‘Catastrophic Loss of Trust’
Awaits China’s Leadership

Phenomena that appear to be natural disasters… the disablement of weapons created by “space science” that transcend the ability of humankind, in each case, the divine force will show atheist China an unswerving will that “God of Earth (Heavenly Emperor) will not tolerate an evil empire to dominate.”

The following was said during a spiritual reading.

Lying and deceiving people to rule the world must not be forgiven. They must be adamantly expelled. That is why we are already in preparation. Just wait briefly.

China spread Covid-19 around the world and caused many infections and deaths. They are chuckling to themselves as they watch people’s livelihood, lives and societies get destroyed, only to create a greater military power gap currently and threaten the world with nuclear weapons.

China has been dealt with great damage of flooding and locusts as warning signs from the heavens, but they are concealing the damage through information censorship. Not only are they concealing domestic news, but they are manipulating various economic statistics to make the country seem like the least affected, most developing, most prosperous nation amid the Covid-19 pandemic. China wants the world at its feet.


Materialism and Atheism Will Crumble Away

The spiritual reading addressed the situation by advising of a catastrophic loss of trust in Chinese leadership, and said that “mistakes made in philosophy, creed and ideology must be corrected” so no similar leader will give rise after the collapse of the current Xi administration.

In other words, we will see the lies, contradictions and wrongdoings accumulated by the Xi Jinping administration and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime be exposed in the blink of an eye — bringing the collapse of China’s authority and power which was a house of cards.

China and other countries around the world will be thoroughly reminded of the underlying mistakes of materialism and atheism. The spiritual message said the following:

You should know the Lord’s power. At the end of this year, you may realize, ‘Maybe [the Lord’s power] was this and that.’”

‘Catastrophic Loss of Trust’
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