Socialist Revolution in America: Kamala Harris Is a Pro-China Communist
An Interview with Trevor Loudon

America is undergoing a revolution. Will it no longer be a free nation at the mercy of China and its friends? Will we have another socialist nation in this world? Mr. Trevor Loudon, an expert on radical left and Marxist political influence, shared his thoughts on Kamala Harris, a key player of today’s socialist movement, and China’s ties to BLM.

Interviewer: Hanako Cho


About Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. Loudon also serves as a fellow at the American Freedom Alliance and the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought. He has written several books including “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and was featured in a 2016 documentary film titled “Enemies Within.” Follow him on Twitter @TrevorLoudon1.

Cho: I’m going to ask you about Vice President Kamala Harris because she may hold office up to 12 years depending on President Biden’s situation.

Mr. Loudon: Yes, that’s a very scary prospect.

Cho: Harris is said to be even more to the left than Bernie Sanders. What are your thoughts on this?

Mr. Loudon: Even her voting record was to the left of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, yet she is portrayed by the mainstream media as a moderate Democrat. Her whole history, her whole pattern of association, is on the extreme left.

Cho: She’s alleged to have close ties to many communists. What kind of people is she connected to?

Mr. Loudon: It goes back to her childhood. Her parents were far-left activists who supported Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Her father was a Marxist. Her lover, [Former Speaker of the California State Assembly] Wille Brown, who she had an affair with, had very strong ties to Communist China. He was involved with the American Communist Party for many, many years. They got him elected to public office. They financed him. He supported their causes and endorsed their events.

Harris is also very close to a man called Steve Phillips. He is a very wealthy lawyer in San Francisco, a former supporter of the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a Maoist pro-Chinese Communist group, and a close associate. He was a student radical at Stanford University with Kamala’s sister, Maya. Steve Phillips married into a very rich family in San Francisco, the Sandler family, and he used that money to promote far-left causes and Democratic politicians and support modern-day communist groups like LeftRoots, for instance.

Philips was the man behind Kamala Harris. He got her elected to the District Attorney position of San Francisco, Attorney General for California, US Senator for California and now into the White House.

Harris is also a very close friend of another communist, a far-leftist woman, called Lateefah Simon. She’s Kamala’s protégé. She was closely associated with Maoist groups banding together to organize a revolutionary project or storm. Simon is very close friends with Alicia Garza, the founder of Black Lives Matter, and a very close associate of pro-Chinese Communist Party people in the San Francisco Bay Area, as is Kamala.

Kamala’s whole history is associated with pro-Chinese Communists. Even her husband’s law firm had many connections to the Communist Party of China.


Unexpected Ties Between BLM and Maoists

Cho: It’s a little bit difficult to understand why BLM and Maoists in China are so interconnected.

Mr. Loudon: Maoism in America relies very much on racial politics. They’re very heavily involved in Asian-American politics, Black-American politics and Hispanic politics. Mao used race a lot because he didn’t really have an industrial working class to form his revolution in China. In the early ’70s, a lot of the Third-World activists from Africa, Asia and Latin America were very focused on China rather than the Soviet Union. The Maoists in America made deep connections with these communities of color.

The American Maoist movement is heavily connected to the Black radicals in America, the Asian-American radicals, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese-Americans and the Latino movement with radical Chicanos, Mexicans and Latin Americans. The Maoists are very heavily involved with these minority groups. They have been for a long time. That’s really where Kamala Harris’s family comes from — that Maoist, Third-World, ethnic type of orientation.

Cho: Why can they attract so many Black people under this movement?

Mr. Loudon: The Maoists and the Chinese reached out to the Blacks in the Third World, in countries like Zaire, South Africa, Latin America and the Philippines. The Black radicals, who didn’t really like the Soviet Union, were very attracted to Maoist China. They saw Maoism as a revolution of people of color. They saw that the Russians and the Soviets were white, so they saw the Maoists as closer to their orientation. It was all about the Third World: using Third-World minorities to overturn the sort of white, capitalist power structure of the United States.

