How China Incited a World War
China Starts World War III With COVID-19 [Part 5]

World War II is considered to have been triggered by Germany’s invasion of Poland. Now, China has incited ‘World War III’ by spreading the coronavirus.


As the three experts have explained, there is a very strong suspicion that China has spread the coronavirus around the world as a biological weapon. The following is a summary of the issues:


  • It was a biological weapons expert of the Chinese military who conducted a field survey in Wuhan, where the first COVID-19 case was confirmed.
  • Last year, China conducted a military exercise in preparation for a biological weapon.
  • The Chinese whistleblower has already been killed, and the evidence has been erased.
  • China was able to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in just one month because it was already prepared.
  • The infectivity of the virus called D614G (strains from Europe) is abnormally stronger than the Wuhan virus that spread in countries such as Japan from January to February 2020. (It is said that the D614G mutation is 10 times more infectious.) The infectivity of D614 is outstanding, and many other mutations don’t have such infectivity. Thus, it is more rational to think that the virus was artificially made.
  • China has been collecting genetic information from countries around the world, and it is strengthening research on biological weapons that target specific ethnic and racial groups. There is high suspicion that this type of research is related to the mystery behind different mortality rates in the West and Eastern countries such as Japan.


China’s Intellectual Warfare Misleads People to Believe in Mutation

The question becomes this: When, where and how did China trigger a biological warfare?

In a spiritual reading conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa in March, a space being called R.A. Goal made a specific statement on China’s strategy: …the fatality rate of virus No. 1 was less than five percent. A less vicious virus. After China leaked it, it would take some time until it spread around the world. So they may have set up other viruses in other places.” (*1 From “The Novel Coronavirus Originated in China: Lessons for Humankind” by Ryuho Okawa)

From this perspective, as of January, China purposefully leaked the Wuhan virus that had a low mortality rate and spread it overseas, misleading experts to believe that “the original virus naturally mutated into deadlier strains in Europe.” China launched this intellectual warfare which put the international community in confusion and made it more difficult to make China accountable for its actions.


China Spread the Virus With Intent, Evidence Shows

Based on these comprehensive perspectives and data from the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID), a global source that provides genomic data of influenza viruses and the coronavirus, there are clear “traces” that the coronavirus was spread with intent.

Strains from Europe suddenly arose on February 20 in northern Italy, a region where there were almost no COVID-19 cases. The Italian government was already taking measures against the virus at the time, such as quarantining people at the airport. Thus, the spread of European strains caused great turmoil throughout Italy. The initial fatality rate in Europe reached 7.2% — approximately three times the global average today. Immediately around March 2, a domino effect caused an outbreak in the U.S., and eventually, a global pandemic.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the outbreak in Italy occurred in an Italian soccer field and from there spread to other countries (*2 Refer to the WSJ digital article dated April 1, 2020). The strange case here is that when a virus flows into one’s country — the Wuhan virus that was also prevalent at the time — it would be natural for multiple types of viruses to spread simultaneously. But the type that spread explosively in Italy and New York was different — it was D614G, whose infection route is unknown.

This puzzle can be easily understood in a biological warfare framework. As the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. shows, it is much more effective to spread viruses at multiple locations at the same time when carrying out a biological war. In other words, China made an offensive attack on Italy and New York at the same time.

That way, many scholars would believe that the virus has been brought into the U.S. from Europe, and those scholars would be too busy dealing with D614G, rather than making sure that China takes responsibility.

As for the timing, China took advantage of U.S. President Donald Trump’s delayed measures against COVID-19. As the number of cases in the U.S. increased, Mr. Trump’s approval rate declined. COVID-19 wiped out previous economic achievements under Mr. Trump and succeeded in putting him at a disadvantage for the presidential election.

Master Okawa spoke on this point in November and said that if Mr. Trump is defeated, “it will symbolize, not the Republicans’ defeat in the virus war started by China, but the United States of America’s defeat” (*3 From Master Okawa’s lecture, “On the U.S. Presidential Election”)

That’s not all. As the outbreak expanded in New York, India was also hit by the onslaught of D614G.

Relations between China and India have been worsening in recent years, and India’s anti-China momentum has escalated due to the COVID-19 issue. COVID-19 cases in India have skyrocketed since March, as if China was countering India’s anti-China sentiment.

And while India’s efforts were focused on taking measures against COVID-19 in May, Chinese troops clashed with Indian troops over border disputes near the Himalayan highlands. The international community was taken aback by China’s invasion during the COVID-19 outbreak, but if the virus is an extension of their biological warfare, we can understand China’s aggressive stance.






Planned Downfall of Anglo-Saxons and India

Even more surprising is the trace that China has embarked on a follow-up attack in Europe, at least after using biological weapons on Italy, the U.S. and India.

In mid-June, after the peak of the first D614G wave, a different variant of the coronavirus known as A222V suddenly erupted in Spain. Spain is a tourism-oriented country and it was a peak season for vacations, so the variant spread to other countries including the U.K.

Similar to Italy’s situation, there is a common belief that the mutated virus triggered a “second wave,” but it is possible, given the unusual infectivity, that China spread another type of virus in Europe.

Every government is hoping for a vaccine, but as Dr. Tu pointed out in an earlier article, there is a risk that vaccines will not work on mutations in the coronavirus. There are at least four types of the coronavirus; if the vaccine doesn’t work for the next 10 years, China will succeed in causing the downfall of its enemy, the Anglo-Saxons (Europe and the States), as well as their next hypothetical enemy, India.


Retaliation for the Tariff War

The next question becomes this: Why did China use biological weapons which are a source of mass destruction?

In December 2019, around the initial coronavirus outbreak, China proceeded with trade negotiations with the U.S. The negotiation was, that in exchange for China increasing imports to the U.S., the U.S. was to agree on reducing certain tariffs imposed on China. The Chinese government was unable to make the U.S. withdraw tariffs, however, and disapproval was growing within the military and the Communist Party.

Around that time, the coronavirus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and outbreaks erupted one after another. Government officials took steps to lock down Wuhan, raising concerns that China would be isolated from the world.


World War III Breaks Out

Meanwhile, China’s State Chairman, Xi Jinping, and the Chinese military, saw the coronavirus pandemic as another opportunity. They took advantage of the virus leakage to spread COVID-19 to the world (*4 Refer to “The Novel Coronavirus Originated in China: Lessons for Humankind” by Ryuho Okawa). If China is able to weaken their enemies, India and the Anglo-Saxons, they may be able to break up an anti-China encirclement. Perhaps, China hoped to devote itself to the acquisitions of Hong Kong, the Uyghurs and Taiwan.

During World War II, Germany expanded its territory and obtained global hegemony before the world knew it. That’s exactly what China is doing today.

China waged a virus war that spread, not only to the U.S., but to other parts of the world. The international community should wake up and acknowledge that China is triggering a world war.


How China Incited a World War
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