An “Iron Hammer” Finally Falls on China

Happy Science CEO and founder Master Ryuho Okawa delivered a shocking prediction in a spiritual reading that will alter the course of Earth’s destiny. In the near future, “something” will happen to Earth—especially to China.

When is this going to end? Despite everyone longing for the last of the Covid-19 waves to pass, the virus continues to keep its momentum with the Omicron variant causing an exponential surge in infections. The number of people infected has surpassed 500 million. The nations that have been implementing measures against the virus are all at their economic and political limits.


“Catastrophic Attack” From Heaven

But finally, a stop is about to be put—more accurately, an “iron hammer” is about to fall—on the source of this atrocity.

On Jan. 19, Happy Science CEO and founder Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading of a strange dream that he had the previous morning (*1).

The dream was of Master Okawa giving a lecture to many space people at a Tokyo-Dome like venue. The spirit of Rient Arl Cloud, the king of the ancient Inca Empire (*2), explained in the reading that the dream was caused by the fact that Earth’s Messiah and one God, Lord El Cantare, held a “space conference” at a dome in outer space with tens of thousands of space people with interests or relations to Earth’s civilizations attending.

In the conference, they discussed what to do with the destiny of the planet Earth. More specifically, Earth’s God is planning on taking a “surprising” action that hopes for the survival of Earth. During the conference, he was attempting to gather understanding and support from the space people for this cause (*3).

Let us be more specific. There is a force that is attempting to distribute Covid-19 as a biological weapon around the world, and amid the chaos that it creates, they are trying to gain militaristic superiority so they can dominate the world. Currently, preparations are being made by Heaven to deliver a “catastrophic attack” to stop this. It may be clear by this point. This malicious force is China.

(*1) “Spiritual Reading of Messiah’s Space Conference of —the destiny of the Earth in the near future.”
(*2) Master Ryuho Okawa’s brother soul who is involved in the Laws of Space.
(*3) Countless space people have already flown to Earth for the defense and prosperity of Earth.


China Prepares For World Domination With Double Arsenals, “Coronavirus” and “Hypersonic Missiles”

The first thing that was revealed in the reading was that Earth is at an extremely unstable state right now, far beyond people’s imaginations.

First, there’s Covid-19. Our publication has repeatedly claimed that Covid-19 is a biological weapon that has been distributed by China, mainly among its potential enemy nations. The leaders of each country already know or suspect this fact. Nevertheless, they fear going to war with China (even though they are already in one) and are unable to pursue the true mastermind behind all of this, all while many waves of Covid variants are being planted.

Secondly, there is the development of hypersonic missiles. It is reported that last August, China shot one of its hypersonic missiles around the world and hit a Gobi Desert location extremely near its intended target. This is a military technology that Western nations including the U.S. do not own yet, and a difficult one to defend/intercept against due to its characteristics.

The Covid-19 attack is like a diversion tactic. While research and development in the defense field are falling behind due to the panic caused by the pandemic, China has accelerated its missile development so other nations cannot compete.

In other words, we do not know when the next waves of Covid-19 will hit. Meanwhile, we also do not know when or from where the hypersonic missiles will be launched—this double threat is potentially making China the dominator of this world.

If things move at this pace, dictatorship will spread amongst all of Earth and the world will be in a similar situation as the present-day Uyghur, Tibet, Hong Kong or Taiwan. What’s more, if the atheistic, materialistic viewpoint engulfs Earth, then we will not be able to protect this planet Earth as a training place for our souls. Earth’s God will not tolerate this.

Let’s take a deeper look at the two threats facing this world.


China Threatens The World With Virus Attacks

People think that Covid-19 has a zoonotic origin and is undergoing natural mutation as it spreads around the world. However, when taking a closer look at the location and timing of the spread, one would realize that it is eerily linked to China’s interests.


Standing Against China Caused Surge in Cases

The U.S. has the most infected people in the world. The first wave of Covid-19 (D614G) hit the U.S. in April when the 2020 presidential election began picking up its pace. Furthermore, the number of infected people and deaths reached its peak during the third wave (Beta variant), exactly as the election was reaching its climax. Former President Trump who was the greatest threat to China was forced to leave the battlefield as though he took the blame for the spread of Covid-19.

