“My Brother Will Open The Gates of North Korea”
Kim Yo-jong's Message

Looking at the agreement between Trump and Kim signed on 12 June, it may appear like Trump has lost due to a lack of foresight.

Despite some supportive voices in the social media network, international media has largely questioned the outcome. “Trump gave up joint military exercises in return for vague promises from Kim, who may be buying time to continue developing nuclear weapons programs”, an article on USA Today declared.

An article on Wall Street Journal was also critical, saying that “[the agreement] didn’t answer many of the concerns or provide the substance of how denuclearization, stability and peace might be achieved for the region”.


Kim’s Sister Admits Defeat

The real outcome, however, was far more “comprehensive” and therefore successful than any of us imagined.

On 13 June, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, to inquire about what happened at the Summit.

Yo-jong spoke on Kim Jong-un’s true thoughts and the meaning behind the Summit. Her opinion is highly valuable considering she is North Korea’s current ‘number 2’ and Kim Jong-un’s most trusted aide.


“We Lost the War”

The spiritual message was North Korea’s ‘Declaration of Defeat’. According to the guardian spirit, Kim Jong-un’s thoughts had taken dramatic turns in the last few months.

The Trump administration had persisted in applying military and economic pressure on North Korea, and the tariffs on China had weakened support for North Korea.

North Korea’s strategy for buying time was ineffective as long as Trump continued to ignore its proposal for a gradual denuclearization.

Clearly in this situation the only options for North Korea were to face economic collapse, perish at the hands of the U.S. military, or surrender. Even bloodthirsty Kim could figure out which option was best.


What Was Said at the Summit?

Now that Trump had Kim cornered, what did he propose to him during the Summit?

In Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” it says that “when you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard”. So, at the Summit, Trump proposed an attractive “way out” for the Kim siblings to encourage surrender.

Yo-jong’s guardian spirit said that Trump first proposed that, “instead of making North Korea a country of death, why not accept American economic investments and prosper like Singapore?”

The night before the Summit, Kim Jong-un had toured Singapore and seen the night view of the city and the numerous towers. The Kim siblings have experienced studying abroad in Switzerland and therefore are not unfamiliar with the charms of free countries. Not to mention that they are both young and flexible.

The siblings were taken by the Singapore model of prosperity; it showed them that even small countries can achieve prosperity and even if the dictatorship continues until the transition period.

The siblings, however, had something stopping them from jumping at this offer in exchange for denuclearization: North Korea’s conservative military. If the Kim siblings accept Trump’s CVID and open the economy to the U.S., the North Korean conservatives will initiate a coup d’état, and the Kims will both be killed.

Here Trump proposed another “way out”. It was to make the agreement ambiguous and appear to be moving to North Korea’s advantage. Trump may be criticized for having made a compromise, but it allowed him to ensure that North Korea will smoothly open its gates to the world.

In other words, the Summit was far from a failure. It was one step forward to a bloodless dissolution of the Kim Regime and for North Korea to open its gates to the international community.


Divided Feelings Towards Japanese Abductions

Kim Yo-jong’s guardian spirit also confessed her divided feelings towards North Korea’ abductions of Japanese people.

Yo-jong’s mother was born in Osaka, Japan, and she is known to have made a confidential private trip to Tokyo Disneyland. She secretly admires Japan, and even said that North Korea’s reforms would need to follow in the footsteps of Japan’s Meiji Restoration. Economic support is also imperative.

The hurdle to overcome is that the Japanese people are very concerned about North Korea’s abductions.

Yo-jong’s guardian spirit chose her words carefully as she asked apologetically whether telling the truth after 40 years would be sufficient to close the case or not.

Of course, the actions of the North Korea Regimes that continued the abductions are unforgivable. But it is also true that Japanese politicians failed to immediately embark on a rescue mission and build up military power as backup.

Either way it is unwise for Japan to use the abductions as an excuse to continue watching from the sidelines as Trump advances his plan for North Korea’s reforms. Failure to keep up with Trump’s strategy could very well inhibit it.

It is not an easy decision to make, but this issue is in the hands of the Japanese government.

President Trump’s ambiguous agreement was designed to trick the North Korean military and is now being showered with criticisms from all around the world. What the world needs to do instead is to prepare for the moment when North Korea finally opens its gates.

The spiritual message also covered the following topics:

  • Why Kim Jong-un trusted and opened up to Trump
  • Kim Yo-jong’s role in North Korea
  • The true meaning behind U.S. “security guarantees” towards North Korea
  • Is China a friend or foe to North Korea?
  • What economic model North Korea aims for
  • What will happen to the concentration camp inmates when the country opens up
  • Kim Yo-jong’s soul and her relationship with Japan
“My Brother Will Open The Gates of North Korea”
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