“Trump’s Victory Was Artistic!” Says Churchill’s Spirit
Spiritual message from Winston Churchill

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The worldwide debate continues as to whether the outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit was a success.

The Liberty Magazine recently published an article about the North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo-jong and her evaluation of the Summit. It provides a summary of spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of North Korea’s ‘number 2’ conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science.

In the message, Yo-jong’s guardian spirit disclosed what happened backstage during the Summit:

“My brother Kim Jong-un admitted defeat. On top of denuclearization we are now preparing reforms to open our economy to the world with support from the U.S. But we also expect retaliation from conservative bodies like the military. President Trump used ambiguous wording in the agreement to prevent a coup d’état that may kill my brother and I, because if that happens it would throw the whole denuclearization and reform plan out the window.”

This is big news. If it is true, countries with a hardline stance against North Korea will have to make a dramatic about turn. In principle, the words spoken in spiritual messages perfectly coincide with the true thoughts and feelings of the living person.

That being said, there is still a degree of doubt about this information.


Does Churchill the Realist Believe Kim’s Promise?

That was why, on the 15t, Master Okawa channeled the spirit of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to evaluate the situation in a spiritual message.

Churchill, of course, is famous for being one of the very few politicians who saw through Hitler’s lies during WWII. Hitler reassured Europe that he would not invade other countries who were party to the Munich Agreement, but it later turned out that the agreement was his way of buying time. Churchill had warned against the dangers of the appeasement policy even before Hitler’s lies came to light.

What did this realist have to say about the Kim Regime’s promise of denuclearization and the message from Kim Yo-jong’s guardian spirit? Is Trump being fooled into a compromise?


Trump’s “Artistic” Victory

Upon being summoned, Churchill’s spirit began looking at Trump’s qualities. “In Trump’s eyes, Kim Jong-un appears much ‘cuter’ than Hitler”.

Some media reports suggest that, the night before the Summit, Kim Jong-un toured Singapore and was mesmerized by the high towers. During his stay in Singapore, he couldn’t hide his nervousness when surrounded by the press. The spirit of Churchill pointed to these incidents to demonstrate that Kim Jong-un was a mere “child” compared to Hitler’s ferocity.

Through Churchill’s keen eyes we can confirm that Kim’s bloodless surrender is true.

Churchill’s spirit also explained that the global circumstances were another factor that forced Kim to accept defeat. If Kim was to persist in fighting the U.S. he urgently required support from China and Russia. Churchill explained in the spiritual message why Kim couldn’t obtain their support and what role Japan’s Prime Minister played in it.

Churchill’s spirit also confirmed that Trump’s promise of “security guarantees” in the agreement was to protect Kim from potential coups. The U.S. made a mistake in the past by killing Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and then not having anyone to negotiate with. In other words, Trump sees that the fastest and surest route to denuclearization is through the dictator’s commands.

While suggesting that, if he were in Trump’s shoes, he would make a small military move to scare North Korea before signing the agreement, Churchill’s spirit praised Trump for securing an “artistic” victory.


Abduction Diplomacy May Slow North Korea’s Reforms

The danger lies more in whether Kim’s plan to open the country will succeed, said Churchill’s spirit.

Currently what is holding the situation together is Trump’s “compromise façade”, which is hiding Kim’s defeat from the conservative North Korean factions. As time moves on, however, the Kim siblings will have to openly explain their defeat and move toward reforms to open the country to the world.

The question is how to restrain the conservatives (who will be exclusionists by that time) from wreaking havoc.

“We also have to watch out that Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the like don’t start doing things to encourage those conservatives,” commented Churchill’s spirit.

The Abe administration sees the current situation as their last opportunity to resolve the abduction problem, and is refusing to have diplomatic and economic dealings with North Korea. If the Japanese were to learn exactly what happened to those abductees, however, they would be mortified, explained Churchill’s spirit.

Disclosing the truth behind this abduction problem will increase the risk of a coup by the military and conservative factions in North Korea, and thus threaten the success of denuclearization and reform.

If Japan maintains its hardline stance against North Korea despite the U.S. and South Korean efforts at opening the country, it could potentially isolate Japan in the international community and therefore disjoin alliances with the U.S. and South Korea. This is exactly what China wants.

“It’s been a long time [since the abductions],” said Churchill’s spirit. “As a sovereign nation, it was a grave mistake to not take immediate action after the abductions were confirmed”. A large part of the responsibility lies with the pacifist approach taken by the Japanese administration at the time.

If anything, Japan must economically support North Korea to encourage its speedy acceptance of freedom and democracy. That is actually the fastest way to resolve the abduction problem.

Back when Kim was still war hungry, military and economic pressure was a necessity. Now that his intentions have changed, it is better to remain flexible in our approach to North Korea.

Japan still needs to amend its Constitution and reinforce defense, however, in light of China’s continuing territorial ambitions. In fact, it may be a wise idea to get North Korea to join the China encirclement network.

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“Trump’s Victory Was Artistic!” Says Churchill’s Spirit
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