Japan to Face the Next Mongolian Invasion With Imbalance of US-China Nuclear Forces

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa points out that once Japan is threatened by China’s nuclear missiles, it may encounter the same tragedy as Israel once did (enslavement). A retired United States Marine Officer shares that history may be about to repeat itself as Japan is about to experience what Israel once did.


Grant F. Newsham

Born in 1956 in Virginia, USA. He graduated from UCLA School of Law. He served as a United States Marine Officer, including duties as the Marine Corps attaché at the United States Embassy in Japan, and as the first US Marine liaison officer to the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force.

—-China’s military power has been rapidly expanding, and people are worried that China’s military capability will surpass that of the United States. Do you have any thoughts on this?

China’s objective is very clear and that is to dominate, control the Asia-Pacific region, and ultimately the entire world. China has built up a powerful and increasingly capable military over the last 20 years. It is a match for the U.S. forces in many circumstances. In some circumstances – for instance a limited, no-notice conflict near the Chinese mainland – could probably lead to the defeat of the United States.

China has recently publicly announced that they are going to build up a nuclear capability that is as good or better than the U.S.’s nuclear capability. Their objective is to be able to challenge and even defeat the United States. China is going to build up a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons by 2025. This is a very clear statement of intention, and it could almost appear as a declaration of war.


Japan Must Double Its Defense Spending

Japan needs to be very worried over the imbalance of nuclear forces between the U.S. and China because Japan is counting on the Americans to defend them if necessary. But if China gets the advantage over the Americans in terms of nuclear weapons, even the Americans may find it too difficult to challenge the Chinese. America has so many problems of its own – especially domestic problems – that I’m not sure it can devote full attention and commitment to Japan. And then Japan could find itself unable to respond effectively to China — and certainly not alone.

My personal advice is that Japan should consider strengthening their armaments – to include nuclear weapons of its own. Japan has ‘underfunded’ defense for so many years, so Japan is going to have to spend a lot more on defense, about twice as much as what the military budget already is.

—-China is expanding its “gray zone” operations.

You’re correct to point out gray zone operations as a real threat. I would like to see the Americans and the Japanese go on the offense – and do their own gray zone operations because it’s just not enough for us to always be on the defense.

As you know, Chinese Coast Guard ships are always chasing and harassing Japanese fishing boats around the Senkakus. If the Japanese Coast Guard was not there, I think the Chinese would attack and sink them. China’s aggressive activities in this Japanese territory should be recognized as an act of war – or at least taken more seriously by Tokyo and Washington.

The Americans and the Japanese should be operating together around the Senkaku Islands. They should be on the Senkaku Islands constantly patrolling, exercising and making it very clear that the Americans are with the Japanese and will defend them. We should be doing this with Taiwan as well.

—-Could you tell us about the significance of Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Hong Kong shows you the future if you’re not careful [of China]. Also, if Taiwan comes under Chinese control, it shows that the U.S. government with its military and economic power could not stop it, and America’s nuclear weapons could not prevent Taiwan from being taken. So, if Taiwan is lost, Japan could be on the verge of an invasion by China. In that sense, it’s very important to help protect Taiwan.


Resist the Modern Mongolian Invasion

—-Under Chinese threats, what do you believe is Japan’s mission as a leading nation of Asia?

Today’s situation is very much where free people are faced with a challenge from enemies that want to enslave them. It’s the exact same as in the Babylonian captivity days in the Bible, the exact same as when the Mongols attacked Europe, Korea and Japan.

Japan needs to be psychologically willing to fight for freedom for itself and for other free countries. Japan has an important role to play in providing military and economic support to other free countries in the Pacific, Southeast Asia, over to the Indian Ocean. Japan has a huge role to play in providing an alternative to Chinese domination, to give countries the option and prospect of linking up with Japan and the U.S. instead of China. Japan really is a bulwark of freedom in Asia.

Japan to Face the Next Mongolian Invasion With Imbalance of US-China Nuclear Forces
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