VICE, a Public Nuisance
Happy Science’s Dismissals of Its Groundless Claims


An America-based internet medium, VICE, has posted a movie titled “Japan’s Strangest Cult? – False Gods.” It is just a coarse backbite by a medium, which has no religious education. This movie contains typical false accusations against Happy Science, which are common to vulgar and irresponsible media. The followings are counterarguments against such false claims.


1) Happy Science is NOT an “ultra-right” or “militant” cult: It is politically Conservative

Happy Science aims to create a peaceful world, based on the notions of “freedom, democracy and faith.” In Japan, the Happiness Realization Party, a political wing of the Happy Science group, has been urging Japanese people to “protect their nation by themselves”, under the tense circumstance in East Asia. VICE does not know the fact that North Korea’s missile flew over Japan and sirens sounded in Japan in 2017. Chinese vessels have been invading Japanese territorial waters almost every day. However, Happy Science is not a religion for Japanese people only. Through its members in more than 140 nations, Happy Science has been spreading the teachings, which bring true happiness to all people, regardless their race, language, culture, religion and so on. VICE’s claim that “Happy Science hates Chinese and Korean people” is totally wrong. Happy Science, from the view point of God, has been criticizing the situations in such nations as China and Korea, where people have no freedom and suffer from oppression by the government.


2) There is NO “Pyramid Scheme” in Happy Science:

VICE claims that “(Happy Science) asks believers to part with cash to rise through the ranks on the way to enlightenment” without providing any concrete evidences. This is totally a groundless claim. The teachings of Happy Science have been publicized to public, and anyone can improve his/her spirituality and improve the level of enlightenment. Happy Science also encourages its members to practice “love that gives”, and making offering (which is called “happiness planting” at Happy Science) is part of the practice. Members of Happy Science also offer their time, space, skills, and so on. Faithful people make offerings as the sign of their gratitude to God or Buddha. It is also a part of their spiritual training to remove worldly attachments. VICE, which has no religious education, does not understand this pious act of faith. VICE tries to manipulate the impression as if collecting religious donation itself is an evil act. However, Happy Science uses the precious offering to do good things.


3) The issue of Kyoko and Hiroshi Okawa is NOT a “family issue”:

It is true that Master Okawa divorced with Kyoko Okawa. Both Kyoko and Hiroshi Okawa lost their faith and left Happy Science. However, this is not a “family issue”, but a “problem of faith.” People, who have lost faith, are not able to stay in Happy Science because Happy Science is a religious organization. Happy Science is a “public institution” which has a mission to bring true happiness to all people. Its staff members, including family members of Master Okawa, are “public figures”, who are expected to serve for the happiness of the world without ego. However, both Kyoko and Hiroshi didn’t understand this point, and mixed private and public matters. They tried to interfere with the management of Happy Science, which Master Okawa didn’t allow to happen. Happy Science tried to guide them onto the right path repeatedly and patiently. Nonetheless, they didn’t listen and, eventually, started even to slander Happy Science. They tried to obstruct the activities of Happy Science, colluding with Japanese vulgar media. As a religious organization, therefore, Happy Science, became unable to let people, who had lost faith, remain in the group. Master Okawa eventually chose his mission.

The sequence of these events is depicted in, Immortal Hero, a movie based on a true story. This movie is now available online. You can confirm the truth yourself through watching this movie.

This kind of stories are found in the history of major religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism. It is a well-known historical fact that Shakyamuni Buddha gave up his family life (private happiness) to serve for the happiness of human beings as a whole.


4) Spiritual messages of Happy Science are genuine spiritual phenomena:

All existing authentic world religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, started from spiritual messages. It is well-known that Jesus Christ was guided by his “Father in Heaven”, and Muhammad in Islam heard the voice of “Allah.” In Buddhism, there is a story of “the Request of the Brahma.” Existence of the spirit world is the major premise of religion.

Master Okawa has so far published more than 550 books of spiritual messages – which were recorded publicly – in order to prove the existence of the spirit world. Many intellectual people, including university professors and medical doctors, have accepted and believe in them. Yet, spiritual messages are not the core parts of the teachings of Happy Science, while their value is immeasurable.

Also, it must be noted that the opinions of various spirits appear in the books are not necessarily the same with that of Master Okawa. Some spirits say something, which even Master Okawa himself did not know. This fact proves that spiritual messages are genuine spiritual phenomena.

Further, Master Okawa is NOT the only one, who can conduct spiritual messages in Happy Science. There are several “spiritual experts”, who can conduct spiritual messages under the guidance of Master Okawa. Master Okawa has attained the highest enlightenment and has the greatest spiritual power in the history of human beings.

Happy Science does not need to publish fake spiritual messages, just to appeal its existence. Master Okawa has published numerous books on his teachings. The reason why Happy Science dares to have been publishing the books of spiritual messages is to prove the existence of the spirit world. VICE should not make fun of spiritual messages, but treat them seriously and honestly as precious spiritual phenomena, if it claims itself to be a decent medium.

The major focus of the teachings of Happy Science is that of the mind, represented by The Fourfold Path (The Four Principles of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress). Happy Science teaches people how to overcome the hardships of life and obtain true happiness, that can be carried from this world to the next, by changing their own mind. Teachings of Happy Science have been published in more than 2,800 books, and anyone can confirm their authenticity.

Basically, there are two groups of people. There are people, who believe in God or Buddha and try to live for the happiness of other people and the world, on one hand. There are people, on the other hand, who do not believe in God or Buddha and slander faithful people. Happy Science sincerely hopes that as many people as possible will join the former, and to create a world, where all people live happily without conflict and poverty.

VICE, a Public Nuisance
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