“We Fell Into a Trap”: China’s Former Premier Zhou Enlai Who Served Mao Makes Coronavirus Confession

Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai (second from the right) who served Chairman Mao Zedong (second from the left).

As China’s newly discovered coronavirus spreads, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is the leading figure handling the emergency. Mr. Li was the one who traveled to Wuhan in late January, and he is in charge of a high-level group set up by Chairman Xi Jinping to fight the outbreak.

However, China’s domestic countermeasures are lagging behind. On Feb. 13, Jiang Chaoliang was dismissed as the leading Communist Party official of Hubei province with its capital in Wuhan. Mayor Ying Yong took his place as party head in Hubei.

The spirit that claimed to be “advising” Mr. Li appeared before Happy Science Master Ryuho Okawa on Feb. 11. This spirit turned out to be a spirit of ex-Premier Zhou Enlai who served Mao Zedong, the first chairman of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Mr. Zhou acted as a premier for 27 years alongside Mao Zedong since the creation of the PRC. He never had a downfall until his death in 1976, and he was also known as a mediator that restored diplomatic ties between Japan and China.


China’s Basic Strategy Is at Stake

The spirit of Zhou Enlai seemed to be suffering; he claimed that he is “frustrated” and that China “fell into a trap.” The spirit of Zhou Enlai impatiently said that he is advising Premier Li on taking measures against the coronavirus.

“We have to break through because this is a huge crisis…[The blueprint to create] Great Qin Empire and the Great Empire of China… [is] all falling apart.”

The spirit of Zhou Enlai spoke about his aspiration to overtake the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (GEACPS) “that the Japanese military aspired to do in the previous war,” and take over the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

“The final battle is against the U.S. This is the basic strategy. We will sinicize Earth,” the spirit of Zhou Enlai said.

Additionally, the spirit of Zhou Enlai revealed that a “real invasion” will take place after purchases of Japan’s land, economic invasions in multiple regions and cultural invasions. The invasion seems to be on hold and “sealed” with the large-scale outbreak of the coronavirus.

“It will be a problem if it seems like the world is wrapping China with the Great Wall.”


Many Issues in China Exposed

The spirit of Zhou Enlai acknowledged China’s domestic issues including hiding the true number of those infected.

“People found out that China’s medical service is behind…[If the true number is announced,] no one would come [to China].”

Although people on the Internet claim that there are more deaths than announced by Chinese authorities, the truth remains hidden. The infection is further exposing China’s authoritarian regime that conceals the truth.

Furthermore, an improper medical structure, including the lack of hospitals and proper sanitation, is making matters worse. Domestic economic activities have stopped, and a sudden break in China’s economic growth is inevitable.

China has been known as a great country, but their label may not last for long.


Spiritual Influence Behind the Virus

As the Liberty has already covered, there is a spiritual influence behind a virus becoming malignant. A region or a country’s collection of evil thoughts such as hatred and murderous intent come into contact with a weak virus and transforms it into a murderous one. When those evil thoughts and the virus possess someone, the virus becomes severely infectious.

A recording that was taken on Feb. 7, “Spiritual Investigation on China-originated Newly Discovered Coronavirus” uncovered that a faith in God, opposite of evil thoughts, is the remedy to preventing infection. It is possible to build immunity with a true faith in God.

In the spiritual investigation, an anonymous spirit involved with the virus outbreak revealed that China’s aggressive thoughts were preceding locus-like attacks on Hong Kong, Uyghurs, Japan, other Asian countries, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

“We just blocked that spiritual flow a little and kept it in China,” the anonymous spirit revealed.

God’s will exists behind the coronavirus. China’s hegemonic expansion is not welcomed, and it is important to lay the foundations of freedom, democracy and faith within China.

The following points were covered in the spiritual reading:

  • The true number of those infected
  • What are Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping doing now?
  • What is China’s greatest war potential?
  • How does the spirit view U.S. President Trump?
  • A mysterious fire ball that Zhou Enlai witnessed before the recording
  • Where is Zhou Enlai staying at?
  • Criticism of made-in-China masks
  • Is Zhou Enlai wearing a mask?
“We Fell Into a Trap”: China’s Former Premier Zhou Enlai Who Served Mao Makes Coronavirus Confession
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