Can Humanity Survive Beyond 2025?
The Human Race Faces a Choice of Self-Reflection:

In February, the spirit of King Midas from Greek mythology visited Master Okawa.

The spirit said that vaccines won’t work, and Covid-19 will spread in China, on the premise that China spread the virus around the world as a biological weapon.

I believe [China] made the first move, but gradually, it will become apparent that they cannot control [the situation] themselves,” the spirit said.

Meanwhile, the spirit of King Midas pointed out that China is not the only one to face this challenge. He said that human beings are becoming arrogant due to their belief in scientific omnipotence and added that the increasing risk of war caused by an increasing population may decrease the global population. A wave effect will break out in the U.S., Japan, Europe, India, Russia and the Islamic states, according to the spirit.

The crisis will continue for another three years as a “trial period” of whether or not humankind can change their preexisting mindset, said the spirit. It was also said that if humanity’s mindset is not “purified” in the next three years, major shifts in Earth’s environment such as continental sinking may result in a population reduction.


Know the Limits of Science, Regain Pure Faith and Diligent Effort

What kind of repentance is asked of humanity in this moment? First, it is to realize the limits of science. Next, it is to have pure faith in God, work hard and make diligent effort, advised the spirt. The spirit of King Midas said that he won’t tolerate an attitude of faith for the sake of gaining merit or benefit.

[We will] extinguish [humanity] if they steer away from worshipping God.” “It is time to make effort as human beings who were created [by God]. This has to be regained.

Whether or not we can survive beyond 2025 — that is up to the choice of humanity.

Can Humanity Survive Beyond 2025?
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