic through foreign pressure and internal turmoil; the disasters create domestic political problems and the citizens’ resentment is being directed toward Mr. Xi.

“I will do whatever it takes to destroy China and North Korea,” Dongting Lake Niangniang said.

The spirit also mentioned that the Yangtze River has always flooded and overflowed since old times because of a “rampaging giant dragon”; the spirit described the flooding as “a revolt of the dragon.” She also said, “When one power starts to collapse, it becomes easier for heroes to act.” The spirit suggested that heroes have already been born in mainland China and they will soon begin to act.


“Hong Kong is a Teacher for the Great Land of China”

Master Okawa visited Hong Kong and conducted a lecture titled “The Fact and The Truth” in 2011. During this lecture, Master Okawa told the people of Hong Kong that “they are teachers for the great land of China while being a part of China, and the people of Hong Kong can educate Chinese people.” Master Okawa called out to Hong Kong to become a role model for freedom and democracy so they can spread those ideologies across China.

“I’m thinking about bringing the revolution over from Hong Kong to China, as Master Okawa says,” Dongting Lake Niangniang said. She is determined to push forward with the liberalization of mainland China.

The Chinese government has enacted the national security law, and they are tightening controls on Hong Kong. Starting with the U.S., countries around the world are not taking this lightly, and China is becoming more and more isolated. Japan’s politics and businesses are still dependent on China; while they are trying to overcome various challenges, there is no future ahead. Only the right choices and actions will change the future.

The spiritual readings covered different topics across the following points:

  • How does she view the first Qin Emperor?
  • What kind of beings were guiding Yao and Shun, the legendary emperors of China?
  • What is her connection to the global God?
  • How will natural disasters turn out from here on?
  • What is the role of Mount Tai Niangniang?
  • Why are locusts and floods invading China?
“Aiming Towards the Collapse of the Great Chinese Empire by the End of This Year”: Goddess of Dongting Lake Declares the Future of China
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