After the birth of the more pro-China Biden administration, the pandemic hit a temporary lull. However, once the administration started taking a firmer stance against China, creating sanctions against human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (March), limiting imports (June) and banning investments in securities of certain Chinese companies (August), they were hit by the fourth wave (Delta variant) from July to September. When they announced a diplomatic boycott against the Beijing Olympics in December, the fifth wave (Omicron variant) hit within the week.

To restrain China over the Hong Kong issue, the U.K. sent its aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth to Asia in May 2021. And in June, the number of infected people that had remained stable suddenly soared (Delta and Omicron variant). Within the dispatched aircraft carrier, around 100 mass infections were found after the ship touched port in Cyprus.

In Japan, too, the sixth wave (Omicron variant) spread from the Okinawa prefecture and Iwakuni city in the Yamaguchi prefecture, both of which house U.S. military bases. China would be extremely lucky if these were all coincidences—that amid the heightening tension of the situation in Taiwan, that in a time when U.S.-Japan military cooperation is more important than ever—that infections are spreading in a way that would accelerate anti-U.S. base movements. These strange “coincidences” can be seen all over the world (see below map).

It is irrational to dismiss these situations as mere coincidences. So far in our publication, we have introduced much evidence that display that the Covid-19 pandemic was an attack from China to the world. This evidence includes the unnaturalness of the viral gene sequence that increases its infectivity and the fact that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been studying the coronavirus; these peculiar patterns of infections continue to affirm our point.


U.S. Begins to Divide Instead of Retaliate

However, despite the fact that many nations around the world are essentially undergoing a military attack, they are turning a blind eye to this. The U.S. Biden administration is focused on the wrong things: instead of retaliating and revealing the cause of Covid-19, they have made the non-vaccine takers a “culprit,” causing a division within the nation.

The vaccines thus far have not had the effect that people had hoped for. From the fact that many Omicron variant infectants have taken the vaccine, we can safely assume that China is throwing in variants that will slip through the vaccines. In addition, it has been previously pointed out that the vaccine can wane immunity as people take more doses (See our previous article: People are at their limits. Heaven is about to give a definitive blow against this crisis.


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China’s Final Weapon, Hypersonic Missile, Can Instantly Be Disabled by UFO

China brags of its hypersonic missiles that surpass the military technology of other nations. During the spiritual reading, the spirit of Rient Arl Cloud stated that under the order of Earth’s God, the space people will use their overwhelmingly advanced technology to disable the threats and attack of these missiles, which would destroy the intentions of invasion and break human’s arrogance towards their own technologies. The spiritual reading continued:

“If we know the location, then we can disable it. If it were to be launched, we can also wind back time as we stated earlier to destroy the missile as it is being launched. We have at least that level of technology.”

Our current “common sense” makes it difficult for us to accept this, but there have already been many cases on Earth that has demonstrated the space people’s superior technology.


UFO Approaches And Destroys Missile Traveling at Speed of Sound

The cases mentioned below are not necessarily the technology owned by the “Messiah-level space people” who are on good terms with Happy Science (these space people’s technologies are one of the most advanced in space, and it can be predicted that they easily surpass the cases mentioned below). However, these past examples are more than enough to prove that threats like China’s nuclear missiles will be useless against the Messiah-level space people.

The following is from “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History”, a disclosure of classified documents that the U.S. government made available to the public, which includes testimonies with actual names and faces of U.S. government and military personnel.

In 1964, during the peak of the nuclear development race between the U.S. and USSR, a ballistic missile experiment was conducted at the Vandenburg Space Force Base in California, U.S. U.S. Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs, who was serviced at the base, filmed the experiment. The film, taken for recording purposes, caught shocking sights.

As the missile traveled close to the speed of sound, a disk-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) suddenly appeared, shooting the missile with a laser beam. Furthermore, the UFO went behind the missile and shot the laser beam again. This behavior continued to repeat from various angles. The missile that has soared to space suddenly dropped, and the UFO disappeared (picture shown below).