Cho: But about 40 million people in China died under the Maoist movement.

Mr. Loudon: But see, the Communist propaganda would deny that and cover that up. The American Maoists thought China was the new paradise for minority people. They thought China was protecting minorities and building minorities. They were believing the propaganda.

It’s quite a common thing amongst Black families — Black Communist families. They feel America is a very racist nation. They’re oppressed, and the only way out of that oppression is a socialist revolution.

That kept on going right up until Tiananmen Square. The Tiananmen Square Massacre really hurt the Maoist movement in America, but it didn’t destroy it. Even today, Maoists are still working amongst the minority communities. Black Lives Matter is a Maoist Communist organization with ties to China.


BLM Receives China’s Support

Cho: How exactly are BLM activities tied to China?

Mr. Loudon: The Chinese Progressive Association is an organization in San Francisco. It’s a community-organizing group that is very heavily involved in voter registration in Chinatown. And it really is a dominant political force in San Francisco. Now, the Chinese Progressive Association works very closely with the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. They’ve worked together for 40 years now. In about 2015, when Black Lives Matter got started, the Chinese Progressive Association set up a group called Asians for Black Lives.

Asians for Black Lives is the link between the Chinese consulate in San Francisco and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Chinese Progressive Association funds Black Lives Matter projects. It funds Alicia Garza, the leader of Black Lives Matter. Alicia Garza is very closely affiliated with the Chinese Progressive Association, and these people have sent delegations to China. They seek guidance from China, they work closely with the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, and the Asians for Black Lives even wrote the manual for Black Lives Matter. The sort of radical, Marxist manual that guides their actions. There are very deep ties between Communist China and Black Lives Matter, and Kamala Harris has got deep ties to Black Lives Matter and some of the people tied to China.


Pro-China Communists Organized Riots and Triggered Intentional Violence

Cho: Some people involved with the BLM movement are very radical and violent. Is there any guidance on inciting violence?

Mr. Loudon: Absolutely. When George Floyd got killed in Minneapolis, that sparked a whole wave of rioting across the country. The media would say that there were peaceful protests hijacked by radicals, but it wasn’t. It was violent right from the start. It was intentionally violent.

Black Lives Matter is run by a pro-Chinese Communist group called Liberation Road. But there is another pro-Chinese Communist group in America called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. They were once the same organization, but they split. That is why they both have road in their name. But the organization that started the riots in Minneapolis was Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The leader of that organization, Stefanie Yorek, vowed the day that President Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, that her job was to bring down President Trump by making the country ungovernable.
Her wife, Jess Sundin, was the woman who organized the riots when George Floyd was killed in
Minneapolis. I have her on tape boasting about the joy they felt when the police station was burnt to the ground, boasting that the looting and the rioting was an integral part of the movement. That it was part of what they intended to do.

They are the people who burnt Minneapolis. They then burnt Kenosha, Wisconsin. They started riots in Chicago, New York, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida, Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Utah, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The riots that they didn’t start were basically started by the other pro-Chinese Communist group, Liberation Road. Almost all of the rioting was organized and run by pro-Chinese Communists. And it was deliberately violent right from the start.

Cho: Is there a possibility that George Floyd might have been killed by the police, but incited by the pro-Chinese groups?

Mr. Loudon: Well, I don’t know. They tried to start the rioting when a young man was killed in Atlanta, Georgia. A young jogger was killed. They tried to start the rioting then, but it didn’t work. Then they tried to start the rioting when a young Black woman was killed in Louisville, Kentucky, but that didn’t really take off.

George Floyd was perfect for them because it was right in Minneapolis, their headquarters of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and it was so public. It was all caught on film and everybody saw it, so it was very easy to start the riots. But if it hadn’t been George Floyd, they would have started riots in Los Angeles, Chicago, or Washington, D.C., the week after. They were going to start the riots. Floyd was just the spark. The riots were planned since 2016, and they’re all planned for election year.


