Unprecedented Divine Punishment to Hit China:
Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Sunken Continent

China is aiming to become a world ruler by threatening countries with a double attack of viruses and hypersonic missiles — but the God of Earth will never allow it.

A spiritual reading revealed a judgement made by the God of Earth: God will not allow more than 500 million people to be infected, and if the virus was to be spread beyond that, “something catastrophic” will occur.

Particularly noticeable is China as an atheist, materialist state. China’s atheism and materialism stem off into arrogance, which leads to audacious wrongdoings. To counter that, God declared He will cause a phenomenon that is beyond the reach of China’s military and bioweapon technology and wipe out materialism completely. In its execution stage, space beings, who have been watching over the history of Earth’s civilizations and providing guidance toward rightful prosperity, have been called for help.

Then, what kind of phenomena have been planned?

The following prophecy was spoken during the spiritual reading:

Moses may have parted the sea, but that is not enough.” “I can make afloat the continent of Mu once more and sink another area. That’s the mindset I have.” “There will be a sunken continent, large tsunamis, large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or various things falling from heaven.

Here’s the essence: we will soon witness an unprecedented natural disaster sweep China.


Enormous Earthquakes Will ‘Melt’ Mountains and Rivers in Missile Zones

It’s not possible to predict with the human mind what will happen in great detail, but several notable facts come to light when we look back on Master Ryuho Okawa’s past teachings.

To begin with, Master Okawa once said that natural disasters are likely to concentrate in areas that store a magnitude of nuclear weapons (*1). Specifically, areas with hangars for nuclear missiles are “at risk,” particularly in countries like China that possess nuclear weapons with an intent for invasion rather than for national defense.

For instance, in 2012, Master Okawa conducted a remote-viewing investigation (telaesthesia) of an abnormal pattern on the Gobi Desert near the Uyghur region and Gansu border that appeared on a satellite image. As a result, many long-range missiles with nuclear warheads were found approximately 100 meters underground. These missiles were targeting major cities in the U.S., Hawaii and Guam, along with areas in Japan such as Osaka, then Hiroshima, Tokyo, Yokosuka, Sapporo, Sendai, Kobe, Niigata, Shinjuku and Chiba (*2).

Furthermore, in 2021, breaking news swept the world. Satellite images uncovered 250 long-range missile silos in construction in the Uyghur region, Southern Mongolia and Gansu Province.

It is possible that natural disasters will hit these areas at the very least, but we predict the first phenomenon to be an enormous earthquake. This is due to the fact that a large proportion of the missile bases are distributed over China’s leading earthquake zones (or seismically active territories).

It should be mentioned that mainland China has the world’s largest earthquake zone. The land is sandwiched by an oceanic plate from the east near Japan, and by the tectonic plate in the Indian Ocean from the south near the Himalayas. The resulting “cracks,” or faults, in various parts of mainland China can cause enormous earthquakes.

Out of the top 10 most deadly earthquakes in recorded history, four of them have occurred in China. The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake that killed an estimated 830,000 people, the greatest number of casualties from an earthquake, shook half of the vast land of China. It was a shocking scene.

Thunder arose from earth, and a flash of light was emitted. After a while, earth shook. The ground subsided and split open, and as the crack deepened, the area was flooded with water and fire broke out, an enigma which must not be described.” (From “The Chronicles of Huazhou,” a geographical publication)

There is also a record of ground cracks becoming tens of meters deep, suddenly rising to create a hill. According to the record, this new hill collapsed a mountain, wiped out villages on the hillside and shifted the positions of mountains and rivers by several kilometers.

Many of China’s missile silos are placed out of sight, but it seems like they have been distributed across areas like the Uyghur region, Tibet and Southern Mongolia that are occupied by ethnic minorities.

A final blow on these regions, dealt from a deadly earthquake, will bring a destruction of missiles, as well as the control and surveillance system that has been suppressing ethnic minorities.


‘Noah’s Ark’ in China

Now, what about a tsunami? Master Okawa’s spiritual reading further suggests that a huge tsunami will sweep southern China (*3). Certainly the southern coast possesses “karma” for suppressing the freedom of Hong Kong. The South also possesses a military base that is key for invading Taiwan.

In reality, approximately 1,000 years ago, a huge tsunami occurred from an earthquake near the Manila Trench. It swallowed islands in the South China Sea and swept the area that is now Guangdong. Moreover, the underlying culture is said to have been destroyed. The same thing can happen any second.

The spiritual reading further exposed tsunami-related details.

It is said that there are remains of the ark built by Noah near Mount Ararat at an altitude of 4,000 meters, right? It is hard to imagine for a tsunami of up to 4,000 meters to hit. Still, it is possible. One part of the sea can be raised to overlay an area. It happened.

The “traces” refer to wooden compartments found by a 2012 expedition of Mount Ararat in Turkey, where it is said that Noah’s ark was washed up. When explorers radiocarbon-dated the wood, they found that it was roughly the same age as the flood story in the Bible.

A 4,000-meter tsunami. It’s an unimaginable phenomenon per modern science, but perhaps that is precisely why it may occur: to eliminate materialism on Earth.


Sinking of a Continent Could Well Occur

How about continental sinking? Perhaps you will look at a map and tell yourself it’s impossible given the size of mainland China. According to Master Okawa’s spiritual reading, however, there was an enormous continent of Mu, twice the size of Australia, in an area centered around Indonesia over 10,000 years ago (*4). The reading revealed that the enormous continent sank overnight, as legend says.

Modern science can’t explain the shifting of continental plates as large of a scale as this one. One hypothesis is that a huge gas reservoir, formed underground by volcanic activities, sunk. In any case, no human being, who may think they’ve uncovered Earth’s underground structure and plate movement, has observed the center of Earth with their naked eyes. The seemingly “unmovable” continents (Earth’s crust) are like a skin of an apple that veils over Earth’s core and mantle which flow and rotate. It is rather a miracle that the earth is maintaining one form as is.

All is in the hands of heaven. Any “impossible” phenomenon from the perspective of modern science can occur.

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(*2) Ryuho Okawa “China’s Secret Military Bases” (IRH Press Company Limited)
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(*4) There is a plateau, at the bottom of the ocean from New Zealand to Tonga, that scientists recognize as a sunken continent. It is highly likely that this sunken continent was part of Mu.



Concentrating Global Covid-19 in China?

On Feb. 11, Yaidron, a messianic space being who is responsible for defending Earth, spoke of a plan to spread Covid-19 in China contrary to China’s own expectations, during Master Okawa’s spiritual reading.

In a different spiritual reading, it was said that the coronavirus that is currently widespread will eventually gather and concentrate back in China, where it originated, through spiritual force (Recorded Feb. 3, “Spiritual Message From Shintaro Ishihara”).

In fact, another spiritual investigation shows the explosive outbreak of Covid-19 in China during the early stage of the epidemic occurred when a messiah-class space was being enclosed with a spiritual barrier demonstrating China’s desire to kill enemies. Their wish to kill enemies was fused into the virus, the spiritual investigation showed (“Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China”).

Unprecedented Divine Punishment to Hit China:
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