A thorough investigation was performed on this, which included the hypothesis that they were some novel weapons developed by other nations, but laser beam technologies were far from being usable at the time. It was obvious that the technology came from outer space.

The missile was used for experimental purposes and did not carry a nuclear warhead, but it was designed with the same shape, size and mass of an actual nuclear ballistic missile. This event almost seems like a warning from the space people, indicating that they can easily disable nuclear missiles even if they were shot.

This information was hidden for some time. Upon its reveal by Mr. Jacobs, however, it instantly gathered public attention. CNN broadcasted his interview along with his recorded video in the program, “Larry King Live.”


UFO Arrival Causes Disablement of 18 Nuclear Missiles

In addition, “Disclosure” contained cases of stored nuclear missiles being disabled without contact.

On the morning of March 16, 1967, many guards witnessed a UFO that was hovering above them at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, U.S. One such person, U.S. military officer Robert Salas, rushed to report this to his commander, who was taking a nap. As he was doing so, the nuclear missiles stored at the base started going into an unlaunchable states, and alarms began to sound.

A similar situation was observed in a different base at the same time, and nuclear missiles were stopped. In an instant, a total of 18 nuclear missiles were disabled.

At another time, a giant UFO appeared over the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier that carried nuclear missiles. It was reported that electronics and communication devices on the ship started going into an error state. Electronic devices such as teleprinters started outputting gibberish, the ship’s laser showed abnormalities and the radar screen began lighting up brightly, then blacking out completely. The aircraft carrier and of course its nuclear missiles aboard became completely dysfunctional. Despite the fact that the UFO only appeared over the aircraft carrier for around five minutes, the ship was in chaos for over an hour.


“Time-Slip” Technologies Exist in Area 51

In the spiritual reading, it was stated that in the small chance that an interception failed, “the space people can turn back time and disable the missile.” The various spiritual investigations conducted by Master Okawa depict the space people controlling time, including them “stopping time to deal with instantaneous threats.”

For example, when remote viewing was used to explore U.S. base Area 51 in Nevada, a scene was observed where the people were researching Earth’s histories based on the space people’s futuristic information that allowed them to travel space and time (*4). They were simulating “how the present circumstances can be changed so that the future will be most ideal for the U.S.”

The futuristic information that came out of this formed the basis of President Kennedy’s decision to order a naval blockade during the Cuban crisis.

Furthermore, in the “Star Wars program” promoted by President Reagan as part of his strategy against the USSR, which increased fiscal deficit from its military and research spendings, a future prediction system was already used to predict when the USSR would collapse.

A part of this technology is shown in a movie that uses information provided by the U.S. government (*5).

In the movie “Source Code” released in 2011, the memory and consciousness of a train explosion victim was codified. He time slips back to the time of the incident and attempts to pinpoint the bomber who has caused repeated explosions. It was widely discussed at the time for the possibility that there is already an existing time slip technology provided by aliens that had leaked out, due to the movie’s female captain being depicted as an Air Force Captain from the Nellis Air Force Base in Area 51 where the aforementioned time slip device was observed, and for its overly realistic depictions of its scenes.

In addition, it is said that the ancient Atlantis civilization possessed a technology that enabled them to wind back the “film” of time to revive the deceased within 24 hours of their deaths (*5). While this technology was only used for certain people, this shows that the power of pyramids can be used to manipulate time.

Even if China launches many hypersonic, nuclear missiles, UFOs with advanced technology will appear to convert the missile into metal debris. In addition, China will witness their launch itself being reversed and their missiles disabled.

(*4) “Remote Clairvoyance of U.S. Military Base ‘Area 51’ in Nevada,” by Ryuho Okawa (IRH Press, untranslated).
(*5) “Exploring the Secrets of the Atlantis Civilization’s Pyramid Power,” by Ryuho Okawa (IRH Press, untranslated).


An “Iron Hammer” Finally Falls on China
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