‘Biden’s Just a Puppet’: Obama and Philips Behind Harris’s Rise to Power

Cho: Would you share us your thoughts on the view that President Biden’s election was a tactic by the Left, and many people are expecting Mrs. Harris to be elected as president?

Mr. Loudon: Yes. Steve Phillips, the very wealthy communist behind Kamala Harris, was the man who basically got Barack Obama elected ahead of Hillary Clinton. He used big voter registration drives in 17 Southern states and he got a lot of traction for Barack Obama. So, I knew that Kamala
Harris was going to be the candidate. She was the perfect candidate: half Black, half Indian, a woman and a Marxist. But when she ran for president, she failed, and it was a big setback. They had to use Joe Biden to stop Bernie Sanders because Sanders would have won if Biden hadn’t beaten him.

They had to use Joe Biden to stop Bernie Sanders because Bernie was just too obviously communist. The American public wouldn’t have accepted him. Then, they engineered Kamala Harris to become his vice-presidential candidate. Now, as soon as they need to, they can just get rid of Joe Biden anytime — she is the effective president now. Kamala Harris has more power than Joe Biden does. Kamala Harris is the third term of Barack Obama. The same people who got Obama into power, the same communists who gave you Obama, are the same communists who gave you Kamala Harris.

Cho: It sounds like Obama is involved behind these presidential elections.

Mr. Loudon: This all goes back to Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition of the 1980s. Jesse Jackson was a Black man who ran for president twice: ’84 and ’88. He ran on a Rainbow Coalition strategy, meaning the Rainbow Coalition was all the colors of the rainbow. The white progressives. The yellow progressives were the Asians. The brown progressives were the Latinos. The Black progressives were the Blacks. The lavender stripe was the gays. The green was the environmentalists. This was their terminology. You get all the minorities together with the left-wing and you have a majority. Steve Phillips was a big part of the Rainbow Coalition, and he helped Kamala get into the position she is today.

The Rainbow Coalition was run by Maoist Communists from the League of Revolutionary Struggle, the Communist Workers’ Party, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Line of March. It was a Communist operation — a pro-China Communist operation. They updated that strategy to elect Obama. Obama ran on a coalition of progressive whites and minorities: Blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans and Native Americans.

Kamala Harris comes out of that same Rainbow Coalition strategy. She is there to attract the progressive whites, the progressive Blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans and Native Americans. She is the updated Rainbow Coalition strategy.

Cho: Who will be the main players to get Kamala Harris to the presidency if Biden becomes unable to conduct presidential work?

Mr. Loudon: I think it’s already been decided. Obama and Steve Phillips are the main people behind her. As soon as Joe Biden is no longer useful, he will be replaced by Kamala Harris, and then she will choose another vice president to replace her. It will be someone else, probably a white man to balance the ticket.

Joe Biden is very expendable. He was only used to stop Bernie Sanders because he was the only one at the time who could do that. Now that Kamala is in the White House, he is no longer needed. He will stay there for a little while, just to make things look good, but he has very little power. He’s only doing what he’s told by the people behind Kamala, Obama, Steve Phillips and people like that. He’s just a puppet. Kamala will also be a puppet, but she’ll be a lot more effective than Joe Biden.


Revolution in America

Mr. Loudon: We’re in a revolution right now. We seriously are in a revolution in America.

Cho: How far to the left should we expect the U.S. to go in terms of domestic issues and foreign affairs?

Mr. Loudon: In foreign policy, it’ll go completely to the left. I understand the position of Japan, India, the Philippines and South Korea. They’re all very worried about China. But under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, you can expect no help with China. Both of these people are very friendly to China. Joe Biden is compromised by China and Kamala Harris is very sympathetic. She was elected by
pro-Chinese Communists. It’ll go very far to the left, both domestically and in foreign policy.

