Imprisonment, Torture, and Organ Extraction
A Country Where Faith in God Is Illegal

A democracy protest on the National Day of the People’s Republic 2017 in Hong Kong, where Chinese authorities have tightened their grip in recent years.(omonphotography /

China’s proud superpower façade hides the harsh reality of a prison state where human rights are cruelly oppressed.

The Liberty Magazine continues to investigate the truth of what is going on inside China.

The voice of Liu Xia, the widow of Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo who died in custody last year, was uploaded to the internet in May 2018.

“I’d rather die than live”

“The whole world knows my situation, so what’s the point of me writing those things again and again?”, she said.

Liu Xia was sobbing throughout the 7-minute phone conversation recorded by a Chinese writer living in Germany. She has repeatedly requested a pass out of the country after being placed under house arrest in 2010, but to no avail.

The Chinese Communist government does not allow anyone to hold opinions contrary to the Party. Those who oppose them are arrested and sometimes killed. China is still the same totalitarian state that was established by the Communist Party back in 1949. If anything, it has become stronger after having achieved the 2nd highest GDP in the world in 2010, obtaining nuclear weapons and becoming a member of the UN Security Council.

The world needs to know the types of human rights infringements that are going on inside this superpower.


Special Report


Master Okawa’s Constitution Memorial Day Lecture

Freedom, Democracy and Faith Will Destroy Dictatorships


Master Okawa gives a lecture at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan on 3rd May.

“Simply introducing freedom and democracy will destroy dictatorships . . . There is no need to shoot missiles into China. All we have to do is introduce freedom and democracy into their politics”.

So said Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, in his lecture “Fulfilling Our Noblesse Oblige” which he gave in celebration of Japan’s constitution memorial day on 3rd May at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan.

In the first half of the lecture Master Okawa outlined how to produce high-value work in a society where artificial intelligence threatens to overtake our jobs. It was in the second half that he spoke about China. What will become of the Korean Peninsula and China’s human rights oppression?


Denuclearization Is Not Enough

Master Okawa mentioned that after the North Korea-South Korea Summit, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in ranked ‘number 1′ in a British website poll speculating about who would be the next Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

“We mustn’t be fooled so easily [by Kim and Moon],” he said. “They are only doing so because they are in such dire straits that they have no choice. Or they may be planning something more cunning”.

Since last year Master Okawa has been telling Kim Jong-un that if he was a true leader he would opt for a bloodless dissolution by sacrificing himself to save his people.

Removing North Korea’s dictator, however, will not necessarily bring an end to the military dictatorial government system. Denuclearization is not enough: we must make them abandon missiles and chemical weapons all together. A complete de-weaponization.


Dictatorships and Their Evil Laws

But resolving the North Korea problem is not the end. China is a Communist Party dictatorship that is now supporting North Korea, and is trying to swallow her neighbors through economic and military power.

The places now called Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region used to be independent countries. China invaded them, and after massacres and integration policies they became part of China.

In fact, they are only “autonomous” in name. The people are under constant surveillance from the Beijing government, and many are unfairly arrested, killed or go missing. In Xinjiang Uyghur, where oppression has recently intensified, we know that several million people were arrested and were made to donate their organs against their will. Despite all of this, no country thus far had been able to stop China.

On top of introducing freedom and democracy into China, Master Okawa spoke about the imperative need to introduce freedom of faith.

Dictators can create their own laws so they can purge people and do all sorts of evil according to those laws without making it look unconstitutional. But really these are evil laws . . . There is always a need for a higher justice: one above those made by humans. Protecting freedom of faith is how ‘human rights’ can be endowed with true meaning.

Officially China is a constitutional government. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religious faith and freedom of speech. In practice, however, those who oppose the Communist government are arrested as a threat to the state.

We must do something so that China can begin to embrace the values of freedom, democracy and faith in their politics.

Master Okawa’s lecture pointed the way to fulfilling our noble obligation as members of the international community.

Imprisonment, Torture, and Organ Extraction
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