Identity of Kamala Harris, Terror to World

Kamala Harris became the Vice President of the U.S. carried by the words: “first Black woman…” However, many people have not seriously considered her beliefs and abilities, especially with the possibility that the presidency may be in her future.

“I view myself as a transition candidate”, said U.S. President Joe Biden during election time last year. He aimed to be the “election figurehead” for the Democratic party, but he knew he would eventually pass the baton to someone else—. Such a scenario may have crossed Biden’s mind back then (*1).


One in Five President Does Not Finish Term

Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history. In the past, a staggering one in five presidents have not been able to serve their full term despite being officially elected for one reason or another.

If something were to happen to the president, then the vice president takes over the role of President until the next election.

Now, Harris sits in that seat of succession. She has received attention as the first Black woman to become the vice president.


Movements to Favor Harris

Furthermore, it has been pointed out that there is an undercover movement to welcome Harris’s succession by those who believe that “Harris’s succession as president will create an inclusive U.S. that accepts diversity and becomes a democratic champion” (*2).

The 25th amendment of the U.S. Constitution indicates that if the vice president and majority of the executive departments, or the Congress, determine that “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” then the vice president becomes the active president. This is a possible scenario.

Either way, we must do a “thought investigation” of Harris in case such a situation does arise.

(*1) In January’s spiritual reading that Happy Science CEO, Master Ryuho Okawa, conducted, Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit showed confidence to complete his term.
(*2) From “Yaidron’s True Feelings,” a spiritual reading recorded last December by Master Okawa.


More Left Than Sanders

Harris has only served as a politician for four years. She first got into politics in the 2016 Senate election and slid into the White House through the spotlight that she received as a “Black woman,” without her political beliefs being fully evaluated.

However, looking at her words and actions from the past four years, it is apparent that she is a socialist by nature.


Harris Supports the Extreme Left That Even Biden Avoids

All the policies that Harris supported during her time as a Senator were extremely socialistic and avoided by many Democrats including, at times, Biden.

One such policy is “Medicare for All.” This was primarily advocated by Senator Bernie Sanders and others, who self-acknowledged themselves as socialist. It is even more progressive than the unpopular “Obama Care”; not only does the government offer universal coverage for all U.S. residents, but it even goes so far as to ban private insurance companies. Harris showed full support for this: “Let’s eliminate all of that (private insurance). Let’s move on.”

The “Green New Deal” policy is another such example. This plan called for progressive actions such as the “100% use of renewable energy for all electricity,” “Zero emission of CO2 from industries and transportation,” and “the guarantee of basic income for all citizens.” Harris was none other than its co-author.

Universal health care will cost $1.8 trillion annually. The Green New Deal will cost $1.6 trillion. If both were incorporated, another year’s worth of national budget is needed (currently, annual revenue is about $3.5 trillion). This money would probably come from the wealthy population, thus Harris’s national vision is a socialist nation that takes money from the rich to distribute it to the poor and the eco-friendly industries.

However, when the presidential election neared, Harris desperately tried to hide this side.

Regarding universal health care, she changed her stance midway, stating that private health insurance providers will not be banned. Through this effort, she was able to reclaim the spot as a candidate supported by the left but who was more neutral than Sanders. This allowed her to claim the vice president’s seat.

During the election, the media once asked her if she was a socialist. In response, Harris began to laugh hysterically in a high-pitched voice, as if it were the funniest thing that happened. People pointed out that her extremely unnatural reaction was because it hit spot on and that she was hiding her true political beliefs on purpose.


‘Everyone Ends Up at the Same Place’

Another attention-seizing moment was the campaign video that was released the day before the presidential elections.

It depicted a white person and black person climbing a mountain. However, the black person started at a much lower point. The ground began to rise until the black person reached the same height as the white person.

Harris’s voice narrated in the background:

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

Conservatives harshly criticized this video, claiming that this was exactly the Marxist ideal for equality of results.

Former President Trump also claimed that Harris was more left than Sanders and that she was a “communist,” not just a socialist.


Terror Will Spread in Free Nations

There are several ways to become a U.S. president:

1) Gain experience as a governor. 2) Gain fame as a military hero and make use of it in the areas of diplomatic and national securities (similar to Eisenhower and candidate McCain). 3) Succeed in the business world like Former President Trump and run the national economy. 4) Gain political and diplomatic experience working as a politician in the central government.

These experiences refine one’s perspective and teach them the art of using others.

However, Harris did not go through any of these. After graduating from a university, she became the County District Attorney, then a District Attorney, then a State Attorney General.


Retreat to Hawaii?

Harris is a complete beginner in terms of diplomatic relations.

She does not know how to fight with powerful world leaders in a harsh battlefield.

Harris would be manipulated by the Xi Jinping administration’s tactic that originated from China’s long military history, and their threats and bluffs would push her to abandon Taiwan.
She would even pull back the U.S. military from Guam as well, and the defense line may even recede to Hawaii suddenly.

Now, Japan must seriously think about self-defending its nation to evade invasion.


Global Scale ‘Attorney Depression’

Harris is unexperienced in macroeconomics as well, and it is likely that she will keep making the wrong economic policy decisions. It is stereotypical for an attorney to dislike capitalists (the rich), and she is not an exception. In Japan, there is even a phrase, “Tokyo Attorney Depression.”

During her time as an attorney, Harris was especially known for dealing with financial institutions such as the confiscation of home equity loans for the poor and environmental lawsuits against corporations.

This suggests that this is the only field that she can take initiative in, so she will fully bring out her attorney side in politics to bash the rich. This will cause more tax increases and enlarge lavish spending enforced by the Biden administration, causing America to go into a recession. There may even be a possibility of triggering another Great Depression.

A time of terror in free nations will come.


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Identity of Kamala Harris, Terror to World
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