You’re going to see a big opening of the southern border. You’re going to see massive influx of illegal immigrants over the southern border, Texas. You’re going to see a destruction of the U.S. military. The U.S. military is going to be weakened way more than it ever has before, and that will embolden China and Iran, Russia and Cuba, and this will alter the world balance of power. The balance of power will shift away from America and towards China and Russia and Iran.


‘China Now Has a Friend In the White House’

Cho: Do you think the new administration will take the U.S.-Japan alliance lightly?

Mr. Loudon: Absolutely. I think Japan needs to understand that China now has a friend in the White House.

Joe Biden has worked in the interests of Russia and China and Iran his entire political career. He is one of the most left-wing Senators on foreign policy to ever serve in the U.S. Senate. He is already talking about gutting and reducing the U.S. military. They’re not going to help Japan or Taiwan against China. They’re not going to protect South Korea or India. That’s why China, I believe, is now getting ready to challenge Taiwan.

I think it’s important for Japan to reach out to Taiwan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, and try and form a new alliance against China because America is not going to help. If these countries around the pacific rim stand together, you may be able to contain China.


Harris’s Economic Policy is Like ‘Head of the CCP Running the White House’

Cho: In terms of economic policy, what kind of policy will Kamala Harris implement when she becomes president?

Mr. Loudon: Very high taxes. A move towards a universal basic income in America. Very deeply socialist.

She will also implement the Green New Deal, which will destroy the US energy industry and wreck the U.S. economy and the U.S. military budget. She will be as far left as she can go. Her goal is to bring down the United States as a world power, to make the United States a third-rate power, which will empower China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

If you had the head of the Chinese Communist Party running the White House, I think that will be the kind of policies you’re going to see coming out of Kamala Harris. Everything will benefit China and its allies.


Joe Biden vs. Kamala Harris

Cho: Could you explain differences between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

Mr. Loudon: Kamala is more ideologically committed to socialism, to the far left. Joe Biden will sell himself to anybody. He has worked with the Left during his entire career, but I think his interests are more for himself. Kamala Harris is more of an ideological socialist. She is purer in her socialist beliefs. Biden just goes with socialism because that’s what pays him the best.


Harris’s Involvement With Critical Race Theory

Mr. Loudon: Critical race theory is Marxism applied to race rather than class. The traditional communist would say that the workers would rise up and destroy the capitalists. On the other hand, critical race theory says the oppressed peoples of color will rise up and destroy the white capitalist patriarchy. It’s exactly the same as traditional communism, but instead of class, they use race.

You don’t have a very rigid class structure in America, but race is a big divisive issue here, so that’s where communists put their attention. Black Lives Matter is 100% based completely on critical race theory, and Kamala Harris is a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter. She has said publicly on TV that Black Lives Matter protests were a great thing and they should go on even after the election because they are on the right side of history.

Kamala Harris is absolutely involved in critical race theory.

Cho: Do people believe in destroying capitalism because it’s serviced by white people?

Mr. Loudon: Capitalism is a white system. There’s a big element of racism in this. The Communists have been telling the Black people in America for nearly 100 years that white people hate them, that America is racist, that the Black man can never get a fair hearing in America. The system is always against them.

This has been used to attract a lot of Black people, Asian Americans and Native Americans into the communist movement. They feed on this racism all the time, and they bring up a whole generation of people who feel very bitter towards American society — very bitter towards what they are told is capitalism. They want to overturn the system. They want to establish a new kind of system where they are the dominant force, where they have their turn at controlling things. It’s very strongly racist, and it’s very strongly Marxist. It encompasses both things, really.


Socialism Will Weaken America to its Core

Cho: What kind of economic systems are they going establish once they become a dominant power in the U.S. over capitalism?

Mr. Loudon: Socialist, where the government controls most of the means of production, distribution and exchange. There will still be some business, like there is business in China, but the state will control virtually everything. They will control the education system. They will control entertainment and the media. And they will enforce their critical race theory, Marxist narrative on everybody and redistribute the wealth. Take the wealth of the capitalists and the white population, redistribute it to the people of color and keep a whole bunch for themselves in the process. They’re absolutely intending to establish a socialist America. There’s no question about that.

Cho: But socialism elsewhere in Russia, China and Vietnam failed already. Do these people not know the history?

Mr. Loudon: Well, this is their view. Socialism has failed because America has always sabotaged it. America starved the Soviet Union into submission. America embargoed China. America has blockaded Venezuela. America tried to starve Cuba into submission. Socialism failed because of America. If you can remove America, socialism will be fine. This is seriously what they think.

Some of it is just pure power too because a lot of these people are in it. They’re just exploiting this to get power for themselves. Nobody is more powerful than the communist leader in a communist country. One part of it is they believe socialism will be better, and if they can destroy America as it is, the whole world will be liberated for socialism; another part of it is they want to be the bosses, new kings and queens. It’s ego. It’s genuine idealism. It’s ideology. All of it. But they all agree they all hate what they think of as white, racist America. They want to destroy that system.

Cho: I understand, but equality under socialism cannot be achieved unless all people get poor, right?

Mr. Loudon: That’s right. Everybody’s got to be equally poor except for the leaders. They will be filthy rich. But they don’t really think that far ahead. The motivation is to destroy America.

You’ve had whole generations of young Americans, white, Black, Latino and Asian who have been brought up in the education system to think that America is evil. America is racist. America is a curse on the world. America got rich through slavery and ripping off the Third World countries. Their real goal is just to destroy America. After that, maybe they’ll try and get socialism, but they don’t really even think that far ahead. Their goal is to bring America to its knees. That’s what motivates them.

America is reduced to poverty. America has no military. America is just one more country in the world system. The pro-Chinese ones are paving the way for a Chinese invasion of America. If you look at books like “Unrestricted Warfare” by two Chinese colonels, the long-term Chinese military goal is to occupy America and replace the current population with Han Chinese. They want to eliminate the current population of America and populate the whole country with their people. That’s the real long-term goal.

Now, I’m not saying that Kamala Harris believes in that or even understands that, but she is going to weaken America to the point where that can become a possibility.


Democratic Party Has Shifted Into a Revolutionary, Marxist Party

Cho: There seems to be a growing force in the U.S. right now that is trying to topple the long-held value of right and wrong. Do you have any thoughts?

Mr. Loudon: The Democratic Party is now a revolutionary party. The Democratic Party is now a Marxist party. Over the last 20 years, they have been taken over by the Marxists of the ’60s and the ’70s, so they want a revolution in America. They want to indoctrinate the children, to increase drug use, to break down law and order, to destroy organized religion and to change American traditional values into socialist values. Encouraging things like weakening law and order, weakening border control and indoctrinating children at school are all in line with revolutionary goals.

The Democratic Party today is led by the people who marched for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War, who supported the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, who supported Fidel Castro. Now, in their 60s and 70s, they control the Democratic Party, much of Hollywood, much of the media, the unions, and they want their revolution before they die. The Democratic Party is the vehicle for achieving a socialist America.

People need to understand. They think that America is this very conservative country or half of it is, but the communists have so infiltrated the Democratic Party today at so much dominance that if they get complete power over this country, they are going to impose socialism domestically and they’re going to line up with China internationally. That’s going to alter the whole world economy and the whole balance of power around the world. That how serious this situation is.

America is undergoing a socialist revolution right now. It’s going to change its foreign policy to be much more favorable to China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. It is not going to be changing to support its traditional allies if Biden and Harris have their way. Now, we have China’s friends in the White House doing everything they can to help the Communist Party of China and weaken the United States of America and its alliances around the world.

Socialist Revolution in America: Kamala Harris Is a Pro-China Communist
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